Thursday, August 31, 2006


I find my life now
far better than the start
I carry so much more love
within a grateful heart.

I've learned a lot there was to learn
and though there is so much more
I know the joy of learning now
as I could not before.

I have compassion I had not
when I was very young
friendship's so meaningful to me
echo like songs I've sung.

I've coped with life and love and fear
and think I can survive
any tragedies or pain
that may some day arrive.

Knowing myself down to the depths
bone bare with clarity
I have much love and peace
within my soul... within me.

And if I am granted the time
I seek wisdom to try
and make myself more than I am
before my time to die.


I hope you have time to see the morning sky
to thank whatever requires you to be up so early
for this is the time of day when special thoughts are born
and the quality of those thoughts
can be so like the sky
limitless, possessing crystal clarity
and as colorful as the blue-streaked, rose-tinted morning.

As you go about your day
facing whatever must be faced
doing a job that may seem drudgery for you
remember a vision of life in the sky
unobstructed in potential
and reason enough to stand a little taller
then lift your chin and look up
for nothing can stop your good day
your good thoughts
and your good future.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Have you ever listened to the silent sounds
a canoe slipping through the water
a paintbrush against the canvas?

Have you ever heard your bare feet on the sandy beach
Have you noticed the stars sing
and have you heard the snow fall?

Have you listened to the autumn leaves
all shades of chrysanthemums drift to the grass
and the early morning mist fall like vapor in the pine trees?
Have you ever heard
birds in flight?
The softest breeze?

Have you ever had life whisper to you
that you are a part of all that is good?
That you can rise above all your afflictions
rise above every limitation
lift over the clouds of sorrow
and bloom as beautifully
as anything made?

Have you had your wordlessness
acknowledge with deep appreciation
for your every blessing
and the joy of being alive
in all these quiet things?

If you have a dream of quiet things
even for a few brief moments
draw your chair up beside mine.
Whatever I have not thought of ... you will
and it is all the better shared.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


To understand our life means to understand our
Seasons have learned to live with their changes.
We, too need to be open to creative change by
developing other ways of seeing, other ways of
feeling, other ways of believing.
To really become alive to our inner seasons is to
constantly learn to redefine our perspective on

We redefine our perspective when we can let go of
our vanity and appearance because we have faith
in our substance.

We redefine our perspective when we can trust the barren
trees will bear new leaves again if we are
patient enough to wait.

We redefine our perspective when we realize we are not
only vulnerable and fragile but also beautiful
and precious.

We redefine our perspective when we allow
ourselves to cry in the face of our helplessness.

We redefine our perspectives when we learn to live
with what cannot be changed.

We redefine our perspectives when we discover the
smallest things in life most often are the greatest.

We redefine our perspective when we experience
that light doesn't only come from above but from
every face who welcomes us.

We redefine our perspective when we are humble
enough to prepare the way without thinking we
are the way.

We redefine our perspective when we give our inner
voices a chance to be heard.

We redefine our perspective when we learn
that in life the real answers come to us when we
just listen to ourselves.

We redefine our perspective when we realize life is
not meant to avoid pain and pain is not meant to
destroy life.

We redefine our perspective when we choose to be
surprised by life instead of trying to always be in control
of it.

We redefine our perspective when we are grateful for
every flower that grows in our garden.

We redefine our perspective when we take time to
appreciate God's gifts.

We redefine our perspective when we understand
God's grace is gratuitous, it doesn't have to be

We redefine our perspective when we learn to be
friends with our past.

We redefine our perspective when we take
responsibility to be actors, not spectators in life.

We redefine our perspective when we become a
community where we need each other.

We redefine our perspective when we are aware that
everything we do, in some way, will affect

Finally, we redefine our perspective when, in the
midst of all the changes , of all the ups and downs,
we try to always keep our sense of humor and our trust in

Monday, August 28, 2006


We often think
if things were different
we could be happy.

Happiness is not a result of other people
and certain circumstances.

Happiness is that
small core
of well being within
of what hell
rages outside.

It is true
we can live with extreme stress
and hurt
and pain
and it affects us more deeply
than even we can comprehend.

