Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here it comes again
Effervescent ...
It begins in the lowest levels of my belly
Creeps up to engulf my heart
Lightens my head ...
It makes me dizzy
Laughter bubbles about inside my mouth
Tickling my teeth ...
Dancing on my tongue
Bursting out!
See how it brightens the sun ...
Clears the skies
Softens the rain
Everyone smiles ...
"She's in love" they whisper
And I hear
Am I?
I am ... oh, yes
Am ...
I love the person
Who is


  1. Margie this is beautiful, to be in love with who you are, you can be in love with all things around you. you are a blessing my friend.

  2. Margie, how beautiful written. And not so many people can say that they truly love themselves. Mill of hugs to you.

  3. We love the person who you are.
    A beautiful aura, and beautiful smile and thoughtful.
    hugs for you

  4. a beautiful poem..just feel in love with the words awesome :)..


  5. You are a nice soul Margie...so true to yourself and the others and that explains your love not only to yourself but to the others around you.

    Thanks for your lovely birthday wish ,i showed your pic to my kids ..now my daughter too wants a birthday wish from you on her birthday.siblings!!!

  6. I love the way this starts - the one word "Ah!" capturing that moment of discovery.

  7. It's great we can love ourselves. At long last self esteem is getting its right way.
    LOvely writing, Margie dear.:)

  8. PS You shold put your award at the side bar... Love!

  9. Hi Margie,
    Beautiful as always. The power of finding ourselves, discovering who we are and loving ourselves. How wonderful is that!
    Take care, my friend.

  10. Amazing!! I am going to print this out on the color printer and post on my wall if that is all right with you. I so like this. I so need this.

  11. When you write like this, we all know you are in a GoooooD place, Margie. Stay there. It becomes you!

    Your writing, so clear to me, a fourth-grader. (I'm the oldest 'child prodigy' ever --grin!)

    We all should find the love of which you write today...and then spread it enthusiastically to all we meet!


  12. First, put you award (picture) in a file where you can find it later.

    Dashboard/Layout/Add a Gadget/Picture/Browse (after you click the button "from computer") then go to file where you put the award, you probably can make it from here. OK?

    Oh then you can move that picture in Layout UP or DOWN in your sidebar. Also don't forget to title it or mention "Sweet Dulce" or something similar, as the donor. That's ENUFF!!!

  13. Oh Margie, I love that you are so comfortable in your own skin and like the person you are....it is a wonderful feeling when one is so contented. You should love yourself my friend not only because you are such a beautiful soul but then you able to share that love and give it to others. Have a wonderful day, luv ya.....Hugs

  14. Hello Margie,
    This is so important for all of us to remember and live by. Thank you for the reminder!
    Wishing you a nice afternoon,

  15. Thanks Steve dear, for saving my time...
    LOL :)
    Great Margie... you deserve lots of awards... I'll create one "For your Kindness Award", " The Sweetest Mother", "The sweetest Bloggerfriend" Etc etc just thinking of you.
    In answer to your question. That is not my son but so alike!

  16. What absolutely delightful words! I love this Margie.

  17. Ah to feel the delight, to know the joy, to fully give gratitude, is to embrace the all of SELF! What you have expressed is God's wish for us. You have gifted life with its own calling. Blessings and love dear Margie.

  18. Margie, the kind of comments you write on my blog really humble me--no kidding.

    I have to remember to keep writing just what comes...instead of trying to think of something spectacular to "teach". I truly believe we DO learn here, but not by "being taught."

    Anyway, just.......thank you.

  19. Dear Margie, thanks for your kind words which you left on my blog today. You make the world a brighter place. Hugs

  20. Hi Alicia
    Yes, a celebration, a celebration of my life and kind of a love letter to myself ... I think it's a beautiful thing when we are able to write lovely notes to oneself.

    It's always so nice having you here ... mant thanks, my friend.


    Hello Cinner
    I so agree with what you shared ... *to be in love with who you are, you can be in love with all things around you.*
    Isn't that wonderful.

    Thanks so much for the kinds words, Cinner and you too are a blessing.

