Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Of all the fathers I recall
mine had to be the best of all ...
I loved to feel his hands in mine ...
when we washed up at supper time ...
and later, when we went upstairs ...
I wanted him to hear my prayers ...
He was the one to dim the light ...
when I said my last good-night.

And mother - being special too
quite understood my point of view ...
She knew that time brings changes and ...
would, one day, disengage my hand ...
from his, so I could then be free ...
to look for someone just for me ...
My choice (I know it made her glad)
turned out to be a lot like dad.


  1. What a beautiful poem expressing the feelings and emotions of a little girl....can so relate to it my friend......:-) Hugs

  2. You still have that innocent,loving little girl inside you...a beautiful tribute to your dad.The picture is very nice.You value family a lot and i love and respect this about you a lot.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful Margie, What a tribute to your Dad, it is funny how our choices end up having similarities like our fathers. take care, have a great day.

  4. Oh! My Margie. When I read this poem it brought tears to my eyes.
    The words:
    She knew that time brings change
    So I could be free to look for someone just for me.
    My choice turned out to be a lot like Dad. Wow! That went right to my heart! We both know why! I love this poem! It is the best!

  5. I hope you truly did have a life as depicted in this lovely poem. What a blessing to have that kind of relationship with a caring and loving father.

  6. How beautiful, My Lovely, Dear Friend and Poetess!
    It's just wonderful.

    Lucky you have/ had both the 'perfect' father and husband..
    I have such a good father I don't think I'll ever get one good man for me (if it's all about the alike-father thing...LOL)
    The best of all is that He is still alive and I can enjoy his company!!!
    Sweeter Hugs and thanks for everything
    *** I'm taking your advice... ;)

  7. Such a gift Margie to have had such lovely kind parents. I so love to read posts like this. No wonder such loveliness pours from you. Beautifully done!

  8. No doubt about it, sweet Margie, you are blessed!

  9. HI MARGIE -

    Oh such a wonderful tribute to your Dad AND to your husband. My Dad never met my husband -:-(, But I know they would have really loved one another - as my guy is very much like my amazing Dad too. Oh how wonderful, huh? :-)

    Love to you

  10. What a tribute to your Dad...and Mom! I love this.

  11. cute, witty and dear...just love it!

  12. Nice dedication in poem to your dad and mom, Margie :)

    a man like dad is often a girl's choice for her man!:)


  13. beautiful poem to ur dad :)...just awesome words expressed :)...loved it margie :)..


  14. This is very sweet, Margie! I, too, am a daddy's girl (and I am raising one as well)!

  15. What a love and hommgae at the most important men in your life and once again so great expressed. You have such a way with words, weaving emotions

  16. Wow Margie! What a special poem. Your talent amazes me! Hope to see you soon! Sorry I have been away a while.

  17. i so agree with kavita... you do still have that beautiful innocent little girl inside of you... this poem is so tender and so innocent, so beautiful and so heartfelt... more loveliness from the loveliest of hearts... :)


  18. Wow....what a lovely tribute Margie.

    I totally agree with Kavita when she says "You still have that innocent,loving little girl inside you"


  19. Margie, I remember through whom I met you, and I am blest to know the both of you. Maybe our blog paths continue to cross for a long time.

    Absolutely LOVED your Pop-and-Mom poems. Some thing is so wonderful about lives which seem to work well together. It does not always happen like that as you know.


  20. Wow, Amazing Margie...your poem inspired me! I love it...I apologize for not keeping in touch.I was'nt feeling well...keep up the good work!

  21. Hi Bernie
    So glad to know you could relate to my poem and thank you for the kinds words.


    What a sweet commet from you, Kavita.
    It really touhed my heart.
    But you know you are so right as many days I feel just like I did when I was a litle girl and I am just bubbling full of life with the same curiosity and innocence I had when I was just a little one.

    I know that you also value family a great deal and I love and respect that about you as well, my friend.

    Many thanks for sharing those kind words.
    And I am very happy to share so you are most welcome.


    Hello Cinner
    Thanks for the nice words on my poem.
    They are appreciated.
    Hope you had a good weekend.


    Hi Anne
    I knew this one would get to you and yes, I know why.
    As always, my friend I appreciate your visits and comments.
    Many thanks for the very nice words.


    Hello TechoBabe
    I have to tell you that I am very thankful for the life I have had and have today.
    It is a blessing.

    Your kind words are appreciated.
    Thank you.


    Hi Dulce
    Oh, you are so sweet.
    Such kind words ...thank you very much!
    I am so enjoying all your writing lately.
    Have not been around the past few days as I take most of the weekend off from blogging ...need that time for family.

    Oh, someday the right guy will come along ... don't give up.
    I shall keep my "fingers crossed
    for you" LOL!!! It's wonderful you have a great father and get to enjoy time with him....cherish that time.
    My dad died in his early 60's and I miss him very much.

    Sending those sweet hugs back to you.

    And you know you are welcome for my little bit of advice.
    Hope it helped.


    Hi Gloria
    Your most kind comment is much appreciated.
    Many thanks to you.


    I know that I am blessed, Sweet and kind Aurora.
    Thank you.


    Hello Gail
    My father never met my husband either but I do know he would love him as much as I do ...
    And yes, it's wonderful your husband is so much like your amazing dad.
    Thanks so much Gail for the nice comment.


    So glad to know you loved my litle poem, Janice.
    I loved your comment.
    Thanks very much.


    Hi Kay
    Oh, thanks very much.
    I so enjoyed the nice comment


    Hello Devika
    Thank you for the kind words ...they are appreciated.
    Yes, a man like dad is so who we pick's great when they are awesome men!


    Many thanks to you, Hemanth for the kind words.


    Hello Kristin (another daddy's girl that is raising a daddy's girl...awwww!)
    Thank you very much for the kind words.


    Hi Paula
    Many thanks for the very nice comment.
    I always so enjoy your visits.
    I do hope you are doing well and I shall be by to visit you soon.


    You are most kind, Glynis.
    Thanks so much for the kind words.


    Hello Adie
    Oh, thank you very much for nice commment.
    It means a lot to me, Adie.
    Miss you and hope to see you soon!

    Oh, can you believe this crazy weather???
    I am so not ready for winter.


    Your lovely and touching comment touched me so much, joanne.
    You are so dear.
    Thank you so much.


  22. Hello Ash
    Your lovely comment meant a lot to me.
    Many thanks to you.


  23. Hi dear kai
    Smiles and hugs to you!


  24. Hello Steve
    Thank you so much for sharing that with me.
    I also feel blest to know the both of you as well.
    Hope we can keep sharing and learning from one another.

    I really appreciate your kind words on my pop- and- mom poems.
    It's such a joy to me when one tells me that they love my poem.

    Wishing you joy and peace.


  25. Hi Zee
    How nice having you visit again.
    No need to apologize ... ever.

    Oh, sorry you were not feeling well and I hope you are on the road to recovery.
    Take good care of yourself.

    Many thanks for your kind words.


  26. Hello Margie,
    This is so sweet and pretty. What a beautiful poem to honor your father. It sounds as if you had a wonderful, close relationship with your dear dad. Thank you for sharing this with me. I really enjoyed reading it.
    Wishing you a wonderful evening,

  27. Margie,
    I have to tell you, I have only known you from the few visits, but of all the people over the years who have commented, I find you to be sincere. There is a warmth within you. As I read your poem I thought while no wonder she is such a beautiful spirit, look at the fond memories she has. I can't recall as a child well I can't remember anything earlier then ten years of age. My Parents weren't so great they had major issues and so I think it is beautiful that you can pull on those strings of your heart to write the memories of your past.
    I do a lot of selling of my work and somethings are very hard for me to find the ground work in which to pull at the emotions,I almost envy you a little for having those special memories with your parents.
    Crazy as that may sound though I write on the blog of love and romance, the pieces that overwhelming are of death and heartache, how said it that.
    I am really happy to have met you, I always thought the word Karma was over used, but their is a aurora around you and I sincerely say that.


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Untie the ribbons.

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