Monday, April 14, 2014

Pigeon ~

We tried to save the gentle bird 
picked it up from the side of the road 
and brought it home 
while the dog looked on 
intrigued ...

Something of man had done it in 

we didn't know how to keep it safe 
from its own flutter 
and while we cut up oranges 
to quench its thirst 
it died ...

For once 

I did not
cry ...

I saw its body 

was not its soul 
and I closed my eyes 
and saw it rise 
all white and gold 
and free 
and I waved 
good-bye ...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thirty-Nine Years ...

The longer I love you 
the more that it seems 
our thirty-nine years 
have been fashioned from dreams ...
that only I imagined 
would ever come true ..
dreams and reality 
blended in you ...
I wrote this poem to my husband 
I framed it in an 8x10 
and will be giving it to him 
this Saturday, April 12th 
when we go out to dinner 
to celebrate our wedding anniversary ....

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

For a Long Time ~

For a long time
she kept her heart 
sealed in a tall 
blue bottle ...
must have been alcohol 
       or something 
because when she finally freed her heart 
        it was drunk 
        with joy
        and made 
        her feel giddy 
        with laughter and love ...

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Dance of the Moon ~

The dancing moon glided past my back door
The moon in all her glory was full of song
A catchy tune - I began to hum along
My foot began to tap
My hips began to groove
The dance began - I clung to the moon
We danced across the sky
The stars watched with a twinkly smile
The planets moved in perfect time
The world was my playground -
A chorus full of dreams -
All destined to come true
One by one they unfolded - the first was you
A dreamer I am - who dreamt of finding you
Little did I know you were friends with the moon
So now the night brings light in my eyes - song in my heart 
My dreams are for a waking eye because you are mine -

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I Sought the Open Sky ~

Confused, overwrought by little cares 
I sought the open sky
the snow was dirty, the path was wet 
I looked at the ground and continued to fret - 
but I saw a tiny crystal tree 
dance in the sun glitteringly
I raised my eyes to a snow-white hill 
wreathed in sunset's magic crimson 
patient - calm - and still 
Quiet crept into my soul -
I laughed and shouted a song - 
Nature smiled and who was I 
to glower at her for long?
Photo is of Breckinridge, Colorado.
We recently went cross-country skiing there 
with some 'old college friends' from back East ...

Friday, March 28, 2014

Marriage ~

Marriage is an instrument 
designed to be played upon 
by twenty fingers 
which when tuned
with delicate precision 
by human love 
and empathy
is capable of exalting souls 
and moving mountains 
the music is composed by two artists
songs are sung by two mouths
and the martial concert is directed 
by two conductors 
thus the longed-for achievement 
of perfect harmony 
a delicate and calculated 
double self-sacrifice 
that from this oblation of two 
there may arise 
oneness ~ 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Deep Memories ~

Tonight I opened a treasured book
filled with memories of bygone days
and I strayed into that happy past 
remembering your 'little boy ways'
A valentine that you made for me 
holds a place on a page apart 
Ah, little boy, son of yesterday 
your valentine lives in my heart ...

You are now living in grown-up land 
yet, tonight, from the mists of time 
you are back once more, beloved son ...
here with me 
through your valentine ...

My son is now 25 years of age
Yesterday, I was looking through some of the beautiful 
keepsakes he has given me over the years 
I came across a hand-made valentine 
that I treasure greatly ...

This photo of us was taken in 2011
on a trip to Mexico ...

Friday, March 21, 2014

For You ~ Papa ~

I thought I heard your footsteps
running towards me 
disturbing the stones 
but when I opened my eyes 
I saw it was only the waves
pulling and swirling like hands ...

I thought I felt your smile 
warm and loving upon my face 
but when I opened my eyes 
I saw it was only the sun 
beaming at me across the water ...

I thought I heard you 
whisper my name 
but when I opened my eyes 
I realized it was only the wind 
playing in my hair ...

I thought I felt you
softly kiss my cheek 
but when I opened my eyes 
I saw it was only a leaf 
caressing me with gentle strokes ...

And then I felt your love 
in and all around me 
powerful yet gentle like the waves 
warm and shining like the sun 
soft yet strong like the wind 
tender and alive like the leaves 
and I didn't even have
to open my eyes 
I knew you were there ....

My papa (grandpa) was one of the kindest people 
I have ever known.
He died much too young at the age of sixty 
of a sudden heart attack.
I was only eight years of age when he left me.
I have such wonderful memories of my dear papa.
He was such a gentle and good man ...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Touch Telephone ~

Why did I call tonight?
      Not to say but to touch 
      Not to reason but to reach ...

A moment ago 
the loneliness of your absence 
brought an icy stillness 
into my lonely thoughts 
and I reached for the warmth
of your presence ...
Vibrant wires 
astir with electronic aliveness
and human yearning 
compressed miles eagerly 
until comfortingly 
I heard the sweet familiarity 
of your voice ...

the moment of your presence 
the touch of your almost-nearness 
warmed my heart
and when I replaced the phone 
the loneliness was gone ...

I so miss my dear husband when he is away from me 
and it's always so wonderful to hear his voice 
as we touch hearts across the wires.
He returns to me in a few days ....

Friday, March 14, 2014

Outside and Inside ~

I pull the curtains back to stare 
in fascination as the snow 
comes swirling, whirling down out there 
whichever way the wind might blow 
it's warm in here but only glass 
denotes the bound which cold shan't pass ...

A heavy whiteness shrouds the view 
though really there's not much to see 
some crouching shrubs, a house or two 
across the way a leafless tree 
which even as I watch displays  
a jeweled grace of icy glaze ...

I'm sure the storm has changed some plan 
that many folks made for this day 
but quite indifferent to man 
is nature when she wills to play 
and who's to say the elements 
can sense no joy in such events?

With only words I try to make 
a thing of beauty, art and grace 
while there beyond, with each snowflake 
comes still more beauty to efface 
the sordid and to paint in white 
a scene that sings of pure delight ...

This is a photo of my house, my home
(we live in a very quiet neighborhood on a cul-de-sac)
I love looking through the windows at the snow
Snow has a special beauty of all its own ...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Listener ~

I stood aside and watched a while 
the little acts that made me smile 
your doing this, your saying that 
the pleasant things you're busy at 
some little quirk and then you'd half 
begin to frown but quickly laugh ~ 

It was as though I looked into 
the lively, private world of you 
then suddenly you turned to me 
to query why so quietly 
I sat there with no word to say 
as though it was a tiring day ~ 

I hope you really understood
when I was telling you how good 
it was to see and hear and know 
that all was well with you, and so 
I'm writing now to make accord
assuring you I was not bored 
a visit's not all say and do 
it can be happy listening too ~