Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sometimes I write of streams, of forests green
of flowers on hills that still are home to me
I grieve at changes that have come to be
buildings and crowds where once
the snow lay clean ...
Yet would that land have seemed
so fair back then ...
if I'd been there without a horse to ride
without a dog to serve and guide?
How beautiful is home without a Friend?

Yes, I've faced sadness as each Friend passed on
I could have wept less if I hadn't cared
to hear a purr, to scratch a dog's warm ears ...
They walk carefree and fast who walk alone ...
Yet, thinking of the Best Friends who have shared
my life, I know the joy outweighed the tears.


  1. Oh! Margie,
    This is so beautiful. It brought a smile to my face. Is that Jake?
    Hope you are having a good day, my friend.
    Talk to you soon.

  2. Some of my best times have been spent with my pets, they were family to me and though broken hearted when we parted I wouldn't change my tears at all, they were so worth the love of my furry little animals. Loved this poem my friend.
    The picture of Jake was taken on my birthday......(except the year)
    Love you......:-) Hugs

  3. Iam so glad to hear that the good has overcome the bad... It's only- i think- 'cause you deserve it dear friend.
    Sweet HUGS

  4. So true.

    You kinda remind me of shel silverstein minus the silly nonsense

  5. Nice poem...fine sentiments, Margie :)


  6. lovely lines for the caring friend margie..just loved ur poem...


  7. Margie, I've just given my two dogs and three cats a good cuddle after that and I'm going to appreciate (almost) everyone I meet today:)


  8. Margie, beautiful poem, yes we cherish them, the joy outweighs the tears. Big hug my friend.

  9. Oh Margie how much I can relate. Some of the best times I have had with my cat. Thanks for giving me the words to give him a finaly good bye.

  10. Welcome Back! I have always loved poetry quick snippets of the mind. It must be the age we are coming into as we watch many friends pass on...only good memories. Accumulative all the experiences build upon the other. The building blocks consist of heart and soul in the creation of character. I know that was better to have a small in someones life then to...

  11. Hi Margie,

    This is such a beautiful poetry that you have shared here.. thanks a lot sweetie.. :))

    Loads of luv,


  12. Hi Margie,

    All is well with me, so far. Hope it'll continue. Thank you! :) Hope everything is well with you too. Take care.


  13. To live a life where you know the joy outweighs the tears is a life lived!

  14. Best Friends are forever. Unconditional.

  15. It is hard to live beyond them; but even harder, one day, to know they might live beyond us.
    Life ponders the love they give us and seems to bring the friendship of our need.

  16. Your heart speaks so beautiful, dar Margie!
    Jake looks great!

    May God bless you and your pen every day!

  17. What a beautiful poem, and gorgeous dog! Every pet I've ever had certainly enriched my life. I sure do miss them.

  18. Margie,you have a beautiful friend here....i just assumed that its his picture.Very touching sentiments are lucky to have each other as friend,i wish you many more days of happiness and togetherness

  19. Dear Margie,
    Thank you for your visit and wonderful comments. I couldn't sleep so I am up early packing. My eye is healing rather well and it is just a reminder to be more cautious in the future, a warning for sure.
    I am glad to hear your husband came home to you safe as with all the military men women who serve our country. It takes a certain kind of person to be responsible and give of them self in such a way.
    The Mother Theresa poem you sent is a beautiful reminder that you are right all we really do have is the present moment and to make the most of that.
    Keep writing wonderful poetry, I think the market is filled with not such great poetry not sure if that's because of what the publishing companies are selecting or what and though when I get a chance sit down with a book, I still love to read Shakespeare. But I do thing poetry that hits the common ear is necessary for many to relate to, by all means it is our snippet of life.
    I will try to respond on my blog this morning before I leave, I have a few creams and salves to make up and a art show to finish today and I'll be on my way.
    I think the hotel has internet access for my laptop but not sure if there will be time to check in.

    Keep those poems coming!


  20. Hello Anne
    Yes, it's Jake when he was about 5 months old.
    Glad I could bring you a smile.
    Thanks so much my friend.

    I had a wonderful weekend and shall call you later today.


    Hi Bernie
    I'm sure anyone that has has a pet share their life and the special joy that pet brings feels just the same way as you.
    We will always miss them but their memory stays in our hearts forever.

    I shall have to remember that date then .... May 27th is your birthday.

    So glad to know you loved my poem.
    Many thanks.

    Love and hugs to you.


    Hello Dulce
    I'm a lucky girl as it's so true what you said.
    I have experienced much good and also cherish it.
    I think we all deserve good in our lives ...may your life be enriched with the goodness you deserve.

    Sending hugs back, my friend from far away but not so far that we cannot have a nice connection.
    Thank you, Dulce.


    Hi Consrtuctive Attitude
    We are in agreement then ... happy to know that.

    Oh, I love Shel Silverstein and have many of his books.
    What a compliment it is that I might remind you of him.
    Thank you so much!


    Thanks very much, Devika.


    Hello Hemanth
    When I hear that someone loves my poem it adds a joy to my heart.
    I appreciate your kind words and thank you so much.


    Hi Gloria
    Keep on hugging those special furry creatures ... I am always cuddling up to Jake and he loves it.
    Many thanks on the nice comment.


    Hello Cinner
    Yes, the joy does outweigh any tears .... I have had and loved many and miss all that have passed on but the joy of having them always lives on in my heart.
    Thanks so much for the kind words.

    A hug to you.


    Hi Paula
    I'm very glad to know that my poem was able to do that for you ... you said a final goodbye to your cat.
    Now you can cherish the beautiful memory of having him in your life.

    And you are welcome.


    Hello Rachel
    All those friends that have passed on .... well, we still have them through the good memories.

    Yes, I too know it was beter to have a small in soemeone's life then to ...

    I really enjoyed your comment very much was much appreciated.
    Thanks very much.


    Hi Sam
    How very kind you are.
    Your thoughtful words mean a lot to me.

    I do enjoy sharing my poetry so you are most welcome.

    I send love to you.


    Hello Cez
    So glad that all is going well with you and may it continie that way always.
    I am doing fine, thank you.

    Joy and blessings to you.


    Hi Mark
    That is the only way to live one's life.
    I'm sure that is how it is with you.
    Thank you for the visit and comment.


    Hello TechoBabe
    That is exactly what they are ... unconditional and forever!
    Thank you.


    Hi Goatmam
    *Life ponders the love they give us and seems to bring the friendship of our need.*

    Thank you for sharing those words.
    I appreciate them and thank you.


    Hi Krystyna
    Thanks so much for your kind words.

    And may God bless you too!

  21. Hello Aurora
    I so love my dog Jake and I agree with you that he is gorgeous!
    He's such a big part of my life.

    Animals enrich our lives so much and how we miss them when they leave us .... even though we miss them we always have the beautiful memories so they are always with us.
    Just the other day I was remembering my dog Sammy who died in 2005 ... I just broke down and sobbed but then I smiled right after as he gave me so much joy when he was with me.
    And now I have Jake and he is the most wonderful dog in the world!

    Take care, Aurora.
    Many thanks for the kind words on my poem.


  22. Hello dear kavita
    Yes, my friend is so beautiful, isn't he ...he's Jake and such a good FRIEND to me!
    He gives us lots of love and gets much love in return.

    Thanks very much for the thoughtful comment.
    It's much appreciated.

    Love to you, my friend.


  23. Hi Rachel
    Have a most wonderful trip.
    It will be a joyous time for you and your son.

    So glad to know your eye is getting better.
    Take good care of it!

    Your lovely comment here is very much appreciated.
    Many thanks to you.

    Safe travels.


  24. That's beautiful Margie. Thanks for shoring up the connections between the one and the many and the all.

    Goodlife my friend,


  25. oh... how nice;y you can express these things...


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker