Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The body ages ... not the heart
it stays forever young
expanding to embrace new loves
it's song is never sung.

Tomorrow I may love still more
than in my yesterdays
life knocks upon the waiting door
outside new music plays.

Love springs unbidden to the heart
a stranger, now a friend
and on a day till then grey dull
loom futures without end.

The mind can furnish countless joys
the body plays its part
but life has no conspiracy
to age a loving heart.


  1. Beautiful Margie. Thank you for sharing your heart here.


  2. Margie,
    Wow! How true this is! I now am am firm believer that the heart is forever young!!!! You can fall in love at any age.


  3. How beautiful, Margie!
    I agree with every word. I am having more fun now than when I was younger. Life gets better even though body gets older. I never worried about old age, gray hair etc, everything is welcome and adds to the charm of life! :))

  4. how true this is...no matter what storms the heart weathers it has a resiliency and capacity to grow ever deeper and bigger...ageless...timeless...

    beautiful poetry...lovely heart

  5. That' really wonderful. True words crafted together so artfully. Thanks Margie.

  6. So true Margie, nothing can age a lovely heart.I just loved this poem.Thanks for sharing.

  7. beautifully put!

    A heart kept young n free never dies.

    HUGS Angel!


  8. Yes a loving heart is eternal - how beautifully you wrote this Margie!
    I love that line:
    "It's song is never sung."
    The photo is a perfect accompaniment to your words.

  9. This is interesting- there's a sort of connection with the tanka that I just posted and your poem here...

  10. I tried to comment last night Margie but something wrong with my connection ;(

    Anyway...my body & mind didn't age coz I kept reminding myself I have to drop my and enjoy yet another beautiful poem :)

  11. Yeah, I did enjoy and that was super cool. I guess, I really have to cope up with them and I realized that avoiding them is not good at all. I know and I hope it will. Thank you! :)

    Have a good day, Margie! :D


  12. Hi Robert
    Always grateful for your visits & kind comments!
    Thanks very much!
    You are welcome.

    Thank you, Magiceye.

    Hi Anne
    Yes, the heart can remain forever young.
    Thanks for your visit & comment.

    Hello Asha
    Thank you for the kind words on my poem.
    And, I'm with you on life getting better as we age.
    Nothing to be afraid of!

    Hi Joanne & welcome
    Yes, the heart has a capacity to weather all the storms of life & grow deeper & bigger.
    I appreciate your kind remarks.
    Thanks very much,

    Thanks so much, Art!
    Most welome.

    Hi Starry
    I'm very glad you loved my poem.
    Thank you very much & I'm happy to share.

  13. Hey Keshi
    Yes, a heart kept young n free never dies.
    Thanks very much,
    HUGZ hun.

    Hello Janice
    I really like that line too.
    Your kind words are appreciated.
    Thanks so much.

    I did see the sort of connection, Andrew.
    I liked your tanka.
    Thanks for visiting.

    Hello Shionge
    I'm very glad your connection worked today & you were able to comment & what a sweet comment.
    Thank you, my friend.

    Hi Cez
    I'm glad for you.
    You are welcome.
    And you have a good day, too.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker