Saturday, February 28, 2009


The night is a warm deep-purple mantle
thrown over the naked shoulders of the world ...
And it is thoughtful silence, ease from all
the busy noises of day ...
Night is the time for Shepherdess Moon
to tend to her flocks in the far star-folds above ...
The night is queen of half the peoples of the earth ...
No crown, but a bonnet of stars on her dusky hair ...
And night is a mother who croons a lullaby ...
to bring sweet peace, her gentle peace.

Such are the boundless beauties of the night
embracing sleep, the dress-rehearsal-hour ...
for one who comes to fold day's children close
and whisper low, "Your work and play are done."
The shades are drawn, lights out, doors softly shut ...
no morbid thouhgts need enter here
This is the Night, the calm triumphant end of day!

Hi to all that visit here.
I will not be posting or visiting any blogs for a while.
Leaving on a mini holiday tomorrow... a skiing trip.
Sadly, I shall not be skiing as I have a knee injury that may require surgery. (I'll find out when an MRI will be done March 16th.)

Please keep me in your good thoughts (and prayers) as I so do not want to have the surgery!!!
Thank you!

My injury is very painful at times and I'm so glad to be going away for much needed rest & relaxation!
No internet.... I shall be with friends and family, enjoying their special company and leaving the cares of the world behind!

Hope I have some time today to visit a few blogs...I'll try my best!

Take good care and be well.



  1. Margie,
    Nice poem. It certainly does reflect the quietness and relaxation that the night brings.
    I called left a message to see how you were. Hope I speak to you before you go on your trip.
    It will be okay.
    Take care, my friend.

  2. I just loved this poem about the night.who knew one could write such wonderful things about the night.I will be praying for you and hope your knee feels better and you don't need to have surgery.Have a great vacation.

  3. Wow, Margie, I love this. And the photo is great too. I will pray for you as you travel and as you struggle with your knee injury.

  4. Hi Margie,

    Nice poem, as always
    I have not been around, as I myself was not feeling so good.

    Hope you get back fine, without much of a hassle...and may your pain subside..

    See you back soon :)


  5. hii margie

    happy holiday! and plzz take care of ur knee and get well soon dear ..... i'll pray for u ..prayer is just too powerful :)

  6. Hey Margie!!!

    The poem was AWESOME!!!...

    "The shades are drawn, lights out, doors softly shut ...
    no morbid thoughts need enter here
    This is the Night, the calm triumphant end of day!"

    I am floored!!

    Hey enjoy your relaxation with friends and family!!!

    I'd pray that your knee injury is cured without surgery!!

    Take Care

  7. Hv a wonderful break Ms.Margie :) I hv been sending u tonnz of positive vibes for ur knee to get better w.o. hvn to do surgery. Hope u catch em all hehe. HUGS!

    **No crown, but a bonnet of stars on her dusky hair ...

    I love how u expressed that...simply brilliant! I dunno how u weave deepest feelings into such magical words...thats why I call u the best poet in town!

    TC enjoy life and the company of ur loved-ones. I'll be away too for a longer time, but u already know that ;-) MWAH!

    gtg luv

  8. I really like this- I'm a night person. :)

  9. ah such a vivid description...u made me fall in love wid d night all over again...

    **but a bonnet of stars on her dusky hair

    beautiful expression...a queen in hiding...a master in disguise

    u tk cr of urself...wishin u a speedy recovery...will miss ya arnd here...hugzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

  10. get well soon:) enjoy your rest!
    you'll be missed,
    hugs and peace and love


  11. as always, a beautiful poem to leave us with.

    i hope you have a great time and fingers crossed for your injury to heal!

  12. Yo Margie, I know it is hurting you badly do take care and seek treatment fast ya.

    Luv always!

  13. have a good time margie :)..and the poem was awesome...:)..


  14. Love your writing style now Margie - such beautiful thoughts you leave us.
    Have a relaxing time and take care of that knee. Thinking of you.

  15. Beautiful poem Margie, sorry to hear about the knee. Do take good care and rest up. ;)

  16. Hello Margie
    Thanks for visiting my blog, that way I came across yours.
    Beautiful poem about night, I love the way you described it.
    Strange, I just posted a similar poem (similar as in night, but still quite different.) Do read it when you get a chance.
    Hope you enjoyed your skíing trip, even though you couldn't ski. I'm sure the fresh air and wonderful scenery revitalized you all the same. I went skiing last sunday, it was awesome.
    Last but not least, hope you don't need surgery on your knee. Although it mightn't be as bad as you think. My husband had knee surgery last year and skied with me last sunday. So don't lose hope.

  17. Its truly such a beautiful poetry... loved it :))

    Do take good care of yourself deary :))

    God bless you!

  18. This is a beautiful poem, Margie.

    I'll definitely be praying that you won't need the surgery.

    Please let us know how you're doing.

  19. Enjoy your poetry very much Margie. I hope your knee does heal on it's own and will not require surgery.
    Have a wonderful time with your friends and family, you are in my prayers. Bernie

  20. wonderful poem... have fun in ur trip.. god bless

  21. Hey Margie,
    A beautiful poem! :)

    ANd its been sometimes since this post...what happened to your knee?
    How r u feeling now?

    Hope u dint end up in surgery?~

    AND... :)

    Happy Womens day!


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  23. Margie dahln ty for all those lovely heartfelt poems u write for me almost everyday in my blog...and all those e-cards, emails, msgs, calls, comments...u hvnt erased me off ur heart even after I hv stopped blogging.

    It just goes to show how TRUE ur friendship WAS, IS and WILL BE. My time away from blogs make me realise who my real mates here are. All the glorifications and constant love of some ppl vanished into thin air after my last post :) But u still stand by me. I LOVE UR HONESTY!

    *HUGZ* hv a wonderful day!


  24. hey wow,
    sking trip is fun!!!
    how was ur trip??

  25. Knee injuries are the worst but with today's medicine should be repairable. (Here may be a case where sports could benefit mankind!)
    I wonder how those in olden days managed to deal with these wounds.

    I wish the best outcome for you.

  26. Take care Margie! I hope that you're feeling better. ; )

  27. I am so glad to see you back in the blogisphere, and hope all goes well with your knee injury.

    With love


  28. Hows Margie today?

    Here's a quick poem for the great poetess...I'll try my best ok :)

    I thought of this just now and this is what I think of our friendship...

    ~An everalsting memory~

    A Silver dream
    That Golden touch
    Bright Pink laughter
    Clear Blue skies
    Green green grass
    Rosy Red cheeks
    Yellow brick road
    Takes me home...

    *HUGZ* keep smiling sweet Margie!


  29. ur poem was brilliant Margie ty so much! I think u took my poem here and applied the real POETESS touch and came up with ur poem :) so beautiful!

    I hope ur feeling better n happier now :)


  30. The night is queen of half the peoples of the earth

    How true, i like this poem.

    Wishing you all the best for injury, you will recover soon. :)

  31. One of your best poems Margie.

    Have a super time.

    Hugs Trinity

  32. Hi Anne
    Glad you liked my poem.
    I know you love the night, too.

    Well, we shall be talking we always do.

    Have I told you lately how very glad you are my friend and a very true friend.
    Gosh, we have been friends for 16 years now....isn't it wonderful!

    Always, your friend!


  33. Hello Starry
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment and I truly appreciate your prayers!

    I still have not gotten my MRI results back yet....I will on April 8th.
    Hoping I won't need surgery.
    Some days my knee causes me much pain & other days, it's not so bad.

    Hope you are feeling better.
    Take care, Starry!


  34. Thanks for your kind words, Art!
    So glad to know you enjoyed my poem and the photo.

    Your prayers are most appreciated!


  35. Hi Devika
    Thanks very much and I hope you are feeling ok mentioned you were not doing so good.

    Take care.


  36. Hello A S
    Thanks so much for the prayers!
    I appreciate them very much!
    I'm hanging in there with my knee and I did have a wonderful holiday!


  37. Hi Akshat
    I'm thrilled that you liked my poem so much!
    Thanks for that awesome comment!

    I'm still waiting to find out if I will need surgery on my knee...sure hope not and thanks so much for your prayers.
    I so appreciate them!


  38. Keshi, dear
    Yes, I caught all your positive vibes..thank you, hun!
    You are an Angel!

    I love that you love my poems you think I'm the best poet in very sweet!

    You were not away that long(YAY!) and I'm so glad you are back!



  39. Thanks very much, Andrew!
    I'm a night person, too.


  40. Hello Mayz
    Many thanks on your kind words.
    I love the's a time I find great peace!

    Have missed visiting you and many others!

    Hugs back to you!


  41. Thanks very much, Kai!
    Hugs, peace & love to you!
    Have missed you!


  42. Hello Polona
    Thank you very much!


  43. Hello Betty
    I'm doing my very best!
    Thanks so much!



  44. Hello Janice
    I knew you would notice the difference in my writing syle and your kind waords mean a lot!
    Thanks very much, my friend!

    I so enjoyed our long talk the other day and I'm still "smiling" and saying to myself, "oh, my gosh!"

    And, I am doing my best with the knee.

    Take care, Janice!


  45. Hi Eric
    Many thanks for your nice comment.


  46. Hello Margaret
    It was a delight to visit your blog & thank you for coming to visit mine!
    Your kinds words are most appreciated on my poem and I enjoyed so much your poem about was wonderful!

    Oh, you also gave me hope that even if I do need surgery on my knne I will be able to get back to your husband did!
    Thanks so much for sharing that with me.


  47. Hi Sam
    Your lovely comment means a lot!
    Thanks so very much!


  48. Hello Aurora
    Your kind words on my poem are most appreciated!
    Many thanks!

    Your prayers are also very appreciated!
    I still do not know if I need surgery...will find out on April 8th....I had a Dr's appt this past Fri. but had to cancel due to bad weather here.
    I'll let you know when I learn more.
    Take care, Aurora!


  49. Hi Bernie
    I'm glad to know you enjoy my poetry as I enjoy sharing it!
    Thank you very much & your prayers are greatly appreciated!


  50. Thanks so much for your kind words, Chronicwriter!(Chriz)
    Most appreciated!


  51. Hi Marutham
    Thanks so much for your visit and your very nice comment is very appreciated!

    I'm still waiting to find out about my knee...I'm doing ok!
    Will get the MRI results very soon.

    Happy belated Women's Day to you!


  52. Keshi, my friend
    You are sooooo welcome!
    It always lovely to be in touch with you as you are so sweet!

    I know you are loved by many in the blog world and also missed by many while you were gone!
    I was so happy to see your new post up....YAY!



  53. Hello Ekta
    I had a very nice trip but I was not able to ski.
    Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!


  54. Hi Goatmam
    I appreciate your visit and reassuring words.
    Many thanks!


  55. Hello Anali
    Thanks very much!
    I'll be ok!


  56. Hi Z
    So lovely to have you visit again!
    Thanks very much and your nice words are appreciated!

    With love to you....


  57. Thank you for that sweet poem, Keshi!
    I so loved it!



  58. Keshi, dear
    I'm so glad you loved my poem!
    And, you are very welcome!
    I loved writing it!


  59. Hello ! Teq-uila
    So glad you liked my poem!
    Thank you for the nice visit and nice comment!

    About my injury....I appreciate your good wishes!


  60. Hi Trinity
    Many thanks!
    So nice to have you visit again!
    I hope you are feeling better!



  61. tnxx hun!

    **You were not away that long(YAY!) and I'm so glad you are back!

    then why r u leaving now :(


  62. Keshi
    Just for u....I promise to come back...not for a little while though!
    So, don't be sad!



  63. Margie aww...but hey, plz dun do it just for me or anyone else. I want u to do it ONLY if YOU wanna blog again. I can cope...cos I have to. This is abt YOU and not abt me. So take a break...come bak if YOU wanna come bak. Cos I dun want u to hv any regrets or feel pressured to be here cos of me :( Im so sorry if I made u feel that way.

    Take good rest dear. Leave all of this aside, hv a great wknd, think over it later on. No matter what Keshi is in ur heart...u know that:)



  64. how gentle a voice that night has, to tuck in the day and our write with a tender pen...

    best wishes on your hubby's travels...and i hope you are well while he is away...

    my fam just got back today from being gone all weekend to the in laws...was a great homecoming...


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker