Sunday, October 18, 2009


Do you know how much
I am thinking of you, Mother mine?
How much I've longed to be there with you?
Do mothers' eyes have special pow'rs to
see between each line
and read their children's hearts?
I think they do.
Because the aching tenderness for you
that fills my breast
my gratefulness that God let me go
to you of all the mothers in the world
can't be expressed in words
at least not in any that I know.
Unless, invisible to all
except a mother's gaze
a halo loaned to them some way
and even then I don't know
how I dare attempt to coin
a pristine phrase
to rearrange the same old words again.
But, Mother, God has used the same
ingredients for years
and yet how diff'rent is
each newborn child
and from the same old formula
of joy and tears
a brand new life is suddenly compiled.
So, Mom, because I'm part of you
perhaps your eyes can see
a newer, deeper meaning
when I say
how proud I am of you
proud in profound humility
because you're mine
on this and ev'ry day.
My Mom died in 1998 but she is always in my heart!


  1. Dear Margie,
    This is truly beautiful. I know how special your mother was to you and because of that she is always in your heart. Your love for her is expressed so well.
    I love the picture. It is so perfect.
    Enjoy the beautiful day, my friend.

  2. I am sorry you lost your mother, she is surely proud of you too, and is another present and constant angel at your side.
    Luckily again, my mom is still in this world.And she is also the best mother in the world, not only because she IS my mother, but because she is a great woman, person and good friend. Before I became mother myself I used to think I would never be able to live without her, now I tend to accept life as it comes, especially since my brother passed away...
    Lovely post and words- as always dear MArgie ***

  3. Dear Margie-

    Oh my - these wrods so pure from your heart - from knowng a mother's love such as yours - tears are gently fallin as I feel your love, your loss, your deep admiration and gratitude that YOU were born to your Mom. I ws with my Mom today - her blue eyes that YOU noticed soothe me with unconditional love - her heart spills over and I catch every drop. I am so thrilled that your heart is so filled with your mother's love. Amen.

    Love to you

  4. You are wise enough to know how blessed you have been to have such a mother. Hugs.

  5. omg Margie I hv no words cos Im crying...after reading this, I felt a huge sadness and the pain of losing a mother...Im so sorry for ur loss! And u hv written this so beautifully. It just goes to show how much of a GREAT person ur mum was...and no wonder u turned out to be one of the finest humanbeings on Earth. Yes we owe our goodness to our mums, cos they r the ones who guide us from day 1.

    *lotsa tears*

  6. Margie, that is truly beautiful. I am so sorry that your Mom passed in 98. YOUR words speak volumes as to your relationship. I feel she would be so proud of you. Great big hugs my friend. Take care.

  7. What a beautiful tribute to your mother...lovely!!!

  8. Margie, a beautiful tribute to your mother. I know she was a beautiful person, with a kind and generous spirit as she raised one of the most beautiful, caring woman I know. Am proud to be your friend as I know your mum is proud that you are her daughter. So loved this moving poem.....:-) Hugs

  9. Hi Margie,

    Mothers are God's gift on this planet earth.. its such a beautiful tribute that you have given to ya mum.. that truly reflects your love and her value for you.. loved your words..

    Loads of prayers n love for you dear friend:)

    Take care

  10. A beautiful tribute to your beautiful Mom!

  11. Such a sweet and loving tribute to your dear Mother, she lives on because she is there in your heart. How proud she would be of you.

  12. Aww that is so sweet.

    I love my mom, she makes me happy :)

  13. oh Margie... how lovely your heart speaks... how beautiful a tribute to love and to your beloved mom... there is no comfort for a heart that has been physically separated from their loved one, except for the blessing of memories and the knowledge that love knows no physical boundaries or limitations, but rather, is eternal...

    thank you for sharing your tender and beautiful heart...


  14. We all feel the same way about our mothers but very few of us come up with such a beautiful and heart touching gift as this poem of moist eyes made me realize that how lucky i am to have my mother still guiding and helping me ....these lines motivate me to pick up my phone and tell my mom that how much i love her and how lucky i am to have her.Margie,good people like you are boon ...truly yours Kavita.

  15. A beautiful tribute to your Mom, Margie. It brought tears to my eyes!

  16. Thanks to all of your wonderful people for the special and kind comments.
    I so appreciate them.

    I will reply to each one of you tomorrow.
    I have had a very long and tiring day and am going to bed now.

    Good night and may you all have sweet and beautiful dreams.


  17. Dear Anne
    Yes, you know how very special Mom was (and still is) to me.
    I tried my best to show how much I love her through this poem and from your comments I see I was able to do so.

    I so appreciate your kind words, my dear friend and thank you very much.


    Hello Dulce
    Oh, you are blessed to have the wonderful mother you speak of.
    Cherish every moment you have with her as one never knows when a loved one might leave us.
    I miss my Mom so much but she is close to my heart still giuding me with her goodness.

    I am sorry you lost your brother and hope his memory is always a blessing.
    I also appreciate your sympathy on my loss of my Mom ....thank you.

