Friday, June 30, 2006


The happiest conversation is when
there is no competition
no vanity
but just a calm quiet
interchange of sentiments.
-Samuel Johnson.

I was thinking just after they left,"why didn't you go with them stupid."
"They" are my husband and son. They left for Denver early this morning
my son has a baseball tournament there this week-end.
Soon as they were gone I immediately had this great sense of sadness come over me.
I knew right away... I shoud have gone...
I was thinking,"I do not want to be alone here tonight"
I was missing my friend that died recently... I wanted so much to call her.
I was missing the silly and funny name she used to call me.
I was missing the sound of her voice when she would say
How is my "Margie Pargie?"
What was I do? I cried... but just felt worse.
Ouch... my heart was breaking!
I wanted my family back.... I needed them.
Then it came to me... call my far away friend.
She will listen.
So, I did. I just got off the phone with her.
I am feeling much better.
Because of a wonderful friend that just listened.
I will get out and be with Nature now.
That will also help.

But, thank you... my friend... for being there!
for listening to my pain
how I wish you were here though!


Isn't it nice to telephone
a friend
when the house
is too quiet
or your heart
is breaking.

As your words
flows out
with them.

we share
each other's

to a close friend
is as
as balm.

We know
about us.

There is no
no pretense
only the calm
of feelings.

I am some better
but I might
you later
I know you
will be


A few thoughts ... from Akbarali H. Jetha (from his book Reflections)

The richness of life comes with feeling.

Only a still mind
can experience Nothingness.

Those who cannot see God
cannot see good.

Life begins from within.

The effects of our acts
are experienced before they are committed.
We cannot get angry
without experiencing anger.
Likewise we cannot be kind
without experiencing kindness.

In truth there are no contradictions.

We cannot hate
without hate residing in us.

We are chained
by our impressions.

There are two types of people:
those who are less harmful
and those who are more harmful.

The world exists
only as we perceive it.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


In a few minutes... I am heading out to do some biking.
It is such a gorgeous day here in Colorado.
We really need rain though.
I posted a poem earlier today about sunshine.
I love the sun... and equally love the rain.
I know people are having flooding in other parts of the Country.
That causes such distress in their lives.
If only we could have a happy medium... that never seems to happen though.
We need the rain here, and others need the sun.

Anyway, here is my little poem. It is not great... as I wrote it without much thought. But, I will share it anyway.

Rain and Sunshine

Too much rain
Can cause so much pain...
Sunshine... beautiful, beautiful sunshine...
Can make us feel so fine...

The rain comes down...
On the sleepy little towns...
And causes pain...
and grief.

Go away rain
You are causing...
We need the sunshine...
to feel...

How I love the beautiful, beautiful sun... it allows me to have
But today...
I would welcome...
the rain...
All this beautiful sun ...
is causing...
me pain.


Well, it was a very interesting evening here in my part of the world.
We had a power outage from 6:00 PM till 11:30 PM
So, I lit plenty of candles... it was actually very peaceful.
The only thing I disliked about the darkness was that I could not read,
as I always read every evening.
Here, it is 12:35 AM. .. and I am not the slightest bit tired...
I also slept some during the power outage. Sleep is always good.
I am going to post something to make me(and, hopefully others also)happy... as, I went to another site and read a post that made me quite sad.
Here is my poem....nothing earthshaking though.


Sunshine makes you feel so good
It makes you want to smile...
The bright light of its tender rays...
Runs around all day and plays...
Sunshine... Sunshine... how I love it so!
If the sun does ever go... I hope it goes very slow...
Sunshine heats the earth all day...
I hope it doesn't stay away.

In the morning... sunshine comes as bright...
As bright can be...
For you and me...
Then at night...
It goes away...
To light another day.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


When the world is bustling all around me... I need to go to a place of solitude to
find peace and contentment. There in that quiet place... I can be complete in
the stillness of my inner silence.

Inner Silence

In silence... be still
In silence... refill
In silence... be you
In silence... renew
In silence... let go
In silence... grow
In silence... live
In silence... give
In silence... look deep
In silence... weep
In silence... take
In silence... forsake
In silence... listen
in silence... tears glisten
In silence... mirth
In silence... new birth

There is nothing weak about silence... it centers us...
and gives us great, inner power.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We are always searching fot the things in life to make us happy... and very often
it is all right there
at our own back door.

Make Me Content

Make me contented...
with each day that dawns anew...
when morning sunrise sets the world aglow...
let me find inspiration in those things so near to me...
That a simple life is all I want to know.

Make me contented...
may my heart forget to yearn...
for faces new or far and distant shores...
but let me find my happiness in sweet and simple things...
and know the sun shines brightest at my own back door.

Monday, June 26, 2006


There are times when we remember those days of a long time ago
when we were young and loved another.
We all have had broken hearts and broken dreams.
I wrote this as I recalled a special love from many years in my past.


Remembering those days
of long ago...
when our love was so real
and my heart danced with a pure inner glow.

We laughed
we danced...
we loved
life was true romance

My love for you
was so full of passion...
you were my perfect love
a soul full of beauty and compassion.

I remember it all
like it was yesterday...
and I'm now wondering
my lost love... where are you today?

Today I am happy
my life is blessed and good...
I would like you to know that
if only I could.

Sometimes I reach out for you
but only in my dreams...
you are the past
those days of broken hearts... it was not what it seemed.

I hope your life
is good and well...
I loved you...why did you go?
to you... those words I want to tell !


It was a most beautiful day here in Colorado.
We finally had some rain... I walked in the rain just to feel how the coldness of it
added warmth to my day. We have not had any rain in the longest time.
My son and husband returned home from a trip they had been on since Wednesday.
All in all... a wonderful day for me.
Now... a poem to share...


Where the heart is willing
it will find a thousand
ways to grow.
Where it is unwilling
it will find
a thousand excuses.

I have my own way
of doing things.
I can watch and learn from
but when it comes down to the actual
I have to apply
my own personal

Whatever I put my heart in
not even the smallest bit
I shall succeed.

When I move forward
I grow

When I don't really
want something
I find excuses
to keep from it.

The decision is always
up to me

Sunday, June 25, 2006

What We Need...WhaT We CAN GIVE

Well, I got a good-night's sleep...unlike the previous night.
I feel so much better today. Sleep is one of the best things in my world.
A poem to share now.

What We Need... What We Can Give

Nothing counts for nothing.
We have to plant the seed
to get the flower.

It is necessary to
prime the pump
with some of whatever it is
we need.

If it is happiness
then make someone else

If we are lonely
reach out to the one
who needs

If it is a material need
even the smallest gift to someone.

George Eliot once wrote,
"one must be poor to know the luxury of giving"
But noone is poor
who gives
with his heart
and makes something
count for something!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


This is a strange time to be on here...4:00 AM. But, cannot sleep... my family (hubby and son)are away for the week-end. I stayed behind to help some friends move ...I am sleepless in Colorado!
Anyway.... here is what I wrote in the wee hours of the morning.


Hope is like a natural spring...
That flows by nature's choice...
Trust is like an answered prayer...
Which makes the soul rejoice...

Faith is like a flower in bloom...
That grew from humble start...
And love is like a song unsung...
But felt within the heart!

Friday, June 23, 2006


The art of joy
is having a love affair with life.
It is embracing life, drawing close to you
all the beauty and wonder and goodness
of the universe

It is having a heart aglow with
warmth for all your companions on the
journey of life.

It is an expression of inner music
it is radiating joy as does a band of
musicians marching down the street.

It is a blend of laughter and tears.
often it is the deep joy that comes to you
through the mist
of the years
as you recall tender memories
of joyous days gone by.

It is sharing
your joy.
the joyous person
seems to be
plugged into the sun itself.

Joy is love bubbling forth into life.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


As we journey on the path of dreams...
a road of many junctures...
a highway of uncertainty...
a sky of many colors.

Where to turn off, where to stop...
a nemesis in our minds...
but never forgetting...
the one we left behind.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Kind words...
come from kind thoughts.

A loving heart...
kind thoughts...
together as one...
like a marriage of the deepest and best minds.

An understanding soul...
a loving heart...
held deep in the sea of your soul...
dancing upon the calm waters.

Kind words...
kind thoughts...
a loving heart...
an understanding soul...
a triple explosion of love.

It is good to have...
a loving heart...
kind thoughts...
kind words...
an understanding soul...
they merge together in unity...
like a flower opening...
or a butterfly...
emerging from its cocoon.

It is good to have kind thoughts ...
about someone else.

It is even better to tell them.


This poem is for all my friends who have been there when I needed you.
You are all treasures in my life. I will always be there for you.
Through the rain and sunshine of our lives... you can count on me!


Friends surround us
with the beauty of their caring.

Friends help us with our problems
because they listen
and as they listen we begin to hear
the language of our hearts.

With friends we can share
what we feel
what we see
what we love.

With friends we can walk along
the remembered paths of our lives
and completetely share our experiences.

Life gives us friends
so we can share the growing up
and the growing old.

Together we can laugh
together we can cry
our thoughts are heard
our feelings are held in the heart of a friend.

With friends our lives are more full
more rich
more open
beautiful and blessed.

We can always return to a friend
and find the same warm feeling
whether we are together or far apart.


Friendship is a special place.
I'm glad we're here.


It is not the words...
that are spoken...
that touch the heart.

It is the connection...
that has been made...
from heart to heart..
because of the words.

This is heart talk!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


When we lose a loved one
A part of us dies also.

For as much as the one you loved
did not belong to you...
your heart belonged to them.
You were entwined with one another.

You wonder... how shall I walk
in this world.. a world that...
no longer holds those footprints
of my loved one.

You will wonder
how can this world go on..
when your world has stopped.

In the language of tears...
You wiil speak to your loved one...
as your heart tries to comprehend...
what it cannot.

But wait... the power of love
will give you comfort.

In the hearts of those who love you...
and surround you with their caring hearts...
love can be found.

Friends who have been in
your place of sadness...
will be there
for you now.

Your grief will become your traveling companion...
the part of you...
that is strong... deep, and compassionate.

Peace will come
to you again
as you accept the mysteries
that are a part of life.

In time this veil of sorrow will lift...
and you will realize
what is most sacred
is the love we share
with the ones we love.

Soon... peace will come to
your heart...
and you will know...
that this love...
is an eternal

Love lives forever!


MY friends are like
great sheltering trees...
great leafy trees...
there to protect me from ...
the winds of loneliness...
They are a protection from...
the gloomy days of life...
The radiance of their love...
shines upon my life...
brigher than the hot
sun in the desert...
My friends...
spread themselves...
over me (like a protection from the sun)
with the greatest joy
my life...
could imagine!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


When problems arise, as they sometimes will...
Be a force for good and not for ill...
Calm yourself and use your head...
Don't tear down... Build up instead.

No matter how bleak, try not to
But give those who seek a share of your
Don't divide or try to place
Far better... Unite for the purpose you

Light one little candle to dispel the night...
Dawn will come soon... and all will be right...
So, when problems arise as they
sometimes will...
Be a force for good... and not for ill.


Many people fall in love, but don't fall into a happy marriage.
Togetherness and forgiveness are the things most needed
to make a marriage work;
you have to learn to forgive quickly and to accept forgiveness.
Simple enough words... but don't they say everything?

Friday, June 16, 2006


I wonder...
Did you know...
How much I loved you...
Do you know...
How much I now miss you...
Did you know ...
How much I treasured your friendship...
Did you know...
How you made everyone feel so special...
Did you know...
How the twinkle in your eyes made me smile. ..
Did you know...
How your courage gave me courage...
Did you know...
How your true beauty shone upon the world for all to see....
Did you know...
How the sweetnees of you made me so happy...
And, you will never know...
How much I wish I could turn back the hands of time...
And you would still be here with me.


This poem is for a friend I have had for many years! It is for you DM. I love and miss you !!


I met you so many years ago
and for many years now
We have been apart
from that long ago first meeting
I sensed the beauty in your heart !

Some days I miss you so very much
you mean the world to me
You are my perfect friend
how I miss your magic touch !

Some day soon I will see you again
I cannot wait for that day
My heart often envisions
meeting you again
my perfect friend!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


My friend Mary that died last week was such a sweet, caring and unassuming person.
I always so enjoyed being with her.
This poem is for her.

An Epitaph for my Friend

Her grammar was not always right
Nor did she dress in fashion's height...
She travelled little, and not so much she read
Perhaps she was more heart than head.

But kindness glorifed her powers
Rare deeds of giving filled her hours...
And what a friend she will be
To angels through Eternity!!!!!!!

Things I love!

Today is my husband's birthday. I feel badly, as I forgot to give him his birthday card before
he left for work this morning. We were both running late. I have this poem to share. It is not really a birthday poem...

Things I Love!

There are many things to love
Like sunsets and trees and blue skies...
And sorrows that have slipped away
And memories and sighs.

And old house filled with beauty's store
A garden full of flowers...
A day that is long remembered
All its gladsome sunny hours.

We love the beauty of a tree
The ocean , white and blue...
A heaven full of singing stars
And then... my love... there's YOU!!!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I have a dear friend I lost last week. She died less than a year after learning she had cancer.
I miss her so very, very much.
This poem is for my dear friend Mary.

A Blessing for a Friend

Could one so truly loved
In times past...
Ever seem less than dear
While life shall last.

May you always be blessed
By Heaven's smile...
Who walked beside me
For a lovely while.

A Tea Party

I had a little tea party
This afternoon at three...
'Twas very small
Three guests in all...
Just I, myself and me!

Myself ate all the sandwiches
While I drank up the tea...
'Twas also I who ate the pie
And passed the cake to me!

PS. It was great fun... I used my english bone china. I think we should treat ourselves like we are royalty. We deserve it.

Just a thought on friendship

When Mozart was only four he was asked how he composed music.
He answered, " I just put together little notes that like each other. "
That's why friends are so important. Together, we can make life
quite a symphony !!!
Don't you agree ?


Life is intense and lovely
I want to live it so.

And when I'm gone, I'd like to feel
My dust will make flowers grow!

powered by ODEO

Small Things !

Small things are so beautiful
Violets in May...
Little ones at play
Hope that stirs in the rise of dawn...
A small and singing rhyme
Thanks, Life!
Such wonderment enchants...
This grateful heart of mine!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thoughts For a Rainy Day !

There's nothing to be gained
By a gloomy face.
Why not let a smile
take its place ?

For all that is gained
By a sulky pout
Is to make everyone
Feel down and out.

So, smile! Be happy!
Be bright and gay.
And spread some sunshine
Along life's way!!!


Life was given me to
But when it makes
me tired or blue...
I'm letting it use me
And that's a foolish
thing to do !
Your Theme Song is Beautiful Day by U2
"Sky falls, you feel likeIt's a beautiful dayDon't let it get away"
You see the beauty in life, especially in ordinary everyday moments.And if you're feeling down, even that seems a little beautiful too.


We throw our papers on
the grass...
We tear up flowers, and
act like pests...
Of all the creatures
on the earth...
We're Nature's
most ungrateful
guests !

Monday, June 12, 2006


Friendship is...

a happy thing...
it makes us...
it makes us...
it makes us...
it makes us...
it makes us seek...
the reason why.
It makes us...
it makes us...
Above all else...
it makes us...