But still
set aside from all of this
is that personal relationship
with oneself
and with one's own personal God
that can blaze
and sing
until nothing else
can hold us for long.

is inner
the outer.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


No poem today!
Sharing a little of the
other side of me
I saw Rick Springfield tonight
He took my breath away!!!
I was close enough to touch him
I got to dance and sway
and also sing!
I just wanted to share these pictiures of this gorgeous man
Rick Springfield in concert!
We saw him tonight
My feet are sore from standing
And dancing too!
So time for me to get some sleep
Oh, I have to thank my wonderful hubby for these awesome pictures
While I was enjoying the concert
He was taking over 70 pictures
Which he did not tell me about till we got home

(While I went up front to get a closer look which
I thought would be a few minutes
but ended up being the whole concert
as another very sweet concert goer
made room for me in her row... up front in the 2nd row
and I stayed there with her
and left him all alone
there he was taking pictures for me.

I was so happy to see all the pictures
I gave him the biggest hug ever!!!
What a night!
I spent an amazing evening watching Rick Springfield perform
And now I get to spend the rest of my night
With an amazing husband!!!
It does not get any better than that!

Have a nice weekend and see you on Monday

Friday, August 25, 2006


I feel a force that comes from love
I cannot voice its sweep
It wakens and refreshes me
As if from a deep, deep sleep.

It matters not if for a friend
A lover or a child
It fiils my being with a joy
So tender, undefiled.

Like breathing in pure air
Like blood surging through my vein
This love I feel
In my heart
I shall always

It makes me better than I am
A kinder, gentler me
I could not say a hurtful word
To one that gave love to me.

My heart... my soul
Is consumed
With passions wild and deep
Which surge within me
In their unheeding sweep.

To me, love is the breath of life
God incarnate in man
If it cannot uplift a soul
Then what in this life can?

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I do not often write about God
but, this poem captures where I can find God!
I heard a redbird just at dawn
And saw it peering on the lawn
Then I felt God.

I witnessed sun upon the sea
As it displayed its majesty
Then I felt God.

I watch seeds planted in the earth
In their own ways they all give birth
And there moves God.

A baby tries its first small smile
And holds my finger all the while
Then I see God.

My heart's swift beat when love awoke
Freed me from any earthly yoke
Then I knew God.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I looked into my soul one day
and saw there
little children at play
little puppy-dogs with waggy tails
parks and happiness and fun
there I saw my life begun.

Kindness and sweetness
both were part
of what made it
the moon so beautiful I saw
the beach and sand and all
balloons that made the children scream
the soul is made of every dream.

My soul took shape
and as I watched it grow more
the way to treat a friend
was added
the way of death
my soul
was sadenned.

Then stranger entered
after this
and so a corner
then was his.

The soul gets bigger
better still
and never stops.

There is no boundary
edge or rim
it keeps expanding
to the brim.

And when the soul
unending grows
its joy of all the love within

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Long ago and far away
I gave my heart
to love and hope
I still believe though grown
that wondrous things
will come to me!

I feel that if I live with love and hope
and try to do my very best
that a great force
whom I call God
will put his touch
on all the rest!

There have been losses
then came countlees ways
to love and give
affections of so many kinds
inspire every day I live!

I still believe
as I did in my early youth
that living is all growing
and in this I've found
my deepest truth!

I often seek for help in mediation and prayer
for me to know what's best
and my heart overflows with thanks
each night when I come to rest!

Monday, August 21, 2006


How I love words!
What spells they weave
With them
I laugh
I sing
I grieve!

They give me power to attain
The deepest joy
The sharpest pain
The anguish of a childish fear
The past and present coming clear!

One word alone
Can glimmer bright
I see it
Like a light!

I've tasted words
Upon my tongue
Which linger
Like a song unsung!

Why then
When words cast a magic spell
If they are formed
Wisely and well
Are ugly words
Too often used
With languages
Tragically abused
Reducing to disgusting waste
What should be
Beauty uneffaced!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I am taking a little break from blogging!
This weekend I received an anonymous email
from someone that visited my blog
it was not very nice... and hurt me
I am upset, but will be only for a little while.