    And many thanks for the kind words on this poem dear Dulce.


    Dear Gail
    when I was reading your comment last night I could not hold back the tears.

    Your comment let me know that you know how much I loved my Mom and how proud I was that she was my Mom.
    Such a touching comment it was and touched my heart.

    And what you said about your mom ...that her blue eyes soothe you with unconditional love ... her heart spills over and you catch every drop .... oh, that is so beautiful and made me so very happy for you.
    You both are blessed!

    Gail, I am very appreciative of your most kind comment.
    Thank you very much.

    Love to you.


    Hello Techobabe
    Yes, I do know how blessed I was (am) to have had such a wonderful mother.
    She was the best ever!



    Hey Keshi
    Oh, I knew this poem would make you cry ... it makes me cry too every time I read it.
    But that's ok as it's a poem of love to my Mom and she just might be watching over my shoulder and reading it along with me.
    An Angel by my side , you think?

    My Mom was a person full of much goodness and if I have any of her inside me then I am truly blessed.
    I so hope I am like her.
    She was my best teacher (along with my dad, of-course)

    Keshi, I know how much you love and admire your mum and the thought of losing her is so very hard.
    But, we all have to leave this earth someday, so just love and cherish your mum each and every day.
    She will be with you for a long time!

    Your lovely comment means a lot to me and I thank you so much, my kind and caring friend.



    Hi Cinner
    Thanks very much for the sympathy on the loss of my Mom and your kind words on my poem.
    I so appreciate it.

    And I so hope my Mom is proud of me as I am so proud she is my Mom

    A hug to you, my friend.


    Many thanks to you Kristin for the
    kind words.
    They are appreciated.


    Hello Bernie
    Your kind comment was much appreciated.
    Thanks so much.
    How sweet you are!

    Gosh, if I am like my Mom then I am blessed.
    You would have loved her Bernie as she was a special lady.
    I am really proud to be her daughter.

    Also proud to be your friend.

    Hugs ....


    Hi Sam
    Yes, mother's are God's gift.
    I know mine sure was.

    Many thanks to you for the kind words ... so glad to know you loved my poem.

    Love to you dear Sam.


    Hello Mark
    Thanks so much ....your kind comment is appreciated.


    Hi Susie
    It's always so nice having a visit from you.
    Hope your husband is doing well now.

    Many thanks for the very nice comment.


    Hello Constructive Attitude
    Oh, so nice to hear you love your mom and she makes you happy.
    That made me smile:)
    Now go give her a big hug and tell her that ....she would love it!

    Thanks so much for the nice comment.

  18. Hi Joanne
    Oh, I loved your comment and am actually going to write it out and make it into a bookmark as your words were a comfort to me.
    So very true about love being eternal.

    It's always a pleasure to share so you are so welcome.

    I so appreciate your wonderful comment and thank you so much.


  19. Hello kavita
    Oh, it made me so happy that my poem was a motivation for you to call your mom and tell her how much you love and are lucky to have her.
    That is wonderful.

    Your lovely comment meant a lot to me....thank you so much.


  20. Hi Aurora
    I have a sercet to tell you ...every time I read this poem it brings tears to me too.
    But that is okay as they are very good tears ...tears of love!

    Thanks very much for the kind words Aurora ...they are very appreciated.


  21. A warm welcome, Mrs. Cullen and many thanks for the nice comment on my poem.
    So nice to know you loved it.


  22. A very beautiful poem, a tribute to the memory of your Mother Margie. I am sure she is missed time over, as each day comes and goes yet always in your mind. Very nice my friend, nice that you are writing again. :)

  23. Hello Margie,
    Just beautiful!!!! It's such a blessing to be a mom. I wouldn't take it back for the world. I feel lucky that I have the opportunity of knowing my two children and sharing my life with them as they grow.
    Being a parent is by far one of the most beautiful and important experiences in one's life.
    May your day be willed with blessings,

  24. aww ty sweet Margie! that was a very warm and uplifting reply. XOXO


  25. its just so beautiful ...sometimes i dont have words to express abt ur poem...i just loved it..


  26. Fortunate you are to have a mother you can speak of this way .... fortunate indeed.
    Also her for having you.

  27. as I am new to your blog, I came across this beautiful poem, for your mother, I have goose bumps. My mother thank goodness is still with us and I hope for many more years. Just lately she has been dealing with health issues and it stessed me out, more than I could imagine. Mom, Eva is her name, was always the strong one, I think that is one of the reasons why I took it so hard. My husbands mother is another issue, which I have been talking about on my other blog. I feel for my husband, his mother is mean. I wish he had the love from his mother as I do from mine and mine is 3000 miles away, and his is like 15 mins.
    As a mother myself, my children are my most precious gift God has given me, along with my parents and grandparents. You really have a wonderful heart and I know your mother is always with you. I am sorry for writing such a long post. Blessings, and ty for letting me find YOU.. SMILES

  28. i am sorry you lost your wife lost hers a few years ago and she still struggles at time...moms are so special...and mine always knew everything i did...


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker