Friday, August 28, 2009


Your voice is silent, hushed in that deep sleep
But still-water, flowing
By the path we used to take,
In understanding music tells the things
That only you could say to me.
My surety of this is past all knowing.
My hand is empty ... wanting your dear touch,
But through the day
And most of all at sunset, one gold ray
Of light ... articulate
Reaches to clasp my all-too-wistful fingers
With loving caress.
The night beside me stands and stoops and lingers,
To tell me of your nearness.
Then sets the stars
That never have been there before your going

To guide my sleeping thoughts, seeking, forever seeking
Your too-missed, too-absent, dearness


  1. Margie, beautiful, I just had a good cry thinking about my Dad and how much I miss him. Big Hug my friend. Very touching words. Happy weekend.

  2. Oh my!
    Dear Maggie, Yours is poetry... I feel kind of a little thing... But comparisons are not good, are they?
    I love your writing
    'Beautiful' is not the right word... GORGEOUS, comes nearer to what this makes me feel

  3. MAGIE-
    Lovely poem that honors a deep and true friendship that is forever etched in your being. I feel your love and your loss - and am reminded of those in my life that are in that 'deep sleep'and whose touch and breath I long for.
    Love to you

  4. Beautifully written Margie.
    It's coming up a year since Papa passed and this brought back wonderful memories. Thank you.

  5. Your poem dear Margie, a flower in bloom, and each word a petal, in beauty's caress.

  6. The person you are missing is still part of you as you remember her and write about her and write to her. This poem is dear.

  7. ah, its Virgin Mary that I see here..Beautiful poem, Margie...and so much a beautiful photo,


  8. Margie, Mary (or who she represents) was very blessed to have known the honesty, love and loyalty you have shown in your memory are truly wonderful and we are all better people to have the blessing of reading your beautiful words.....:-) Hugs

  9. Margie,
    What a beautiful poem for Mary. I know how much she meant to you. She will always be in your heart for ever and ever.

  10. yes....
    now he's in heaven, moonwalking and with james brown

  11. Thoughts and feelings well put down. Very nice one. :)

    Cheers, Tc,


  12. Hello Cinner
    Your kind comment is much appreciated!
    Thanks so much!

    And I understand why this poem made you must be hard missing your dad.
    But tears can help ease the sadness.
    They do for me!



    Hello Dulce
    Oh gosh, you honor we very much with your most kind comment!

    But know that I love your writings very much!

    That my poem could evoke so much emotion from you makes me very glad!
    It's so lovely to get such a response!
    Thanks so very much!


    Hi Gail
    I'm so glad that through my poem you could feel my love & loss for my friend that is now gone from my life.
    She was such a dear friend & I miss her so much but she is always close in heart.

    Love to you.


    Hi Janice
    Many thanks for the kind words!
    I'm so glad my poem could bring back wonderful memories of your papa
    Can't believe it's almost a year since he's been gone!
    Cherish those wonderful memories, always!


    Hello Rose Marie
    Your lovely comment brought a sweet smile to me!
    Thanks so very much!


    Hi TechoBabe
    I'm so glad you reminded me that Mary is always close to me!
    She really is!

    Thanks very much for your nice words!


    Thanks so much, kai!


    Hello Devika
    How sweet that you saw Mary that way!
    I do appreciate your kind words.
    Thanks so much!


    Hi Bernie
    You are just too kind!
    Your lovely comment touched my heart so very much!


    Hello Anne
    Yes, Mary meant the world to me & I miss her dearly!
    But as you said, she will always be in my heart.
    Many thanks on your kind words!


    Hi Kai
    That is where he is :)
    A happy thought!


    Thanks so much, Ravi!

  13. And thanks so much, Gail!


  14. crying here...

    *HUGZ* this is too beautiful Margie!


  15. Keshi, dear
    When I know that my poems can bring one to tears, my heart is so touched!

    Thanks so much, my friend!



  16. I have never truley understood poetry but your use of words always makes my heart swell! It is beautiful!

  17. Hello Adie
    So glad that my poetry could make you feel that way!
    Your sweet comment made me smile!
    Thanks so much!


  18. Thank you very much, dear Alicia!


  19.!!what a tribute to your friend..i am so sorry for your loss.By the end of the poem my eyes were tears of happiness that true friendship exists and people live forever in our hearts as sweet memories....thanks for introducing Marie to us.

  20. smiles. i have tasted loss' kiss...this is a tender write...that rings of memories...

    haha...cant believe you are reading my pre-writing days...too funny


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Untie the ribbons.

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