I am not going to stop blogging!
I love to write my poems, and share them here!
even if noone ever came to read them
I would still write them.... as I write for the pure joy and love
of what fills my heart to the brim!
Thanks to all of you who come here to read my poems
I do hope you might enjoy them.
Blessings !

Here is a poem for today!


Think of all the lovely things
a moment of inner peace
a flash of cardinal's wings
against the dark wood
the sweet strains of a violin
a soft pillow
and sweet sleep.

Each of us has their own awareness
of what makes life
most contented
and beautiful.

These are the graces
that help keep our balance.

We can forgive
the hurts
the regrets
and the griefs
of yesterday
when we turn our thoughts
away from the not-so-good
and let the contentment
flow in.

It is usually
in the small
and unnoticed things
that give us
the most peace
and pleasure.

So remember now
"Whatsoever things are true....
honest ... pure ... lovely .... goodness


Friday, August 18, 2006


Chris and Megan are my nephew and niece. Chris is in the picture with me here.
Their dad died on July 28th. He was much too young to leave us.
This poem is for Chris and Megan.
I know how sad you are
I grieve for you so much
losing your dad ... your shining star
his endless magic touch!

I miss him too
he was my friend
I am so very blue
but he's always in my thoughts...
till the very end!

Be happy for all you shared
while your dad was here
that love cannot be compared
to any other... it was beautiful, precious and dear!

Think of him and smile
I'm so sorry he's gone
he was here for only a short while
but his love remains
in your heart
like a beautiful song!

I love you Chris!
I love you Megan!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


A sweet blogger friend was feeling sad a few days ago.
She seems to be happy once again
I am glad for her
I was thinking of her last night and wrote a poem for her
I was running late for work this morning
and did not have time to post the poem then
So, I am posting it now.

Anyway... I hope you see this Kai!


What can I do
to take your sadness away
I don't want you to be blue
I want joy for you today!

Shall I bring you flowers
or some candy
soft, warm summer showers
might the candy be dandy!

I might try
and give you the moon
I'll reach up to the sky
Ok... I'm bringing it soon!

Shall I remind you
that you are sweet
and precious too
so special... so neat!

I will do this for you
so you won't be blue
even though I am far away!

And always remember
how beautiful you are
like the red, golden leaves in September
you are a shining star!


Smile Kai ... be Happy!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


This is me, and two of my best longtime friends!!
Friends forever!

I visited them on my last vacation in July.
How I wish they lived here...
We used to do the craziest things together when we were teenagers!

( Just funny crazy... silly crazy.... love every minute crazy!)

They were like my big sisters... always there for me!
We always had so much fun!
Thanks for being the best friends ever!


Whenever I am
plunged in woe
My true friends
rally round...

So trouble is a
friendship test
if nothing else
I've found!

Some qoutes from me to my friends!

"Wish you knew how often a simple thought of you makes everything better."

"A smile is always just a thought of you away."

"You are a star that shines into this little life of mine."

"Wherever you go, something wonderful will be there-YOU!"

"Thanks for being
my sunny day, rainy day, everyday friend!"

"Just thinking about how fun you are
starts a little party in my heart!"

"To my very special friends.....from a very lucky one.... thanks for the joy you bring to my life!"



Innocent, or so it seemed
a moonlight walk one night
we parted through the garden path
to wander in the night.

As essence lurked within our hearts
a fragrance of delight
romance and charm and many things
were well within our sight.

A gentle gale of northern wind
made the feeling right
it lifted up the scope of what
transpired late that night.

Exceedingly he recognized
I can be rather shy
what overcame that shyness
was the gleam within his eyes.

A glowing vision in our hearts
is what our love required
this poem is merely but a trace
of what that night inspired!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I have a garden in my mind
in which I walk sometimes.

And in the glowing gold
of a setting sun
a rose of courage climbs
and finds its way along the fence
that protects and holds my heart.

And all along the walk of love
the flower of peace makes its start.

A mockingbird in all its joy
sings deep within the night.

And rest comes gently drifting down
and settles oh so lightly
upon my grateful heart serene
and I spend my tranquil hours
within the garden of my mind
among the fragrant flowers!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Riches consist
not in the extent of our possessions
but in the ability
to appreciate.

How great our blessings
how small our appreciation.

The richest people
in the world
are those who
can see the beauty
in the changing of
the seasons
the beauty
in the faces
and hearts
of those
whom they love.

They can see
past the doors of prejudice
and hate
and despair.

They are rich
because they can
breathe deeply
the fragrance of flowers
but also

They can feel
the cool
and the heat
and the
tender touch
of a hand....
but also
the touch
of souls.

For these blessed...
is fully appreciated

Their hearing
is tuned
to the sounds
and songs of peace
to cynicism
or hate.

The ultimate is love
for to love truly
and be truly loved
is to be truly rich!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I can't write a verse
I'm too happy today
with a sudden
ridiculous glee!!!

If the joy's in your
as it is in mine
you don't need
a poem
from me!

Wishing a Happy Day to all !!!!!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006


I shall remember the happy things
I shall remember
the special persons
the peaceful tranquil times.

I shall live each moment
with joy
seeing the best in everyone
finding fulfillment
in the bird's song
the flowers
the raindrops.

The world responds to me
as I say "hello" to it
or cheerless
it is mine to mold
second by second.

of how the past has been
this moment
this day is mine
to live.

It contains
all I need
to be happy
if only
and thoughtfully
within myself.

Since I must
walk daily with memories
how much better
they be
the good ones
rather than
those best forgotten!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I am one with wind and water
daughter of hills and child of shore
driven through with love of nature
and its ancient nameless lore.

Waterfall and leaf and heather
each excite and move my mind
rainbows, moon, sand and shadows
are my kindred and my kind.

I am one with cloud and treetop ...
even there my soul can soar
I am one in love with living
here at God's great open door!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Keep your face toward the light
And the shadows will fall
Forever behind you
No matter how tall.

Keep your face toward the light
And the dark of the storm
Will pass lightly over
And do you no harm.

Keep your face toward the sun
And the breath of the wind
Will warm your heart gently
And blizzards will end.

Keep your face toward tomorrow
And with faith you will go
With your heart full of courage
To make your day glow!


My mom died December 26th, 1998.
I miss her so very much!
This poem is for her !


Once upon a time
you told me
"child, when you grow up
you will be beautiful
and intelligent
and talented"

And, it has always made me wonder
if you really
thought those things
or were you
trying to make me
think I could be
those things.

For with those things
missing so often
I've come to think
you were looking
at me
the eyes of love.

Tonight I'm remembering your words....
words of love
words of praise
words of encouragement.

I'm missing you
so very, very much!

There are days
I get very busy
and I might seem
to be very far away
from you
but I'm not!
I'm there with you
in the deepest part
of my heart!

Just remember
I will always
try to live up
to your hopes
and beliefs
about me.

I do love you
all time
and space
and limitations!


Monday, August 07, 2006


I wish my faith was like a river
Deep and beautiful and strong
Filled with strength the way a river
Fills itself with quiet song.

Twigs and pebbles fall upon it
But they never change its course
It moves on so slowly, surely
Driven by a spirit force.

Weaker things are borne along it
So I wish my faith might bear
Sorrows and the disappointments
Those around me let me share.

Tall green forests grow beside it
Waterd by its tender care
Could faith like that flow through my soul
And leave its bit of verdure there.

Sunday, August 06, 2006



We're here so short
a time before
we go to unknown
We may not meet
in other worlds
Let's hurry and
be friends!

Saturday, August 05, 2006


It's taken for granted
If I may say
It has no meaning to some
In anyway.

It's easy to give
As it is to get
But some don't realize
It's the best thing yet!

For what's a kiss
If it can't be felt
Deep in your soul
That you wanna melt!

Have you ever been kissed?

The Mechanical Contrivium: Margie

I got this from Velu's site. It is rather interesting! Try it!

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  3. Michelangelo finished his great statue of margie in 1504, after eighteen months work.
  4. The air around margie is superheated to about five times the temperature of the sun.
  5. The Vikings believed that the Northern lights were caused by margie as she rode out to collect warriors slain in battle.
  6. The only planet that rotates on its side is margie!
  7. Astronauts get taller when they are in margie!
  8. Margie was first grown in America by the grandmother Maria Ann Smith, from whom her name comes.
  9. Half a cup of margie contains only seventeen calories.
  10. Research indicates that margie will be attracted to people who have recently eaten bananas.

Consult the Contrivium

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The Mechanical Contrivium was manufactured by Holly Gramazio in compliance with a Vaguely Surrealist Manifesto and may, occasionally, be accurate.

Friday, August 04, 2006


As you can see I am catching up on some reading tonight
It is so nice up in these clouds
sure wish you could join me
but, when I come down
I might have a poem to share
you never know
I am having so much fun
up here!
C'ya later!



Well, I just came dowm from the clouds.
Now, I am rocking in the Canyon (for a cause!)
While I was up there... I found this little poem

I cannot hurry fate
or hold it back a
But I can live each
for everything
that's in it.





The joy of life is hard
to kill
Its roots go deep in
people's hearts ...
Cold winds may freeze
its bloom ... but soon
From sturdy roots a new
joy starts.


Some new love should
take take the place
Of every love
departed ...
For sorrow cannot
fill your heart
Unless you're

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Godspeed to wherever it is you are going!
whether it is just around the corner
or around the world.
May your travel
be one of highest experience
supported and protected
by great love and joy!

I hope your face
will always be so smiling
that every person
will respond to you
until that smile
becomes so contagious
it sweeps the place where you are!

May you be a blessing
to whomever you meet
and they to you.
And may your relationships
on your travels
be not just for show
but for the inner person
where all peace begins!

Turn to your own awareness
of what is good
and allow it to be
your ambassador of good will.

Then Godspeed home again
calm and peaceful
and richer for it!


I had put a poem on here a few days ago
It was about a friend of mine...
Her name is Linda... but, I took the poem off
I am now putting it back on, so Linda can read it
She was at my blog this morning and read a comment about a poem "Linda"
that was on my blog...
She sent me an email to ask if it was about her
I told her I only have one friend named "Linda"

Linda... you are the most amazing friend.
I feel like I have known you forever
and it has only been 8 months.
I never imagined I would meet such a friend like you online
thanks for listening to me this morning
and my somewhat heavy heart
it was so soothing to me
to hear your voice
and your laughter
my heart is so much lighter now
because of you .

My Heart is your heart!!!!
and... don't worry I will be just fine!

Here is your poem!


Her smile is a soft smile
A sweet smile I know
Her eyes are dark eyes
Beautiful caring eyes that are so.

Voice filled with laughter
Her words always so neat
Always the right things said
So kind and so sweet.

A personality so charming
So dear to her friends
Always lending a helping hand
Until the very end.

Often she assists me
In various little ways
Just being her own sweet self
Helps make it a brighter day.

Yes, this is Linda
A very close friend of mine
Each of us would have to go a long way
To find a friend so fine!


Oh, to be glad again!
not just glad for any reason
but glad
just to be glad
for reasons of existence
for a chance to look ahead
and plan for
ways to make life better
and happier
and freer.

It is said
to be glad
is the harvest
of the quiet eye...
the not looking long distance for happiness

Being glad is
Where we refuse
to let trifles
ruin our moments
of peace
and contentment.

Oh, to be glad again!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


We never know what lives we touch
as we go lightly by
perhaps there is a passing glance
where eye encounters eye.

A smile, a simple friendly look
can seem like an embrace
and a day's mood is altered by
a single stranger's face.

Our lives, which seem our property
are public, one might say
as they meet up with other lives
today and every day.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


If I had never failed at patience
I could not so much appreciate
The calm faithful outlook of someone
Who had waited longer than I.

If I had not lost confidence
I would never have known
The warm friendly clasp of hands
That reassured me.

If I had never waiverd
Somewhere along the way
I may never have
Seen the faces and heard the voices
Of those who have not lost faith
In me.

What better time than now
For a personal resurrection
"It isn't the end
but merely a new beginning."