Thursday, August 13, 2009


She put her eager hands about my life
And led me out into the bright new day ...
The clean, cool wind blew through my laughing hair
All wonder glowed upon my waiting face ...
She taught me how to love the great, tall things
We practiced how the robin tells his soul ...
She showed me how a rain-pool holds the world
How I could give a sunset-full of love!


  1. Margie,
    This is so beautiful! I love it. Another thing that your mother taught you was to be the wonderful mother that you are. That was her gift to you!

  2. Hi Margie-

    wonderful tribute in your poem. I feel so lucky that my Mom is still here - she will be 86 come this November - and she is truly my most precious gift.

    Love Gail

  3. That is a beautiful tribute, I do love your poetry Margie! She sounds wonderful. I just lost my Dad in May, cherish every moment you have as I am sure you do. Take care.

  4. Mother, my only true love.

    So beautiful Margie it brought me tears...

    **How I could give a sunset-full of love!

    Lovely expression there...enjoyed it alot.

    *HUGZ* I know u miss ur mum. :( but she lives in u...cos u r such a wonderful person. And thru u, I know ur mum! How nice is that :)

    hv a great weekend luv!


  5. I truly believe that no one loves deeper than a mother....unconditional love is an over used word but a sunset-full of love....perfect.
    Beautiful Margie......:-) Hugs

  6. Thats truly such a a beautiful tribute that have been given to a mother.. loved your words dear.. :))

    Thanks for coming by my page and your sweet words there.. hope to see you often :))

    Take care

  7. Hello Margie,
    How beautiful your poems are! There's so much meaning in your words.
    I love the heart photo too!
    Have a nice weekend,

  8. Hey Margie....

    Mothers..... I have nothing left to sat 'bout that....they are angels......

    Margie... I've gotta confront you.... see after reading Keshi's goodbye.... I am undoubtedly prepared to leave....the charms gone....the dreams have eroded....and I feel like my blog is turning into a burden....and I don't want it to be like I am leaving infinitely......

    But before I go Margie... I'd like to tell are the most pure and true person I know... I think that you truely have a heart of never ever sell it... :D :P...

    I wish we could remain in contact.....any ideas how to???

    Take Care.....and goodbye for now!!!

  9. Margie,
    I MUST stop by to give you a BIG HUG and a heartful THANK YOU, my friend!(and only you know why)
    Take care.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. You are very lucky to have such a mother.
    And you cause me to reflect on what my mother has given me. thanks

  11. Margie...

    what a beautiful tribute to your mom... what a lovely heart she grew in you... what a wonderful time of celebration, especially this time of year... to honor and celebrate you both for your birthday... :)


  12. your words always have a special charm about them...

    my mother is also almost 86 and we are like best friends - I cannot imagine my world without her - since we are both alone now, we share so much more.

    it's sad and tragic to lose a mother young, yet the longer I have mine here, the more I believe she is invincible and immortal

    I have tried to raise my children to only have good memories of their old ma and to leave a legacy of love

  13. Mother is the one, whoes lap we churn. She's the goddess, she's the prowess.
    nice one.

  14. Beautiful poem, Margie :)

    lovely, it reminds me so much of my mother,


  15. A most beautiful tribute - to life given and held in celebration and gratitude.

  16. Your words about your mother are inspiring and very sweet. You are blessed.

  17. Hi Anne
    I really appreciate your most kind & thoughful comment!
    Thanks very much!
    My mother did give that special gift to me and being a mother is so special & dear to my heart!
    I so love my children!


  18. Thanks so much, Gail.
    I'm very glad to know that your mom is your most precious gift!
    86 in November...that is wonderful!
    Wishing her many more bdays full of good health & love!


  19. Hello Cinner
    Sorry to know about the passing of your dad... may his memory always be a blessing!

    Thanks so much for your kind comment on this poem & also my poetry!

    My mom actually is no longer with me...she passed away in 1998 but she always in my heart, ever close & never forgotten!
    And she was wonderful and I do cherish all the beautiful memories of her!


  20. Keshi, dear
    I just knew you would have tears as I know how very much you love your mum and could truly appreciate my words!

    Thank you, swthrt for your sweet words!



  21. Hi Bernie
    Yes, a mother's love is so great, so deep!
    Many thanks for your kind comment...I appreciate it!



  22. Thanks very much, Saminra!
    And it's always a pleasure to visit you!
    So you are most welcome!

    Take good care!


  23. Hello Gypsy Butterfly (Lydia)
    Your most kind comment is much appreciated...thanks very much!

    My weekend was very nice and I hope that yours was too!


  24. Hi Akshat
    Oh gosh, me sad that you are leaving :(
    I do understand how you are feeling though...when blogging starts to feel like a burden, the joy is gone from it!
    Might you have a change of heart & stay as I do so enjoy all your writings!

    All the kind words you shared with me here leaves me feeling very humbled... thank you so much, dear!
    I think you too are a very special person...very special indeed!

    We will find a way to keep in touch...ok...

    Joy & blessings to you...always!


  25. Hello Anne
    You are so very welcome..twas just a small thing I did!
    Hugs back to you, my friend!


  26. Hello Goatman
    Yes, I was truly lucky & also blessed to have her.
    She is now longer with me but always with me in spirit!

    I'm very glad that you are reflecting on all that your mother has given you.
    You are most welcome & thank you for visiting.


  27. Dear Joanne
    As always, you touch me with your lovely comment!
    Thanks so much!


  28. Hello Ann
    And your comments always are so much appreciated...many thanks for the kind words!

    How wonderful that you & your mom are like best friends...that is so lovely!
    May you & your mother continue to enjoy many, many more years together full of joy & love!
    Wish her a happy bday for me on her 86th!

    And a legacy of love & good memories is the best thing we can leave our children ... bravo, Anne!


  29. Hi Shooting Star
    A warm welcome & thanks so much for the nice comment!


  30. Hello c'est la vie
    Warm gretings & welcome!
    Very nice words you have there on mothers...
    Many thanks!


  31. Hello Devika
    Thanks very much for your kind words on my poem!
    I'm very glad that my poem reminded you of your mother...She must be a very special mother!


  32. Thank you very much, Rose Marie!
    Your thoughtful comment is much appreciated!


  33. Hi TechnoBabe
    Many thanks for your very nice comment!
    And yes, I was blessed!

    Take good care!



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bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker