Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Supposedly my dog Patches
never exactly belonged to me
but he was patient and gracious
helping a kid learn to play "go get it"
("fetch" was a foreign word then)
and showing me when enough was enough
("Don't wear him out" dad said
"He gets tired just as you do)

Patches ran the trails with dad
and peacefully tolerated me
as I learned that dogs need praise
and water and love.

He didn't deserve that painful death
from distemper.

Gentle little dog
wherever you wait now
maybe you barely remember me
but I need to send belated thanks
for that long-ago start
towards many years
of incomparable friendships.
This is not a picture of my Patches but looks very much like him.
Patches was my first dog, my best dog !


  1. Hi - this is so wonderful. Patches is amazing and such a great teacher in so many ways. I love your memories. My first dog was "Beauty", a collie Irish Setter Mix. We grew up together. We got her when I was one and she passed when I was sixteen. Thank you for reminding me of her today.
    Love Gail

  2. Heartwarming ! Treasured memories !What a wonderful tribute to Patches .

  3. Happy Tuesday, Margie!
    I'm a total dog lover (my wife prefers cats). What a lovely tribute to Patches.
    I love the photo of the dog. Look at that face...he's so cute!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a beautiful day!

  4. Indeed a lovely tribute to a beloved pet.

    Happy Tuesday and thanks always for your kinds words in my blog.

  5. So very touching Margie, sounds like a wonderful canine pal. We NEVER forget them do we? It is 2 years today that Mitzi left us at the ripe (old!) age of 21+ . she is so on my mind today.

    Hugs to you and thanks for this lovely post. You are such a kind and gentle person.

  6. aww...so tender...my pup was name hobo...he was a hound that let me ride his back as a little one...when he died i was give a stuffed animal resembling him and kept it for years...this gave me big smiles.

  7. Brought back all the memories of favorite dogs, distemper and all the love that my Shadow had in his little puppy heart for us when we left us even before he could make it to his 1st birthday.


  8. So sweet, Margie. He is waiting, I am sure.

  9. Hi Margie,

    I checked. He remembers in sleep. Deep in the dreams he sees that little girl and he feels good about her.

    Goodlife my friend,


  10. Hi Margie
    I'm sure you miss your dog patches very much. What a nice post for him.
    wishing you a nice evening.

  11. My love out to Patches ;o) I am sure he is watching over you! ;o)

  12. What a wonderful and heartfelt tribute...sending love to Patches, and thanks for sharing this lovely poem in his honor!

  13. yes dogs are afterall living beings and they need as much care and love as we humans do :) nice tribute :)

  14. What a beautiful tribute to your first pet dear Margie.;) We can never forget any of the lovely and devoted animals that have been our companions.;)
    Lovely and touching poem and such a cute image.;))

  15. Poor little sweetheart, but God knows the truth, and he is surrounded by so much love, angel x

  16. This is a superb memorial to Patches. He was a great teacher and sounds so loving and gentle.

    My first dog was a German Shepherd who went everywhere with me. She died just after I left home. I've always felt so badly that I wasn't there when it was her time.

    This poem reaches everyone who ever had a wonderful first dog like Patches!

  17. Thank you for your visit, it is good to have you back.

  18. Oh So sad, your first dog, your best dog. beautiful writing and memories. hugs to you.

  19. I am so loving Patches, wish I had a clone

  20. oh how sweet those memories of summer days and a furry friend to play with... so uncomplicated :)

  21. ya beautiful writing and memories..:)

  22. All the beautiful animals that have passed through our lives, have special places reserved in our hearts and souls, don't they? Thank you, Margie. You made me remember Spotty (my first dog). I'm sorry Patches had such an untimely death, but love that you honor his memory and what he taught you as a child.

  23. Oh, so sorry for your loss. Dogs do teach us so much.

  24. You know what they say to a bachelor:
    "If you want a year of happiness take a wife. If you want a life of happiness take a dog".

    May your Patches rest in peace! Your poem is a lovely tribute to his memory.

  25. Sorry to hear that margie. A beautiful tribute to your dog. A dog can be such a great companien.
    Take care

  26. It was so gentle!. I wonderful requiem for a wonderful patchy.

  27. I could get a clear picture of Patches and your love for him from these lines. Your ability to tell real-life stories through poetry is amazing.

  28. I LOVE this photo - I hope you don't mind if I try and sketch it.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker