Tuesday, September 08, 2009


For you I have a simple wish
Not unkind or otherwise
Just a wish for your entire life...

I wish you honesty.
Honesty for you between your
Own heart and mind
And also the hearts and minds of others...

I'll wish that you believe what
You hear yourself say
And trust that others will do the same ...

For you, your acts will admonish
Your thoughts
If what you say is really what
You feel ...

In years to pass I shall remember
My honesty to you and yours to me
I shall wonder if you were honest
With me ...

If I take long in deciding
I shall add together what it cost me
Honesty is free but priceless
So what we shared is beyond
Human value to me ...

If in your own mind you believe
You were honest with me
We shall part as friends
If not
I wish you honesty!


  1. Margie...what a wonderful poem and what an extraordinary wish to make..HONESTY.

  2. Margie,
    I really like this poem. Honesty is a very valuable trait. Honesty is being truthful to ourselves and then we can share it with others.

  3. Margie....great poem, honesty is more than a trait my dear friend, it is who we are and without honesty we are nothing of substance. I love how you think my friend, you have honest thoughts.
    Luv ya......:-) Hugs

  4. "Honesty" one of my favorite words.
    Hard to arrive at by many, as it is part of a person's "integrity" of character.

    Honesty: I like to believe that everyone is honest, yet. statistics indicate otherwise... sad, isn't it?

    thanks for writing about it

  5. "I'll wish that you believe what you hear yourself say". That is huge. I find that so many people say things but are not actually listening to what is coming out of their mouths. What we say has an effect on so many people. And then comes back to us.

  6. How lovely my dear MArgie.

    Yes never depart if not with honesty, I like that. Sweet words,compromise,wish and farewell...
    Love it :)

  7. That's so true Margie. When we separate, we should leave in honesty. For a Lie will never let us continue in peace.

    Love this one!


  8. I see these as prayers.
    Beautiful, Margie!

    My favorite section:
    I wish you honesty.
    Honesty for you between your
    Own heart and mind
    and also the hearts and minds of others.


  9. Hello Margie,
    This is so true. Thank you for sharing this poem with me.
    Wishing you a nice evening,

  10. HI MARGIE -
    Beautiful poem of wish and heartfelt sentiment -

    When I finally got honest with myself many years back and brought my truths to light my whole life became purposeful - honesty, without a doubt, saved my life.

    Love to you

  11. Honor - Honesty - Truth - each a sacred vow - words of Spirit and Light - Thank You dear Margie for all you so beautifully express.

  12. I believe honesty with oneself is timeless...with others it subject to time....so i think its foolish to bother about another's honesty,

    Don't take it otherwise Margie....i just shared my thoughts...I really damn care about the honesty of others!

    But, i really liked the poem and the mind that shines through :)


  13. The poem is really nice:)
    Margie, thanks for the greeting and the single stanza poem you created for me. I'm so touched. You are truly a great friend. Thank you so much.


  14. i have really liked this space. this great work of expression work. art at its simplest form but in the strongest spirit


  15. Hi friend.Thanks a lot for visiting for my blog.


  16. What a wonderful, beautiful and thoughful poem.
    I believe if you are true, loyal and honest to yourself, nothing will ever go wrong.

  17. hey margie!

    how r u ?? and where r u these days..howz ur knee??

    nice poen as alwayz :)

  18. Hi Kavita
    Your kind comment is much apprecaited.
    I thank you so much.


    Hello Anne
    You know what they say about honesty...it's the best policy and it really is.
    Many thanks for the nice words.


    Hi Bernie
    Yes, without honesty we are nothing of substance...I so agree with you.

    How kind you are....thanks for the lovely words... made me smile:)



    Hello Alicia
    Gosh, guess what?
    It's also one of my favorite words.

    Yes, how sad it is that statistics prove otherwise to the honesty of people.

    Thanks very much for your comment...it is appreciated.

    I was very happy to share this poem so you are very welcome.


    Hi TechoBabe
    So glad you understood my poem so well.
    And you are so right about people saying things that they are not really listening to.

    Thanks for reading my poem and your nice comment.


    Hi Analisa
    Thanks very much.


    Hello dear Dulce
    So glad you liked that part.
    Never should we part from a friend without honesty...that is what I believe.
    I had a friend that parted from me a long time ago and she was so dishonest with me...hence this poem.
    Loved that you loved this poem...thanks so much for the kind words.


    Hello Kai
    Many thanks to you on the nice words.
    Yes, honesty is pure...very pure!
    I so agree.


    Hi Keshi
    Yes, a lie in parting will never let us continue in peace.

    I had a feeling you just might love this one...so glad to know you did.

    Thanks dear Keshi.



    Hello Krystyna
    How lovely that you saw poem as prayers.
    And your favorite section was one of my favorite parts too.
    It goes to the heart of the matter of honesty.

    Thanks so much for your kind comment.



    Hi Lydia
    I am happy to share my poetry with you and appreciate your reading it and glad you enjoy it.
    Thanks very much.


    Hello Gail
    That is wonderful that "honesty" saved your life.
    I'm very glad to know that.
    I guess what they say about "the truth setting us free" is very true.

    Thanks very much for the kind comment on my poem.


    Hello Rose Marie
    It's a joy to share it all and I thank you for the same beautifully expressed work that you share.
    Your kind words are appreciated.
    Many thanks to you.


    Hi Devika
    Don't worry, you can share your feelings here, honestly.

    I'm glad that you liked my poem.
    Thank you.


    Hello Cez
    Thank you.
    It was my pleasure to write you the poem and so glad to know it touched you...it's such a lovely thing when we can touch another one's life.
    You are very welcome.


    Good to have you visit and thanks for the nice comment.

  19. Hi AMIT
    You are most welcome.


  20. Hello Lena
    Thanks very much!
    That is a wonderful belief that you have! Love it!


  21. Hi A S
    So nice having a visit from you again.
    I'm doing ok...not great as my knee still is causing me a lot of pain but it could always be worse...I tell myself that every day.
    I probably may have to do surgery on my knee as it's not getting any better.

    Many thanks for visiting and the nice words on my poem.

    Margie :)

  22. An unusual wish and yet such a beautiful and important one. Well said Margie.

  23. Honesty is not always so easy is it? Poets must have a connection, as I Placed my emotions to words I also could not hold back the tears. Thank you for kindness and your supportive words.

    Keep Smiling!

  24. Yes an unusual wish, Janice.
    I'm glad you thought of it that way...a beautiful and important one.
    Thanks so much.


  25. Hello Rachel
    No, not always so easy.
    I can just imagine how your tears flowed as you placed your emotions to words as I too had tears.

    You are so very welcome ...it's my pleasure!

    Smiling here:)

    Rachel, you keep smiling too!


  26. hii dear
    I pray to god that u soon get rid of your knee problem :)

  27. I truly appreciate this but sometimes when I am too honest to my love ones I somehow hurt them... ;(

  28. honesty brings friends close :)..this is my view :)...nice poem margie :)..


  29. i have referred a friend to your blog....her situation might me half solved if she actually visits and reads thru.

  30. How important is honesty in our lives...Very good!

  31. A S, how very kind you are!
    Thanks so very much!
    I so appreciate your prayers.


  32. Hello Shionge
    I know that can happen too and it's such a hurt to our hearts when we hurt our loved ones.
    But that you can appreciate my post makes me glad.

    Thanks so much, Shionge.
    Be happy!


  33. Hi Hemanth
    That is what I think also.
    Thank you.


    I hope she might visit then & I might be a help...that my poems could help another is very heartwarming to me!
    Thanks very much.


  35. Hi Zee
    Honesty is so very important in our lives.
    As always, many thanks for visit and nice words.


  36. I am glad ai have found your blog and this wonderful poem. For sure I will be back with more time to enjoy and take to heart. Hugs across the pond


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