Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My mom died December 26th, 1998.
I miss her so very much!
This poem is for her !


Once upon a time
you told me
"child, when you grow up
you will be beautiful
and intelligent
and talented"

And, it has always made me wonder
if you really
thought those things
or were you
trying to make me
think I could be
those things.

For with those things
missing so often
I've come to think
you were looking
at me
the eyes of love.

Tonight I'm remembering your words....
words of love
words of praise
words of encouragement.

I'm missing you
so very, very much!

There are days
I get very busy
and I might seem
to be very far away
from you
but I'm not!
I'm there with you
in the deepest part
of my heart!

Just remember
I will always
try to live up
to your hopes
and beliefs
about me.

I do love you
all time
and space
and limitations!



  1. Wow! I can feel my eyes tearing up, beautiful. She must've been very proud to have a brilliant daughter like you :)

  2. Samuru, I understand as I have sailed like you. Mother is the one who encourages , cares and loves to give the best in our lives. She is the main root and we follow as branches.

  3. Dear Margie, I miss my mother as we live in different countries now. But I can't even imagine a world without her. Even the thought trembles me.
    I love my mother and I can feel your emotions through your poem.

  4. Lovely Margie. What a tribute. I have the feeling your Mom still hovers about in spirit.

  5. Margie that is a very nice poem to your mother. You are exactly as she wished you would be. I know you and you've reached up to her expectations and then more. Great Poem Margie!

  6. A beautiful hand stuck through the veil, to touch, to hold, to believe. Very, very good!!

  7. Thanks.
    Beautiful, thoughtful, truthful.

    I lost my Dad in 80 and I feel the same way. If we are lucky enough to have had great parents they never really leave us do they?

  8. Margie..Beautiful tribute to your mother.I lost my mother also.There is not a day that goes by when I dont think of her and remember what she taught me. I try to live my life like her.I have a long way to go but I want to be like her.she was a beautiful, loving,caring human being. The good die young.

  9. wow, this is so lovely, I feel u on this one, I dnt even know what I'd do with myself if anything happens to my mum, she's both mother and father to us, our dad died when we were still small.

    I'm sure ur mum wld hv bn proud of u if she were here,and I believe that where she is rite now, she's still proud of her lovely daughter.

  10. Beautiful! I know that she received this poem up in heaven.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  11. beautiful!
    she would have been proud of you...

  12. Very touching. Thank you for sharing your heart. I feel both of our moms smiling through the veil now :-)

  13. That was a wonderful poem, margie.
    I lost my Dad in 1989 and a day does not go by that I don't think of him. I often think of all of his wise words and how proud he would be of my son and I.
    Thanks for sharing that poem.

  14. Margie, I have no words to describe how touching your poem is. I could feel the love and sorrow at the same time. She is in your heart, always guiding you and watching over you. Beautiful poem. (loss of words...)

  15. natasha~
    Oh what kind words!
    Thank you!
    I hope she was proud of me!
    But, I am far from brillant...
    I am just me!
    Take care!

  16. priya~
    You said "She is the main root, and we will follow as branches"
    I like those words!
    Take care!:)

  17. dumbdodi~
    You said, "I love my mother, and I can feel your emotions through your poem"
    I have to tell you... it was not easy to write between wiping away
    tears... and trying to type!
    But, love makes us do things that
    make us happy and sad at the same time!
    My mom helped me write that poem!
    Take care!

  18. don~
    Thank you!
    My mom was there last night ...
    she really was!
    Take care!

  19. friendly~
    Oh... that was so nice to hear!
    Thank you!
    Take care!

  20. pat~
    Thank you so very much!
    Take care!

  21. HE~
    Thanks for the very nice comments!
    No, they never really leave us!
    We miss them...but the love is
    always there!
    Take care!

  22. starry~
    Thanks for those kind words!
    I am sure you are a lot like
    your mom!
    Take care!

  23. christabelle~
    Oh! Thank you for those sweet words!
    You are making me cry!
    Take care!

  24. deb~
    Thank you for those words!
    You made me cry... but, tears of
    Take care!

  25. polona~
    Thank you for those sweet words!
    Everybody is making me cry!
    Take care!

  26. Margie u really made me cry there...

    I cant imagine a life w.o. my mum...I hate to even think abt it.


    Keshi leaves with tears...

  27. eileen~
    thank you!
    Both of our moms are smiling
    through the veil!
    Yes, they are!
    Take care!

  28. choices~
    Thanks so much!
    I am sure your dad is very proud of you and your son!
    Their love never leaves us!
    Take care!

  29. ari~
    Thank you!
    It was a funny thing about this poem! Well... not funny... more
    I was going to post a poem about
    my dog Sammy who died last year...
    and, I had the poem all ready to post.

    And, then I started to think about
    my mom... I remembered those words
    she once said to me( the ones I
    started my poem with)
    And, from there... I just continued writing the poem.

    I felt like she was right there
    beside me.... is it possible she
    really could have been?
    All I know is I had no intention
    of putting that poem on here ...
    till I started to write the words.

    As I was writing it... I was kind of a mess... as I could not hold
    back the tears!

    But, I did finish it... and I was so happy!
    Take care!

  30. keshi~
    Well... I have been crying here
    tonight too... as I read all the
    sweeet words everyone shared with
    me about my poem.

    I am sure it must be so hard to imagine a life without your mom...
    but, noone lives forever.
    We just have to make sure we
    give all our love to those
    special people in our lives
    while they are here... they can be gone with 'a blink of an eye'
    Take care!

  31. Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.
    ~Kurt Vonnegut

    The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.
    ~John Vance Cheney

    “God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.”

  32. ari~
    Oh, thanks so much for those quotes too!
    I like them very much!
    You are so sweet!
    Take care!`


  33. Margie u really made me think there...cos just 2days ago I had this stupid argument with my mum and for teh first time in many years I havent spoken to her for 2 whole days. Well to be honest she said something that really hurt me and even tho I forgave her I feel so sad by what she said...thats why I dun wanna talk to her even tho it was nuttin major. I just have to get it outta my system b4 I can be normal with her.

    **noone lives forever.

    well after readin wut u said I feel that I should ring her now...tnxxx so much n hugggggggggz!


  34. keshi~
    Good idea!
    Ring her up right now!
    No time like the present!
    See you !

  35. I did...read my reply to u in my blog :) mwahhhhhhh margie!


  36. Keshi~
    Oh... I am so very glad!
    I did read your reply in your blog!


  37. dat brought a tear to me eye
    u set me remembering my mom and dad

  38. It is good to remember your mom and dad!
    It would make them happy that you shed a tear for them!

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