Wednesday, September 23, 2009


There came into life one day
A grave perplexity
O'ershadowing my every hour
With deep anxiety.
Then reason came and calmy said:
"Such grieving should not be

This care will seem a little thing
In life's entirety."
Thus reason spoke and I gave heed
Now vexing thoughts to me
Are viewed as a somber thread
In life's rich tapestry.
(Paula, I hope you read this poem, I wrote it for you)


  1. Mill of hugs, I am in tears. You are such a treasure. Thanks for being out there

  2. Margie, I am making believe you wrote that for ME, because it hit right between the eyeballs--a bulls-eye.

    Actually, this could well have been written for most everyone who has "lived" a little or a lot.

    Thank you. "Life's entirety", I LOVE it.

  3. This is incredibly timely for me. We do need to remember all things pass

  4. Margie,
    Wow! beautifully expressed. Things do pass, we must always remember that. I like to say, "Motor On!"

  5. As it should be. You magic woman!
    I love this :)

  6. Beautiful work, as always, Margie! :o) I hope you are having a wonderful week!

  7. Paula is fortunate to be cared about like this. Anxiety takes energy that could be positive and we all fight giving in to the fear and stress. Knowing intellectually that we have so much to be thankful for doesn't replace the feelings of anxiety. I like this post and appreciate your insight.

  8. Well said Margie. A thoughtful piece.

  9. Margie, I think this is my favorite. it really gives me a lot to think about! Love it! Hope you are doing okay.

  10. u play so well with words..

    beautifully expressed :)..


  11. Margie, this is just beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. You are such a special person. Hugs

  12. Dear Margie, I had to return and huh again, Thanks for caring and thanks for hearing my cry for help. I do can accept the line of support, the words of love. Thanks again

  13. You are so right! I have only just recently learned how to live and view life like this and trust me, I think I've added years to my life. This poem is just the reminder I needed to keep this new 'head' going.

    As usual Margie, a classy bit of work from a very classy lady!!

  14. Thats so true!!very well written.

  15. HI MARGHIE -
    oh my,how lovely. And again, you wax poetic what lives in my heart as I often say that each of my life's experience is a tapestry square of my design. And oh yes, some were difficult but once part of the entire tapestry they did not over shadow or take away from the other squares of my tapestry.
    Love to you

  16. Transformation, transitions, awakenings, so well expressed here. Thank you for such shared revelations.

  17. Hi Margie, this has to be one of your best, love it.....Paula is fortunate to have you in her life. I am baby sitting today, using a computer I am not use to but signed in and trying to catch up after my rest day yesterday. Will talk with you soon my friend... as always sending you a big hug....:-)

  18. Hello Margie,
    I love it!
    How beautiful your poetry is!!!!!!!
    Have a beautiful evening,

  19. This DOES speak to me, how true the words, how clever the writer! Thank you.

  20. This is very inspirational and encouraging, Margie.

  21. Dear Paula
    Just thought it might help.
    Your kind words touched me!
    Thanks very much!
    Sending all those hugs back to you.
    Now, do take good care of that very special you!


    Hello Steve
    Written for anyone that it might give the meaning I meant for it to give ... so glad you had that appreciation for my poem.
    Many thanks on your kind words.
    And you are most welcome.


    Thanks very much, Alicia.


    Hello Analisa
    Oh, wonderful then that my message was timely for you.
    Yes, all things pass.


    Hi Anne
    "Motor on" I like that.
    Very good!
    Your kind words are appreciated...thank you, Anne.


    Thanks very much, Dulce.
    "Magic woman, loved that as I so love being able to create magic through my written words.
    It's always been that way as I do not always know where the words come from so that is magical to me.
    I think you create magic as well!Loved that you loved my poem.
    Thanks so much!


    Hello Jon
    So nice seeing you here again.
    Many thanks on your kind words.
    Hope you too are having a wonderful week.


    Hi TechoBabe
    Glad you liked my poem and appreciated the insight.
    Thank you.


    Hello kai
    Many :):) :) to you!


    Many thanks for the kind words, Janice.


    Hello Adie
    Oh, your favorite.
    Love that it was so for you.
    Thanks very much.


    Many thanks for the nice comment, Hemanth.


    Hi Cinner
    Oh, how sweet you are.
    I think you are very special too.
    Thanks for the lovely words.


    Hello Paula
    I do hope you are doing better.
    Know that I keep you in my good thoughts.
    Many people care very much about you and want all good things for you.
    Joy and blessings and love to you.


    Hi Gloria
    I do believe this is the best way to live our lives.
    And it does add years to our lives...isn't that wonderful.

    Your kind words are much appreciated .. . many thanks to you.


    Thanks very much, Ria.


    Hello Gail
    I think we share many of the same poetic feelings that live in our hearts.
    As always your kind words are appreciated.
    Many thanks.


    Thanks very much, Rose Marie.
    And you are welcome.
    Enjoyed your last posts very much.


    Hello Bernie
    Oh, thanks so much for the kind words.
    I always appreciate your visits and wonderful comments.
    I know you loved taking care of the baby ...a sweet time together!

  22. Hi Lydia
    Your kind words mean a lot to me.
    Thanks very much.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.
    Take care!


  23. Hello Susie
    Glad that my poem spoke to you.
    Many thanks on your very nice comment.
    I shall visit you later, very busy here today.


  24. Thanks very much, Aurora.
    Appreciate that.


  25. I hope the adversity went away and life has come back to normal. Oh by the way, in the fourth verse, I would have used adversity (the poem's title) instead of anxiety :)

  26. a lovely thing you wrote for your friend...obviously she appreciated a warm hug...


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker