Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Now I shall walk in the rain . . . the friendly rain.
Down a long road until I find a lane
That leads through pastures to the ocean's shore.
Drinking the strength of earth through every pore.
Feeling the glad response of growing things
Hearing the muted hymn that Nature sings
When rain, the friendly rain brings to the earth
Song and a hope renewed and gentle mirth.
The grass takes on a lacquer of new green
While myriads of toad-stools dot the scene
Like exclamation points. Small brooklets spill
In waterfalls and rapids down each hill.
The world is glad again ... and so am I.
The rain beats on my face. I feel the dry
Parched skin relax to loose a gleeful smile
As I trudge on through slushy mile on mile.
I splash in mud and water to my knees
In reclkess pleasure. Wait! Is that a sneeze?
Good gosh! Great Scott! Oh, I say hab you
Ad aspirid? Sniff. Sniff. Ka-choo. Ka-CHOOOOOO!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MONARCH DAYS (For my parents who always encouraged me to dream!)

When I was six
Summers were made of
Fireflies and dandelions
And trading mud pies was a priority
With Tommy next door ...
We'd wish for sunny days
And chocolate ice cream
With sprinklers
He was my best friend
Each morning we would begin
A new adventure ...
Our pockets full of plums and crickets
Selling my father's tomatoes
In the driveway ...
I picked raspberries on Thursdays
And ran barefoot through dreams
That seemed a million miles away
And now I know ...
That it was the right thing
To let the lightning bugs go free.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Long ago I made a prayer
"Let me keep wonder in my heart."
I pray now ..."Let me be aware
To know and love a thousandth part
Of all the wonders of each hour
The pageantry of every day
To use each sense and super-sense
To contact life in such a way
That I may see a simple flower
And know its color, shape and scent
As though I were a part of it
And feel the Ultimate Intent
That forms each small exquisite part
To serve its small important place
To see a golden pollen grain
Or planet circling through space
And know that each in its own way
Is part of such a vast design
That human mind can never grasp
The whole of it nor trace the line
That leads the seeking human heart
Along the hidden purposed course
Oh, may I walk with perfect trust
The path that leads me to the Source."

I hold this wonder in my heart
And try each hour to be aware
To give my thanks and live my thanks
Articulate in act and prayer.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Every day is set apart
From other days
A jewel some remembering heart

May always keep.

Bargained for with care and bought
With reckoning
Borrowed out of time or caught
Upon the wing.

Battled for and dearly won
Given or lent
Freely lived from sun to sun
Freely spent.

Every day is for some heart
A day of days
A jewel life has set apart
To shine always.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Do you know how much
I am thinking of you, Mother mine?
How much I've longed to be there with you?
Do mothers' eyes have special pow'rs to
see between each line
and read their children's hearts?
I think they do.
Because the aching tenderness for you
that fills my breast
my gratefulness that God let me go
to you of all the mothers in the world
can't be expressed in words
at least not in any that I know.
Unless, invisible to all
except a mother's gaze
a halo loaned to them some way
and even then I don't know
how I dare attempt to coin
a pristine phrase
to rearrange the same old words again.
But, Mother, God has used the same
ingredients for years
and yet how diff'rent is
each newborn child
and from the same old formula
of joy and tears
a brand new life is suddenly compiled.
So, Mom, because I'm part of you
perhaps your eyes can see
a newer, deeper meaning
when I say
how proud I am of you
proud in profound humility
because you're mine
on this and ev'ry day.
My Mom died in 1998 but she is always in my heart!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sometimes I write of streams, of forests green
of flowers on hills that still are home to me
I grieve at changes that have come to be
buildings and crowds where once
the snow lay clean ...
Yet would that land have seemed
so fair back then ...
if I'd been there without a horse to ride
without a dog to serve and guide?
How beautiful is home without a Friend?

Yes, I've faced sadness as each Friend passed on
I could have wept less if I hadn't cared
to hear a purr, to scratch a dog's warm ears ...
They walk carefree and fast who walk alone ...
Yet, thinking of the Best Friends who have shared
my life, I know the joy outweighed the tears.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I don't suppose that anything I write
Will shake the world or change it overnight ...
But then that's true for most of us, it seems ...
We think great thoughts and cherish noble dreams ...
Of how to overcome all want and strife ...
And wish for everyone a good life ...
However, it could be that in these few lines ...
There might be here and there some pleasant signs ...
That life reflects our efforts and intent ...
In love and tears and awe and wonderment ...
But usually I'd think it quite worthwhile ...
If words of mine would bring a smile ...
Or even now and then have someone see ...
The wonderment of life - along with me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am a woman
yet my heart awaits the night
singing like a girl's ...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Of all the fathers I recall
mine had to be the best of all ...
I loved to feel his hands in mine ...
when we washed up at supper time ...
and later, when we went upstairs ...
I wanted him to hear my prayers ...
He was the one to dim the light ...
when I said my last good-night.

And mother - being special too
quite understood my point of view ...
She knew that time brings changes and ...
would, one day, disengage my hand ...
from his, so I could then be free ...
to look for someone just for me ...
My choice (I know it made her glad)
turned out to be a lot like dad.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


These friendly hills are now attired
To dance to tunes by winds inspired
Each golden tree will swing and sway
With oakbrush dressed another way
Confetti leaves will fill the air
Ripe apples will be royal fare
The harvest moon will shed its light
So dancing can go on all night.

But when the festival is through
The friendly hills find rest is due
And so in ermine robes they keep
A rendevous with healing sleep.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


You who love all little things
A humming bird with shiny wings
A violet, a blade of grass
Whispering when at dusk You pass
You who love each little note
Lilting from a young bird's throat
Who put into the sky at night
Tiny bits of golden light
Called stars, and in the sky by day
Wisps of clouds; to You I pray
Watch over her! I would not dare
Call your attention to this small prayer
But oh, she is so very small
You might not notice her at all!
I wrote this poem when my daughter was a little girl ... she just recently got married ...