Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I looked into my soul one day
and saw there
little children at play
little puppy-dogs with waggy tails
parks and happiness and fun
there I saw my life begun.

Kindness and sweetness
both were part
of what made it
the moon so beautiful I saw
the beach and sand and all
balloons that made the children scream
the soul is made of every dream.

My soul took shape
and as I watched it grow more
the way to treat a friend
was added
the way of death
my soul
was sadenned.

Then stranger entered
after this
and so a corner
then was his.

The soul gets bigger
better still
and never stops.

There is no boundary
edge or rim
it keeps expanding
to the brim.

And when the soul
unending grows
its joy of all the love within


  1. Very beautiful!! Sounds like the perfect description of Margie!!

  2. beautiful, margie! and what a wonderful soul you have! just don't let go of those children and puppies :)

  3. Pat,
    Thank you!
    this is how I see my soul...
    and, it makes me happy!
    Take care!

  4. Hi Polona~
    Thanks so much!
    Those children and puppies I will
    hold onto very tightly!
    And, Polona... I so appreciate your coming here, and always leaving your wonderful comments!
    I am able to see now how many people come to read my poems...
    but do not comment.That is ok...
    but, I often wonder... do they not
    like the poem?
    But, not you... you always comment
    and add joy to my day!
    Take care my friend!

  5. Margie, maybe some people run out of ways to say "Wonderful!" "Enjoyed!","Marvellous!":)

  6. Margie u do have a soul that grows each day and one that's too beautiful to describe in words!

    This one is TOPS!

  7. Margie..this poem a glimpse into your heart :-)

  8. When the soul unending grows ....
    joy of love....
    Very true samuru.

  9. DD~
    Yes,it is a little glimpse into my heart!

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  11. You da best.. girl! This simply rocks.

    Coming straight out
    from the depths of your heart,
    touching everyone's lives
    what else could be a better start,
    Words have their own magic
    cast a big spell though they look so small,
    You have the soul of an angel
    and your poem proves it all.

    phew.. this is how the broken tuba stuck in a donkey's throat
    Take care and god bless you.

  12. Very nice Margie, you write with such great passion...

  13. ari,
    You are soooooo nice!
    Thank you!
    I loved that little poem!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker