Thursday, November 30, 2006


I love grey days of
wind and rain . . .
when all the big trees
shout and play . . .

And misty days all
filled with dreams . . .
I just love
weather . . .

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The cystal dawn in silence breaks
the world is hushed and still . . .
the sleeping birds to morn awake . . .
beside a gurgling rill.

The fragrance of the dewy flowers
like incense seems to rise . . .
diffusing beauty through the hours . . .
beneath the clear, blue skies.

The pines are whispering soft and low
a haunting melody . . .
of lands where soft the blue winds blow
afar beyond the sea.

And in and out, among the trees
the fairy sunbeams play . . .
they dance with every wayward breeze . . .
to usher in the day!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


To give my very best
to life
should be my greatest
aim . . .

It helps me too, for
when I do
life gives
me back
the same!

Monday, November 27, 2006


Little guy, you crept, wag-first
into my heart one day!
The years sped by . . .
Then came the Call
you could not bark away.

(Tell me, does your moisty nose
still nudge encircling arms?
Where you are now, are smiles more bright
before your many charms?)

Someday, I'll whistle low "our" call
and from your Pleasant Land . . .
you'll race to greet me . . . for you'll know
I need you. Understand?

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Meander along a path through the woods
and listen to nature . . . the handiwork of God . . .

Hear the birds singing in the trees . . .
try to find the way where the deer have trod. . .

Harken to waterfalls roaring over rocks
and the gurgling of the little streams . . .

Find a big lichen-coverd rock or log
where you can sit and pleasantly dream . . .

Your worries will melt and fade away
Your heart and mind will be quietly at ease . . .
because nature's sweet solitude . . .
is restful, calming and full of peace!

Friday, November 24, 2006


Today gave to my waking world
a gold and crimson dawn . . .
so splashed with splendor that the sight . . .
I scarcely could look upon.

And in the dewy morningtide
I heard a bird's cry . . .
of utter joy, and saw him wing . . .
across the western sky.

Before my eager, quickened sight
a flower-form unfurled . . .
and lent its matchless beauty . . .
to a green and amber world.

My grateful heart beheld a way
to lift a load of care . . .
that in a silent loneliness . . .
a friend of mine had to bear.

Twilight gently blanketed
the weary world in rest . . .
and stooped to kiss the joy . . .
that slumbered at my breast.

Today I learned to love each hour
nor asked tomorrow planned . . .
and lo, at last, I drift toward sleep . . .
its key within my hand!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Like spangles on the
of daily life, work and
duty . . .

Are countless little
of evanescent

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The old trunk in the attic covered with dust
through the years.
She hesitated to look inside
as she knew her eyes would fill with tears.

Slowly she would open the cover and all the memories
of her little girl were there.
A photograph of her little darling with curls in her hair.
A tiny shoe, a teething ring, and a well worn teddy bear.
The memories were so vivid.
She felt as though she was there.

When her little girl was laid to rest
and an angel for her stone...
she knew that God would watch over her...
and take her to his throne.

At first, she could not comprehend
why this small life should end.
Oh, God, she cried isn't fair
to leave me in such despair!

But God in his goodness and
mercy, gave her another darling in her place.
A little blue-eyed baby boy with the sweetest little face!

This poem is about my dear, sweet sister.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Many trials of the day appear
Struggles seem all in vain . . .
Evening comes swiftly at close at day. . .
Happy am I again.

Quietly you snuggle up beside me
In pure joy as the sun declines . . .
It's the romance I've always dreamed of . . .
as tenderely you say you are mine. . .
All the world fades into the night . . .
No life could be sweeter than this . . .
As I enfold you in my arms, dear . . .
Gazing in your eyes, waiting to be kissed . . .
I beg no more of love supreme . . .
All grief past, the future a rosy dream!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


The least little thing
makes me happy today
in my mood of
unreasoning glee . . .

Oh my, but I'm glad that
I'm nobody else
because it's
such fun
to be me!!!

A light little poem for today!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Nothing can paint mother nature
just as she really is . . .
A bird or a twig is left out . . .
There is always something amiss . . .
The bellow of the frog in the pond . . .
The shade falling about . . .
and ants crawling in the grass . . .
Aren't some of those things always left out?

A chunk of ice floating down the stream . . .
may miss the artist's eye . . .
He may not heed a timid deer . . .
that is quietly slipping by. . .

And the poet's gaze is careless, too . . .
Many things miss her pen . . .
But the human eye that loves nature . . .
Hears, feels, sees all . . . from mountain to the glen!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Tomorrow, what shall we be ?
Shall we be arrogant or humble?
Tomorrow, what shall we see?
Happiness, or will our world crumble?

We never know till the morrow is reached
I guess it's best that way . . .
So, we jump into bed, close our eyes . . .
And have hope for that great day . .

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hi to all my wonderful blogger friends!

Thanks for all your comments on my last post!
I so appreciate them!
I just want to tell you that I won't be posting for a little while,
or be able to come and visit your great blogs.
I took a bad fall in my driveway last night....OUCH!!!
But, I hope to visit you soon.
Take care!
I will miss all of you!




I fell down...and hurt my head!
and my poor back is aching!
But, hey! at least I'm not dead!
Now to bed....myself...I am taking!

In a day or two...
or three or four...
hope to be good as new! least I hope my back and head won't be sore!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Unhurried, soft, the
soundless snow
falls gently to the
frozen ground . . .

Such perfect stillness
sometimes seems
more musical
than any

powered by ODEO

Friday, November 10, 2006


When April showers come pouring down
day after day with sullen frown . . .
and bright sunshine has gone to rest
where summer days are palmiest . . .
we soon forget that through the year
the sun shines on us most sincere . . .
than any place near or far
"that's why we so popular"!

A week of rain does more to earth
in bringing flowers forth from birth . . .
and every plant springs up and blooms
before you count a pair of moons . . .
And oh, the glory that they shed
from gardens or mountain beds . . .
We need those April showers, each one
because we have our share of sun!

What sunshine weather we can boast
is really a heavenly toast . . .
To have folks say . . ."Why do you live
where sunshine is infinitive?
And where you see the mountain peaks
and rustling winds in music speaks?
We think you are most fortunate
to live in such a sunny State!"

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Dear Lord, I love the wild and open places
creations of your hand in old and new . . .
Let me but live where there are mighty traces
of stately trees, and rocks, and skies of blue!

Give me a heart as open as the plains
a mind that reaches high as mountain peaks . . .
a soul that soars above the winds and rains
where only God through radiance speaks!

Give me of kindness, love, a goodly measure
of sympathy, that flows like rivers deep . . .
devotion, reverence, and your pleasure
let me the precepts of your wisdom keep!

Let me be as crystal snow-flakes falling
that blanket earth with dazzling whiteness and pride . . .
then guide me when I hear your loving voice calling
to span the stretches of the Great Divide!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


When I am dead and over me sweet springtime
awakes to life from her long winter's sleep . . .
I think, that as part of earth's great fullness
I shall, yet, feel Life's finger's reaching deep!

I think that I shall thrill again to songbirds
and know the healing warmth of April rain . . .
when hillsides lose their brown and start to quicken
while new leaves dance on trees along the lane!

I shall know hope of blest resurgent living
as Nature's dead awake in spring anew. . .
So I can sit here silent , without grieving
above the mound of earth that covers you!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


No life is like a level road
with Heaven as its farthest goal. . .
but valleys deep and mountains high
that test your patience and your soul.

The valleys are your days of gray
when plans all seem to go awry . . .
but valleys we must always have
or else there'd be no mountains high.

So in your valleys, patience have
be like the heart within your breast . . .
note how it very strongly beats
then wisely stops a beat. . . to rest!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Hail to you, sky so blue
with glint of sunrise shining thru!
Stars grow dim and disappear
when the coming day is near.
On the far horizon lines
glows the red of ancient wines.
Little cloudlets curl and twist
merging with the morning mist.
Soon appears an arc of fire
growing fuller, rising higher.
And, swifter than our thought divines
his arrow strikes the mountain pines.
And now his gleaming shaft extends
out to where our vision ends!

Sky, your wondrous light has come!
All day long your ethereal dome
haloes every earthly home.
The clouds may hide you for a while
we see them pass, and meet your smile.
Beneath your dark, mysterious blue
moves all life we ever knew.
And in each varied circumstance
of dull routine or sweet romance
a cloudless sky invokes a charm
protecting like an encircling arm!

O sky, so distant and so deep
thru life's long day your vigil keep
enfold us when at last we sleep!
Hail to you, sky so blue
with night's gold stars all shining thru!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Love is a wanting the other
so much ...
that a thought
is the same
to the heart
as a touch!

powered by ODEO

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Many billion of prayers or so
each day up to heaven go
and tumble all about the feet of God.
They arrive in every color
some are bright and some are duller
and as they fall . . . God gives a knowing nod.

Prayers selfish or conniving
burn upon arriving
and fall as ashes on the sender's head . . .
while those with whine or grumble
cause the heavens all to rumble
and drop to earth as solid bits of lead.

But the prayers sincere and deep
are the ones God likes to keep
to show to all the angels near and far.
These prayers are set apart
kept near God's heart
each one made into an everlasting star!