Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Some songs are silver cymbals
and some are jeweled lutes
and some are eflins dancing
and some are magic flutes
Bird songs! Fire tipped harmonies
flame across far centuries
some songs are bright wings glancing
by leaf-hid waterfalls
and others eye entrancing
and some are laughing calls
across strange space where starlight
Go, little songs and bear our dreams
some songs are flame-borne whisperings
poets have spoken of
but all are from the time-harp's strings
that God has struck - for Love.
Such charm and cheer came not by
God too loves rhythm and romance!
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  1. there is so much to be said of a song...that we would all sing one at once, the world may be a happier place...and yes i think god does love song as well...i have had plenty that moved me...nice piece...smiles.

  2. Awww, this is beautiful, Margie!

  3. Feels so good to start my day with this beautiful song .Thanks Margie :)

  4. This is really well written Margie. A heartfelt poem. Well done and a beautiful photo you've shared from Lorraine too.

    Hugs, G

  5. WoW! WONDERFUL writing and so beautiful too! I especially *love* the last line about God loving rhythm & romance! The photo is lovely as well ~ ***** <~~ 5 star rating from me! Love your poetry, Margie!

    Best Wishes, Fiona :)

  6. soft rhythmic ripples of sound... beautiful song...

  7. this was my dreams of music in sleep....thank you...http://www.themovie.ws

  8. Beautiful dear Margie. There is so much locked within a melody and a song is such an expressive way of releasing ones emotions.
    You have a wonderful way with words dear friend...
    Love the last line.;)
    Have a great midweek,

  9. I love your poems my friend, this one is magical and the picture really goes well with your poem.

  10. WOW, I don't the photo does justice to your amazinly magical words, you have such a gift xxx

  11. How brilliant and beautiful the words are carved. Lovely Margie.

  12. HI MARGIE - this is so lovely. I love music, song, of nature and of instrument, voice and harmony all around - and yes, all God inspired.
    Love to you\
    peace and music

  13. Hello Margie,
    Very nice post! I love it!
    Have a nice day!

  14. Beautiful words and picture.
    Smiles to you!

  15. Just stopping in to say hi and leave a big hug. Hope all is well with you today.

    I've got a new review posted, I thought you might enjoy:


    I was having photo issues this morning, sounds like Lorraine had some blogger problems too, but all is well now.

    BFN, G

  16. Love it... all coming from the same well of inspiration ~

    Thanks for your visit in my blog~

  17. Hi Margie! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Your poetry is beautiful. "Such charm and cheer came not by chance-" is a great thought.


  18. margie, thank you for coming by today and leaving me a most kind comment...i have arrived back here to your beautiful home here in blogland...lovely writings, beautiful setting..thank you for introducing yourself to me!! :) xx

  19. for some reason, blogger won't let me sign in to the follower thing so i will return again later. xx

  20. Fire tipped harmonies. I can almost hear them. Lovely :-)

  21. What marvellous words you use! A lovely gem of a poem.

  22. Thanks for stopping by. I loved that book too and maybe SOME day I'll own an Hermes scarf!

  23. Now this is perfect...carried me along.."All from time harp's strings"..so ethereal and lovely!

  24. Another contribution of beauty. Thank you Margie.

  25. Beautiful combination of delicious words. Very best wishes.

  26. It is the "strange space" to which I am attracted.
    I know that I am weird!

  27. Margie,

    Such beautiful words.
    Especially those final lines, ''God loves rhythm and romance''.

    That is simply a divine thought!

    Eileen :)

  28. Filled with smiles and beauty, Margie. Very, very nice! Have a nice weekend!!!

  29. A treasure. Your words are a song in itself.

  30. This is so beautiful..."Go, little songs and bear our dreams"...

    Thank you, Margie! xx

  31. Stopping in to say hi and happy weekend Margie. Hope you have a good one! Ill send some rain via a rain dance your way LOL, I wish I could.

    I have a contest coming up at Happy Break for July, hope you will be able to spread the word and of course enter! SHould be fun.

    Lots of hugs, G

  32. Everything and everyone in Nature produces some sort of song: the birds, the waterfalls, the people playing the flute/guitar etc..

    Your song, Margie, is writting this little poem about the above lovely songs.

  33. Just this week I came across an interesting phrase in a Langston Hughes poem -- heart songs. It seems to fit right in with your poem about songs of all sorts.


  34. Lovely, lyrical words and images. Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts!

  35. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful sentiment!
    - Eva Maria

  36. Wow, this is lovely.

  37. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! :)

  38. Brian, yes, a happier place, indeed!
    Many thanks for the visit and nice words! :)

    Thank you, Aurora.

    Thanks very much, kavita and you are so welcome!

    I appreciate the kind words, Geraldine, thank you!
    Isn't Lorraine's photo gorgeous?
    I love it!
    Hugs ....

    How kind you are, Lady Fiona!
    Your lovely comment meant a lot to me...
    Many thanks!

    Thank so much, Joanne!

    Hello Kelvin and welcome!

    Thank you, dear Zuzana for sharing those kind words!
    So much appreciated!

    Thank you so much, dear Bernie.
    You are so kind!
    Hugs ....

    Lorraine, your photo does much justice, don't ever think otherwise!
    Thanks m'dear for the lovely comment! xxx

    Many thanks, priya.

    Hello Gail, isn't it all wonderful and, yes, God inspired!
    Wishing you a joyful day full of peace and love and good music!
    Thanks very much for the lovely comment!

    Hi Lydia, how nice of you to say that you love my post.
    Thanks very much!
    Having my friend Lorraine's photo added so much to my poem.

    Thanks so much, Anne.

    How sweet you are, G.
    And I did enjoy that review.
    Thank you, hugs!

    Thank you, Heaven.

    Hi Sixpence, it was a pleasure to visit your blog and lovely to have you visit mine.
    So appreciate your kind words.
    Thank you for the follow.

    Thanks for dropping by, Linda.
    And thank you for the nice comment.

    Thanks very much, Rosalind!

    ladyfi, such kind words!
    Many thanks!

    Hi Melissa, thank you for visiting.
    Great book, huh?

    Lyn, so appreciate your lovely comment.
    Thanks very much!

    Kochuravi, thank you!

    Thanks very much, Robert.
    Your visit and kind words are very appreciated!

    Many thanks, Susie.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Loved your last poem!
    Such beautiful memories you have!

    Hi Goatman, ah, you liked that part best.
    But, never weird ...LOL!
    Thanks for reading and commenting!
    Take good care!

    Thanks very much, Eileen for the kind words.
    Always so nice to have you visit.
    You must be enjoying that new grandbaby ....babies are such a joy!

    Michael, so enjoyed that very nice comment.
    It made me smile :)
    Thank you so much!

    Thank you, dear Marja.
    So kind you are!

  39. Hello Marion,
    Oh, you pointed out one of my favorite lines.
    I so enjoyed that you found them beautiful!
    Thank you very much for the kind words!

    Margie xx

  40. Great use of imagery for song. The sounds of Nature and instruments are all producing music that is so welcoming to us.
    Have a great weekend dear friend.

  41. Hi Geraldine,
    Oh, how sweet you are!
    I had a very nice weekend and hope you did as well.
    Still no rain, though.
    You must work harder on that rain dance ...LOL!

    Happy day to you, my friend!

    And lots of hugs ...

    Margie :)

  42. Hi Duta,
    I always enjoy your visits very much and thank you for sharing the nice words!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

    Margie :)

  43. Hello Barbara,
    Oh, I love Langston Hughes and love your lovely comment!
    Many thanks!

    Margie :)

  44. Hi Judith,
    Thanks so very much for the kind words and you are so welcome!

    Margie :)

  45. A warm welcome to you, Eva Maria.
    Thanks for the very nice comment and also the follow.
    Nice to be following you.
    You are a wonderful designer!

    Margie :)

  46. Thanks so much, Ash ...
    So nice to see you here!
    Hope life is wonderful for you!

    Margie :)

  47. Welcome, Sandy and many thanks for the kind words!

    Margie :)

  48. Hello The Tame Lion,
    Welcome here and thanks so much for the kind comment!

    Margie :)

  49. Hi Ariel(Susan)
    How are you?
    Hope you are enjoying summer with the family.

    Your nice comment is much appreciated!
    Thank you very much!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    Margie :)

  50. "Fire tipped harmonies
    flame across far centuries"
    amazing lines You are so creative

  51. "Fire tipped harmonies
    flame across far centuries"
    amazing lines You are so creative


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