Saturday, December 30, 2006


Do you know that when the sun
slants a listless gold
on hearts like mine - Because of you-
my heart is never cold?

Because I know you have walked
through many a midnight glade
with dauntless steps, my pathway lies
controlled and unafraid!

Because of you, when twilight wraps
her brooding arms in grey-
my heart grows light as little birds
tucked-under-wing away.

Life's trials and goading tasks
seem not so hard to bear
when I recall in nighttime peace
YOU know- YOU know and care!


  1. That's beautiful!! I hope you're keeping warm. I just heard more news about Denver.

  2. so lovely, margie!
    warm hugs to you!

  3. Margie, that is so beautiful and I truly believe that because you have a beautiful soul you reflect the world around you so beautifully too.

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  4. very nice! I can relate! (First time on your blog...will be back)
    Greetings to Colorado! Went there first time in Nov. and I loved it!!

  5. here are the M&ms.....

    i love having u on my chatbox....
    it was fun...

    love your poem....

    luv u

  6. Beautiful and gentle poem as you are.

    The snow is silent, but the wind howls like a banshee
    Cold blizzards that cut and slice the lace of falling snow
    The two spirits fight in the air.
    Gosh! Margie. You must be getting some great inspirations from it.
    Keep Well!

  7. "You" is a very lucky person!! Good poem Margie!!

  8. He is a lucky man.

    "Because I know you have walked
    through many a midnight glade"


  9. Oh, Margie, I just love this poem!

  10. Lovely poem Margie. wishing you and your family a wonderful and prosperous New year.take care.Did you have a good christmas?

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  12. u r so lovely, margie!
    warm hugs to you!

    tanks for Starbender visit
    Dont u ever tink of doing a star

    i wont survive if u do

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  14. ...Wishing u a Wonderful New Year! n Prayin that the days ahead are full of joy and bright cheer for u!!

    Take care!

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  16. Lovely poem, Margie. Happy New Year!

  17. try some thing new in 2007
    read Kamasutra

  18. Happy new year 2007
    buon anno

  19. Andrew, thanks very much! Cozy and warm here! The snow stopped yesterday!

    Polona, thanks so much!
    Warm hugs back to you!

    Ann, you are so kind with your words!
    You are a lovely person!
    Thanks very much!

    Gudl, it is so nice to have you visit me! Thanks for the nice comment!
    I shall visit you very soon!

    Kai, you are so sweet!
    Thank you!
    Luv you too!


  20. Trinity, thanks very much!
    The snow has finally stopped falling!
    It is a winter wonderland here...
    very inspiring!
    hugs back to you!

    Pat, thank you so much!
    You are so nice!
    I think I am the lucky person!

    Sam, so nice to have you visit me!
    Thanks so much for the nice words!
    I shall visit you very soon!

    Aurora, thanks so very much!
    You are a sweet person!
    It was so wonderful chatting with you and Kai the other night!
    You and Kai are so sweet!

    Shammu, thanks very much!
    I did enjoy reading your latest post!


  21. Starry, thanks so much!
    I wish you a very happy new year!
    Hope all your dreams will come true!
    I did have a nice Christmas, thank you!

    Angel, soon, very soon, I shall put that poem up!
    "Moved to tears"
    Oh my, I am touched!
    Thank you, dear Angel!
    Big Hug!

    Saby, thank you for all that!
    Smile and be happy!

    Shammu, so sweet of you to come back again with your lovely wishes!
    Thanks so much!
    I wish the same for you!

    Neers, hope you have a wonderful new year!

    Richard, thanks so much!
    Happy New Year to you!
    Hope it will be a great one for you!

    Photo-effe,thanks for stopping by!
    Happy New Year!


  22. Such a gentle poem :)
    Love brings warmth in our
    lives :)
    Have a terrific new year!!

    Stay Beautiful...!!

  23. Dearest Margie – revised comment

    (I lost original with blogger “situation”.
    I am sorry, my perfectionistic ways got the better of me!
    Was too rushed to spell check last night (dyslexic and English-as-a-fifth-language don't help either, ouch!)

    I became all teared-up again as I re-read it.
    “Do you know that when the sun
    slants a listless gold
    on hearts like mine - Because of you - my heart is never cold?”
    With yopur permission I like to borrow the first verse.

    I also wanted to comment on the faul language used by some “otherwise nice” people …
    I think that cussing should be left – if needed - for use or, abuse at our own individual blogs, instead of being carelessly tossed in the most inappropriate places – such as your gentle and kind one …
    (Please forgive my presumption in addessing this matter… it does take me aback!)


  24. ignore the angel dust
    u r not dat kind of angel

  25. its here

    but dont make any resolutions u cant keep

    ref: angeldust

  26. Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog and supporting me!
    Welcome back anytime.

    Happy Healthy New Year!

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  27. margie, with less than an hour of the old year left here i would like to thank you for all the kindness that you keep sharing throughout the blogosphere and wish you a very happy and creative new year!
    best wishes to you and yours! love, polona

  28. Another heart warming poem from you Margie.

    A veery happy new year to you and your family.

    Lots of love,

  29. Sugarlips, thanks so much!
    Love does bring much warmth to our lives. You have such a wonderful love that you share with Nabeel!
    May you have a great year together!


  30. Kai, hope your year is the best ever!


  31. Angel my dear,
    I am honored you would like to borrow my poem!

    As for the cussing, I delted the comment! Thank you for your kindness towards me!

    BIG HUG!


  32. Saby, I delted your comment that had a word that I do not like at all!

    Happy New Year!


  33. Sunflower, hope you have a wonderful new year!


  34. Polona, thanks so very much! You are a joy, and your work is so lovely!
    Thanks for all the beauty you share!
    Warmest wishes to you and all your loved ones for a wonderful new year!

    love, Margie

  35. Gautami, thanks so much for the kind words! I wish for you a wonderful new year full of much joy!


  36. Hello dear Margie

    I am pleased to read that you have found a way to preserve the integrity of your blog.

    I feel quiet strongly about how visitors behave in mine, while all opinions are welcome, it is not a "free for all" ...
    How can it be?
    This is like our home (however public) where the doors are open to one and all.
    Why then should anyone welcome feel free to soil it , while at the same time smilling at us?

    Thank you for your generosity of spirit.

    Got to run...
    Be back in one or two days!

    Lovely poem you posted tonite
    Big hug

    Thank you and Jeff for last night's "company"!

  37. Angel, my friend, thank you!
    I do appreciate your kindness towards me!
    Big Hug!


  38. when we face those tough days together,,,it makes them easier to walk through for sure...nice...

  39. ok so its been 6 months since i read this last but i randomly picked a december one to made me smile again...have a lovely evening yourself...


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker