Monday, July 24, 2006


I am back home again.... had the most wonderful trip!!!
it was so great having time to myself .... with no cares about anything...
I had so much fun!
and it's back to work tomorrow...
not so sure I'm ready for that...
but life is good...
so ... it will be fine ...
I wrote this as my plane was landing ...
guess I'm just feeling glad to be me...
after all... that's all I can be...


It is okay to feel exactly what I feel
think exactly what I think
and look exactly like I do.

Everything about me is okay today
exactly the way that I am
and exactly the way
I want to be
and this feels so very good
just happy to be me.

It feels so good
to accept myself
and be me
as I am today.

All my thoughts
and actions
and emotions
where they belong.


  1. Lovely set of self-observations. Beautifully put as you landed back in your non-vacation life. Welcome back!

  2. I'm OK
    Your OK
    We're all OK
    Sounds like a book, doesn't it. Oh, that's right...

    Honestly, though, it is a wonderful thing to be OK.

  3. That's it! Beautiful Samuru... that is truly being home no matter where you are! just lovely...

  4. Enjoy the moment for it rarely lasts. But there's nothing like a trip away to make one appreciate home hearth and the responsibilities that go along with both.

  5. I am glad u are OK and back. looking forward to seeing some pics.

  6. welcome back!
    and a lovely way to announce your return.

  7. Welcome back Margie :) Glad you had a fun filled vacation. you are right.. The best person you can be is yourself.

    Take care -ari

  8. Welcome back samuru!!!

    Know what, last week, I wa sin denver visitng garden of the gods and royal gearge bridge at canon city. I was telling my husband my poetic friends resides in C.springs. We had such a good time and had fun.

  9. Yes it is!!! glad you're back and had a gooooood time!!!!

  10. Welcome back...and better yet, glad to see the struck balance...

  11. don,
    Thanks for the nice comments
    and the welcome back.

  12. ozymandiaz,
    Yes, there was a book
    "I'm ok, you're ok"
    It might actually be
    in my bookcase in my
    But, I really am ok...
    and glad to be so.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. kathleen,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    cu later.

  14. nick,
    But those moments should last
    ... I try my best to make it
    be that way.
    My trip was great, and I
    came home a happy me.

  15. shane,
    Thanks so much.
    Love all your talent
    at your blog.

  16. starry,
    Nice to be back....
    actually I am ready to go
    on vacation again tomorrow.
    My two guys here did not keep
    the house up too well.Yikes!
    I do love to travel though.

  17. polona,
    I had the most wonderful
    trip... and came back happy.

  18. ari4u,
    Thanks for the welcome back.
    I like being me...
    guess that's why I wrote that.
    cu later.

  19. priya,
    OH.... you were here.
    Garden of the Gods is here in
    Co. Spgs.
    Wasn't it beautiful?
    Tell me if you have any plans
    to come again... would love to
    meet you.
    Thanks for the welcome back.
    cu later.

  20. VERY WELL DONE, as well as inspirational! GREAT POST! I'm glad you're back home & OK. :o) I'm glad you had a great time as well! Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate it so much!! I'm very glad you enjoy my work, that makes me feel so WONDERFUL! Thank you again!
    Take care my friend! :o)

  21. jon,
    Thanks so vey much.
    And, yes I do so enjoy all
    your art... it is amazing!
    You take care also .

  22. WB Margie I so missed ya! Glad to hear u had a great trip.

    **I wrote this as my plane was landing ...

    aww so sweet.

    yes it's great to accept urself just as u r and be happy for urself. Not many ppl do that and I really like wut u wrote...BRILLIANT!


  23. What a feeling.
    I'm high on believing.

    Hold on to that and copy and paste it right on top of the complaint department of your brain.

    I think that you are completely self actualised. A '5' on Maslows hiearchy of needs. You are very lucky. Just enjoy it and keep sharing's very contagious you know !):)

  24. Why don't you tell us where you where?

    Let us share it :)

    "I am ok , you are ok" was about Psychology !!! I remeember reading it long back.

  25. Welcome back! I'm glad that you had a good trip. It is always good to get away for awhile.

  26. So glad you had a good time, those sort of trips are the best.

    You know I love this poem, it's what I needed to read.

    Welcome back.

  27. What a wonderful post.
    You write so beautifully, welcome back.
    I missed my dose of samuru.:)

  28. keshi~
    Thanks... you are sweet!
    I missed you too!
    Glad you liked this post.

  29. homo escapeons~
    Thanks.... a '5'on Maslows
    hiearchy of needs... maybe
    I do feel very lucky though
    ... and I will keep on
    sharing all that I feel.

  30. jac~
    I was in Nova Scotia, Canada.
    Take care.

  31. kathi~
    I am so glad you loved the poem
    ... and it was what you needed
    to read... that makes me so
    very, very happy!
    Thanks for the welcome back.

  32. top cat~
    You are so sweet!
    Thank you so much!

  33. choices~
    Thanks for the welcome back.

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Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker