Friday, September 06, 2013

Loneliness ~


a winding sheet
of sorrow 
has bound my heart 
today ... tonight ... tomorrow 
a chill 
that wraps around 
my arms 
and holds me close 
to be downcast and morose
an ache 
so fierce 
it surely would be seen 
but everyone has gone 
the room swept clean ...
This was written when my son went off to college 
My heart was so heavy with his being gone.
I had a great friend that helped me through 
those hard days of missing my son. (my husband) 
My son has finished his studies and has a great job.
He lives close by now and I see him often.
I am truly blessed ... 


  1. Beautiful words! I am glad your son is now closer in location to you.

  2. Sounds like you did good, Margie. And that feeling, and the tears, they're part of the job. I know.

  3. oh what a heavy hear ti read this with...seeing a loved one off even if we know they will return can def feel like this...its hard the cleaving of the child from the parent and letting them grow into themselves....

  4. A lovely (sad, then) piece of your life, Margie.

    Reminded me--during WWII of guys ALL over the neighborhood leaves girl friends, lovers, wives, children, friends...OFF TO WAR!

  5. excellent really beautifully written.

  6. I know how hard it is Angel, and I'm so glad that he returned to be close x

  7. That is beautiful. It is a bittersweet moment when they go off on their own. You are happy they're all grown up, but miss them so. How nice that he's nearby now.

  8. A beautiful poem of a mother's lament...thankfully hubby helped you through this tough period and now all is better with your son being near once again~~~


  9. I relate so deeply to your poignant words...I'm making the exact same adjustments right now with my daughter. I'm happy to hear that your son is nearby now...thank you for sharing your beautiful words and the striking photo to go with it.

  10. Oh I so empathise with you, Margie!
    This is exactly how I felt when my son went to world suddenly became so empty too.

    This shared experience makes me feel so close to you...I hope we will always be friends. xxx

  11. I'm so happy for you and your son my dear friend!!!

  12. Margie, you are truly blessed, your son lives close and has a great job! Your poem truly shows the sadness you went through! Big Hugs ;o)

  13. Wonderfully written, evoking deep feelings. Glad the situation has changed now!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  14. Your beautiful poem expresses the emptiness left behind when loved ones leave the house. I luckily still have one at home for a while.

  15. Lisa, thanks so much!

    Geo, I am a very proud mom, thank you for reading and commenting.
    We, as parents all go through the tears, yes, part of the job.
    But, the joy, oh, the joy of just being a parent, nothing in the world can compare.

    Brian, it was so hard to let him go but he's made me so proud to be his mom.
    Thanks for visiting, you always do and I appreciate that.

    Steve, thank you very much and I can only imagine all that heartache when they went off to war and so many never returned.
    My son just went off to college but it was still very traumatic for me to have him go but now he's close by, does my heart such good to see him often.

    veeravista, thank you,

    Lorraine, thank you. x

    Martha, your kind words are appreciated, thanks very much.
    And my son will be visiting today, I am happy :)

    Jan, thanks for the kind words.
    It's wonderful to have my son close by. x

    Sherri, I know how you are feeling and my heart is heavy for you.
    Empty Nest Syndrome is so hard!
    Such kind words on my poem, thanks very much.
    I send you a hug for comfort.

    Ygraine, many thanks for your kindness.
    I felt like we were kindred souls the first time I visited you.

    Lon, thank you so much.

    Stacy, indeed, I am blessed and I know it.
    It was a sad time for me and thank you for understanding.

    Rob-Bear, thanks very much for the kind words.
    Always a pleasure to have you visit.
    Blessings to you and a Margie hug.

    Marja, many thanks for the visit and kind comment. I'm glad you still have one at home, enjoy all your times together as they grow up much too quickly.

    Wishing everyone that took the time to visit a most wonderful day.


  16. This really struck a chord, Margie. And you know why. :)

    Just beautiful!

  17. Kim, thanks so much and yes, I understand.
    I hope you are managing okay, I know how hard it is.


  18. Oh wow..I can imagine back then how overwhelm you must have been and I think as a mother, this is the moment we all dread.

    I hope I have that strength and support just like you too when the times come...oh gosh

  19. You express your emotions so well in your poetry and I always enjoy seeing the photos you post with them. Glad your son is nearby and doing well!

  20. a very powerful poem, Margie, full of heart-felt emotions. I know exactly how you felt when your son left home, I felt the same when my daughter left.
    You are truly blessed that he now lives nearby. x


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