    Hi Paula
    Many thanks for the kind words.
    Your comment made me really think.
    I think that if only more people in this world really did love themselves it would be a much better world.
    Love begets love, as least that is how it is for me.

    Lotsa hugs to you and do take good care of yourself.


    Hi Marie
    How very sweet and kind of you share that with me.
    Thanks so very much.
    Hugs to you.


    Hello Hemanth
    I'm very glad to know that you loved the words in my poem.
    Thanks very much for the kind words.


    Hi Kavita
    Oh, how special a person you are to share that with me.
    It does make me very happy if I can add joy to another.

    It was my pleasure to give your son the birthday wish and I would love to wish your daughter a birthday wish too.
    Is her birthday coming up soon?

    Kavita, I will really miss you not blogging but I can really understand why you are stopping.
    Your children always come first.
    Give them a hug from me.
    Best wishes to you always and if you have some free time please drop by for a visit as it's so nice having visits from you.
    You are a special person!


    Hello Tom
    Oh, I'm so glad to know that I used the right word in starting my poem.
    Your comment confirms it!
    Many thanks for your kind words.


    Hi Dulce
    It's your birthday, it's your birthday, have a wonderful one!

    Let's just keep on feeling good about ourselves and loving who we are.... that's the only way to go, don't you agree?

    Your kinds words on my poem are appeciated ... thanks so much.

    Oh, I'll put the award up soon as I can...ok and thanks for it dear.


    Hello Anne
    It is quite wonderful my friend.
    Nothing like it!
    Thanks so much for the very nice comment.


    Hi TechoBabe
    Oh, that is an honor that you printed out my poem and have it on your wall.
    Many thanks for the kind words.


    Hello Steve
    I'll do my very best to stay in that good place and keep writing and sharing.
    I do appreciate your visits and your great comments.
    Many thanks to you.

    You are an Amazing 'child prodigy' and I do so enjoy all your writings.

    Oh, thanks for the explantion of how to put up the award.

    PEACE to you!


    Hi Bernie
    yes, when one is contented with who they are and loves oneself, it really is quite wonderful.
    But, I do believe that is how it is with you too.
    And don't you feel just so grand!

    Always appreciate your visits and lovely coments.
    Thanks very much, my friend.

    Hugs... luv ya.


    Hello Lydia
    Oh, I'm so very glad that my poem
    could be a reminder to live by.
    You are most welcome and I appreciate your comment.
    Thanks very much.

    Hope you are having a great day.


    Hey Dulce
    Yes, thanks to Steve ... that was so nice of him.

    Oh, how sweet of you but you already gave me a lovely award, you don't have to give me any more.
    Really you don't but those awards you mentioned touched me ... how kind of you.

    Oh, the picture was not your son but it looks like him ....he must be adorable then as the picture is so cute.

  21. Hello Janice
    And I am absolutely delighted to know that you loved my poem.
    Many thanks on the kind words, my friend!


  22. Thanks very much, dear kai.


  23. Hi Rose Marie
    *What you have expressed is God's wish for us.
    How lovely! your sharing of those words made me so very happy.
    I thank you so very much!

    Blesings and love to you!


  24. Hi Aurora
    Many :):):):) to you!
    Have a wonderful day.


  25. Hello Steve
    I so appreciate your telling me that but I really mean every word I share and it's so nice to know they count in that way.
    Thanks very much.

    Yes, keep on writing just what comes and it shall be wonderful...I know that.


  26. Dear Paula
    You are so very welcome!
    I so hope you are in a beter place today abd feeling some peace of mind.

    The kind words you shared with me here are most appreciated.
    Many thanks and many hugs to you.
    Take good care.


  27. Very nice poem..well discribed...I like the picture...Good job!

  28. Thank you very much, Zee.
    I appeciate your kind words.


  29. Margie, who else can you love if you can't love yourself!

    I absolutely adored reading your profile. You have inspired me today Margie and I have a feeling you'll continue to inspire me the more I read of your postings and the better I get to know you.

    Thank you for sharing. It's a real pleasure to read!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker