Sunday, September 20, 2009


Trees, dancing in the breeze, thrill me
Trees, silent, still and tall, move me

Trees, charming at dawn, greet me
Trees, vibrant at night, rest me

Trees, scatt'ring sunbeams, inspire me
Trees, gleaming in the moonlight, sing to me

Trees, adorned with crystal raindrops, mystify me
Trees, robed in spotless snow, purify me

Trees, attracting merry birds, delight me
Trees, whisp'ring heart to heart, teach me

Trees, stirring in springtime, awaken me
Trees, aglow in autumn, enrich me

Trees, breathing out life-giving essence, reach me
Trees, revealing the Infinite, exalt me!


  1. And all the gifts which you receive from the trees, everything, even the tree themselves, are of God...Hid creation, and His Gifts to you.


  2. its so beautiful :)..and i love to dance under the tree when it stops the rain drops and love to sleep under it when it hides the moon and star :)..


  3. Your poem, tree symphony spoke to me this morning. Every day between 7 and 7.30am, Colin, Gilbert and George our two Spanish Water dogs and I walk in the pine forest literally one minute away from our doorstep. I never fail to feel rejuvenated and blessed with all that the pine forest gives, especially the trees. At times the wind howls as it passes thru' the boughs at other times the dappled sunlight bathes you in a universal hug . . always but always those trees make me feel good . . and so did your poem which was the first thing I read when I switched on my computer this morning.


  4. Oh Margie, I have loved every single one of your poems....all of them.....this one is like a symphony I have heard in my heart many, many times. I so love this poem Margie, one of your best ever!
    Love you.........:-) Hugs

  5. it is really nice poem, simply I loved it..
    The pic filled me with lot of memories about my stay in UK.. and lot many things

    thanks :)

  6. What a great poem. I love hugging trees. Hugs to you too :-)))

  7. I'm with you on this Margie - I love trees too. Delightful poem. Like how every season inspires you in some way.

  8. Hello Margie,
    What a beautiful poem to welcome autumn's arrival.
    I just love trees. I love to have many in my yard. One of the prettiest times of year in my area is autumn, when the leaves are all blazing with vibrant colors.
    Have a nice day!

  9. Margie...oh it is so beautiful,you never miss a chance to appreciate all the wonderful things big or small around us....TREES BREATHING OUT LIFE -GIVING

  10. Margie,
    The beauty of trees. They give us so much! You put it into words so beautifully.
    Take care, my friend.

  11. Oh yes... trees... i have them on my mind too... isn't their peaceful energy and endurance something to just hold in awe... they do reveal the Infinite... and how often we walk on by and don't even notice... beautiful poem from a beautiful heart...

    thank you for being so kind and lovely with your words and with your heart...


  12. Hi Margie -
    Oh how I felt every word you wrote - I am SO aware of the trees that I am blessed to be surrounded by. I know them all so well - we are friends.

    Love to you

  13. You are so right, trees are life giving. I have always had a fascination with trees. Everywhere I go I look for trees, the shape, the color, the way it bends, how it is used either as shade or umbrella or to attach a swing and give pleasure to young people. Loving the things nature provides is participating in the fullness of life.

  14. Dear Margie,
    my husband and many friends,relatives were not happy with my husband thinks that i must continue because it is something i really enjoyed doing..secondly many believe that my blog is a good platform to highlight our culture ,place two more fellow Indian bloggers(gals) will join my blog ,soon i will introduce them to the readers...they have very popular blogs of their own and are good writers...readers will get more to read,active blog,less stress on me...i am talking too much ,i know....a tight hug from me to you.

  15. Oh Dear Woman Star...
    I can hear the music of your trees
    You really write like the angels.
    It's great we can get inspired by anything... as you do... no one the way you do, but you!
    I love it
    Many hugs :) :)

  16. Trees, trees, trees - my adored friends... they moved me...
    They so profoundly, and often, move to tears.

  17. This is a beautiful poem. Trees are so pervasive this time of year. I live in one of the most beautiful of places that wears Autumn like a lady who wears the finest silk and lace.

  18. Trees give u shade and shelter w.o. expecting anything in return. And they live n die 'naturally'.

    I love this one Margie.


  19. I love trees and Fall is my favorite season.
    Your poem is The Best!
    Thank you Margie,
    "Tree Symphony" is my favorite poem!

    Happy Fall!

  20. Hi Margie!

    How are you??? Long time since we've spoken! This poem is absolutely invigorating - anticipating my favorite season of the year!

    I hope you're doing well and super inspired!

    Love to you!

  21. What a lovely, piece, it was uplifting.

  22. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments!
    I appreciate each and every one so much!
    I will come back later and reply to each one of you personally but cannot right now as I'm having a hard day with my dog as he's just not doing well.

    Joy and blessings to all of you!


  23. This was my first visit to your site. Lovely work here! I hope you will visit my poetry blog as well! This particular poem reminds me of one I wrote not long ago about music...has a very similar feel. Check it out. It's on my blog and it's called "Rainy Saturday Playlist". Enjoyed my visit very much! :)


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bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker