Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There came a perfect day when I was ten
An idle Autum day of faultless sky
I clutched a shining dime that I could spend
For any longed-for thing it would buy
A lovely stillness lay along the street
The sun embraced me in its golden span
The fallen leaves addressed my eager feet
And moved in russet showers as I ran
That perfect day will never come again
And yet I spent it at its proper time
With all the wisdom of a child of ten
As wisely as I spent the shining dime.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Musings on Trees and These!

These Friends!

A forest of Trees is a portfolio of Friends

Durability, strength, sometimes rough, burly

But how dependable! Graceful, adaptable

Quiet in a listening attitude of understanding

Inspiring, tender

A forest of Trees is a portfolio of Friends

May I be ever in the midst of Trees - and These ...

When God had finished making Trees

I think He set out to work on These

These things that we call Friends

The beauty and the strength of wood

Dependable and good ...

Of oak and birch and balsam pine

To these, I liken friends of mine

Of leaves, the charm and added grace

Like tenderness of lady's lace

And quiet understanding, proven

As green-grown branches, closely woven

Last, knowing These are always there

Root, branch and trunk, when leaves fall bare!

When God had finished making Trees

Love and Perfection gave us These

These things that we call FRIENDS!


Photo courtesy of Lorraine at:


Thanks so much, Lorraine!

Friday, March 26, 2010


What our love has done for us
I cannot even begin to speak
Without trembling ...
You and I have left a fading world
Power-crowded ... dust-spun
You and I have left this kind of world
For an infinite one ...
Spinning our circles of earth
And moon into galaxies
And hurling our lives into
Light years of reveries ...
I have only begun to envision
Our possible place
A someday miracle of eternal time
And space ...
Though it begins with such immediate smiles
Your eyes ... a leaf ... your lips on my cheek
Its promise is so boundless
Love ... I dare not speak.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In years to come

There'll be no letters

Yellowed at the edge

To save for generations

Yet unborn ...

There'll be no diaries

Left for them to see

How great-grandfather spent his day

Or worked his way

On freighter ships

Across the seas ...

No love notes

Hidden in a secret drawer

Tied with a faded ribbon

To read again once more

Technology is close at hand

And we no longer understand

The pen ...

How deep the loss

Of all those yesterdays

With joy and sorrow

If they are all forgotten

By tomorrow.

Monday, March 22, 2010


When I curl myself
Into the far-away monuments of my mind
Built from long dark halls of yearning ...
Stretching into the high paths against the blue hills
Of learning ...
This is where I hold my dreams for myself to see ...
Of the far-away long-away mists of me
Moving into the distance
Myself walks
With the perfect poise of age and grace
Into the clouded mystery
Of eternal time
And space ...
Here are my hands reaching
And here is my heart groping
The summer sun and straw-flowered kiss ...
Share all of the dreaming caught in this
Great scope of memory
And all the far-away long-away misted hopes
Of what will be ...
Here is where I curl into myself and embrace
All of the harbored calm
Of eternal time
And space.
This picture was taken on my last trip to San Francisco in Feb.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Rain is for remembering
Its little voices fall
Soft as the memories
They recall ...
My mother used to say
"This is a hot cinnamom roll day"
I'd watch her strong hands shape each bun
And poke in raisins one by one
And soon their sweet spiced smell would stain
The kitchen window washed with rain ...
And then sometimes my father would say
"Let's take a walk this rainy day"
And we would set out hand in hand
Across the grey bedraggled land
We'd turn our faces to the skies
And let the rain fall on our eyes
And breathe in air all scented sweet
By rain-soaked grass beneath our feet ...
Rain is for remembering
Another spring
Another spring

Thursday, March 11, 2010


A sweet magnolia smell reminds me of you

Somewhat like a painting you once drew

Your ivory soft petals ... my heart ... they caress

As your soul went through me

When you were laid to rest

I call for you ... my magnolia friend

When life's path turns dark

Ivory soft petals comfort me ... my mama ... my heart!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

INNOCENCE OF CHILDHOOD (To my beloved children!)

She toddles through the lush green grass
Upon her tippy toes
And falls upon her padded bottom
She giggles as she goes ...
A daisy chain begins to grow
Upon the field of green
She picks the daisies with her toes
And drops them in the stream ...
She tilts her head to gaze upon
A sky of azure blue
And dreams of dreams within the clouds
As only children do.
Photo courtesy of Lorraine at: http://wordsflowandstuffl.blogspot.com
Thank you, Lorraine!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


The day is crowned with peace
I rejoice in this
And find myself at home.
Dear readers and friends, I am heading to the mountains tomorrow morning to meet some friends and go cross country skiing. I will return on Sunday. So, till I visit you again, take good care and be well. I wish you all much joy!
-Margie xo

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I will not grow old gracefully
No! I never will!
I cannot wait for spring
To look for daffodil
I do not care at all
If I am gray or bent
But I will never while I live
Be spent
Oh I will ever strive
To have a young heart still
I will not grow old gracefully
No! I never will!