Tuesday, February 17, 2009


No, I'm not buying anything
I'm just drooling, thank you ...
drooling over the cookies and rolls
pound cakes, eclairs .... pies, too
all those doughnuts (chocolate covered)
and sticky buns all smothered with goo!
Oh yes, I know they taste very good
but they're bad for your health, you know ...
all that white sugar and flour
artificial colors of the rainbow
and cakes full of chemicals
with synthetic icing white as snow!
Yes, they make them look quite tempting
with colors of every hue
and just gazing in the case at them
starts my mouth watering, too ...
but I won't give in to tempation
for I'm just drooling, thank you!
Actually, I do give in to tempation...I love chocolate!
And, how could I resist those cookies!?


  1. awww i love cookies....it made my mouth water....just amazing way of drooling :)..


  2. they are bad for health ...yeh but...tastes always deceive us :) hehe..now i will come to ur home ...u should definitely give me some cookies :)..


  3. Sweets are sooo good! Cookies, chocolate, cakes, pies, and what about ice cream, too. Eat to your hearts content, then go to exercise!

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  5. I couldn't stop looking at the cookies and cakes! I wanted to get some myself. Then I saw that you changed your mind. Good For you! Maybe sometime soon, we can drool together and have a piece cake. Okay, my friend?

  6. can't get my eyes off the picture!! :)

  7. HAHA I knew that u were a sweetylicious chocoholic Margie! YUM YUM YUM!

    I hv my moods, and my cravings change depending on my zillion moods lol!

    today I wanted to eat Soy Chicken...and I did. Now I feel so full and I wanna go for a run..and ur giving me cookies n chocs Margie? LOL I'll end up looking like Big Momma in no time!


  8. omg!!!!!!!! m kinda droolin myself now...y did u have to put d pic up :((((

  9. i have to admit i had a lump in my throat as i read your poem and realized i was going to have to make a confession about giving in to temptation...and then a big sigh of relief to see you do too :)

    i worked in a bakery as a teenager and oh the loveliness everywhere...my favorite were the crumb buns...long after i left that job i would stop there in the mornings on the way to school to get one...

    wonderful post...i want some dessert now :)


  10. Yep, they are very bad for you. Especially if consumed regularly over a long period of time. I indulge occasionally as with a glass of wine or a burger. I just try not to make a habit of it. As in most things, moderation is the key...

  11. You are going to make us all gluttons!


  12. HeHe!! Yeah, they are bad, but pick up just one little thing and enjoy eating it. Life is too short just to drool! ;D

  13. They all look yummy and delicious.

  14. oohhh... i had to smile at this... no way i could resist...
    and now i want something sweet, preferably with chocolate :)

  15. What a "sweet" sense of humour Margie! Love this.

  16. so hows the Candylicious beauty doing today? hvn a bath in choc syrup? :)


  17. Hahhahah...indeed it is better to drool sometimes coz it is healthier ;)

    Havind said that....after a good run we must pamper ourselves too but since I did not run yesterday I'll join you in drooling too :)

  18. My friends are really my treasures. They've been with me through my happiest and darkest moment. Its good to know they are worth keeping. :)

    Thank you so much Margie for being such a great friend. ;D

    OMG! Those were really yummy! :) And I'm really craving for that chocolate cake. :D


  19. Hemu, if you come to my house, I shall bake a lovely batch of cookies, just for you!

    Yes, Anne...that's what I do!
    Kind of love them cookies a little more than exercise, though!
    Haha!Yes, I changed my mind and sometime soon we shall have a piece of cake, together...I promise!

    Me either, Andrew...enjoy!

    Hey Keshi, Sweetlicious chocoholic...haha...yes, that's me!

    Oh, the soy chicken...yummy too!
    Now, you just go on that run and enjoy my yummy cookies and chocs and you'll never end up looking like Big Momma! Haha!

    Hi Mayz
    Can't help drooling...me either!
    The picture is just to make you droll all the more...haha!

    Hello Joanne
    Yes, I too give in to tempation...just like you!

    I remember your talking about your bakery job and I would have loved to have had that as my first job like you did!
    Oh, the loveliness...indeed!
    Crumb buns...yummy!
    I too would have stopped on my way to school to get one as you did (after you long left that job)

    Thanks for the kind words on my poem....if only you lived closer I would have you over for tea and dessert...maybe a high tea..now that would be lovely!

    Hello Art
    I agree, moderation is the key so I do indulge now and then and love my special treats!

    Haha, Gautami!

    Hello Kai
    Did you have a cookie?

    Yes, Asha, life's too short too just drool...I agree and I do enjoy special treats once in a while.
    Too yummy to pass up :)


    Hi Priya
    Too yummy and too delicious!
    Makes me want to bake a chocolate cake:)

    Hello Patricija
    Yes, yummy, yummy :)

    Oh, glad it made you smile, polona.
    Hope you had something sweet and enjoyed it :)
    Hi Janice
    Oh, so glad you loved my "sweet " sense of humor haha:)
    Thanks, my friend!

    Hey, Keshi..now that sounds good...a bath in choc syrup...yum...yum!
    ** Candylicious Beauty**
    I like that...too sweet!
    Thanks, hun!

    Haha...drool away, Betty!
    But have a yummy cookie after your
    run..it's on me!

    Hello Cez
    Yes, aren't those dear and special friends just a true joy in our lives!

    I'm happy we are friends, too!
    And, you are so very welcome!

    Chocolate cake...yummy :)
    Have a piece!

    Hi Shayla
    Thanks so much!

  20. I just checked my as sin the mirror today..its slowly getting there..I mean BIG MOMMA. LOL!


  21. Suddenly, I need a cookie. :)

  22. Haha...BIG MOMMA...Keshi! LOL!


  23. Have one, Aurora...have two or three :)

  24. Hi Margie! Well you know that you got me with this post! Delicious picture! Now I'm off to finish my warm vanilla rice milk with cinnamon. ; )

  25. It sounds, yummy,Anali!
    Nice to have you visit, again!
    Hope all is well with you.



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bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

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