Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spoons ~

Why in books do lovers sleep like spoons
as though one life could curl so close 
against another
sleep without the turning of a leg 
the cramping of an arm?

no spoon would have your neck 
your ears to tickle with the warmth of breath 
your shoulders waiting to be hugged 
until you turn to catch the lips
that linger on your back

thrust all thoughts of sleep 
into a drawer with silver spoons ~

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  1. So beautiful, Margie...those spoons, like lovers who fit together so perfectly that it feels like they were made for each other.
    Oh, if only life could always be like this for

  2. What to say what to say a genius at play! what you do with words, is magical and well you know....Oh La La Angel x

  3. Loved this. Margie. Yes, we start out spooning, but eventually you have to drift apart...because, as you say, you end up cramping. Still, that closeness lingers with us...carries us through our days.

  4. I love the composition with all I've seen and have read here my friend.

  5. ha. yes there is a time to put the spoons away and roll write...there is something closer than spoons...but as talon says we travel around hte bed a bit giving space and taking it...

  6. Beautiful words and thoughts here, have given me something to think about and this is good~


  7. They fit together — those spoons
    occupying space
    intimately, intentionally
    side by side
    like two lovers
    embracing one another —
    as if
    they had always
    belonged like

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  8. Just read your excellent poem for the 3rd time and was again reminded of the theme of Shakespeare's Sonnet 130: "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun..." I like yours better!

  9. Boa noite,
    Perfeito! A colocação de cada palavra é excelente na construção criativa do lindo poema.


  10. Margie, this is such a beautiful poem! I love your metaphors, they are amazing!

    Lovers sleep like spoons.... This is about our intimacy, the most precious moment filled with trust, and comfort and about a feeling that you and your beloved are one world, one universe.

    Margie, you are a beautiful poet!!!!

  11. Your charming poem reminds me of the love spoon trdition in Scotland and Wales (England).

    The love spoon made of wood or pewter with heart ornaments,is very popular as a romantic gift, as it symbolizes eternal love.

  12. So sweet and beautiful poem..... but me and hubby won't be sleeping soundly for sure heheheh...

  13. Hello Margie,
    I'm visiting here from Rob Bear's.

    Very nice poem: sensual, soothing, and relaxing.

  14. Olá,
    Venho agradecer a simpática visita ás minhas fotos.


  15. So sensual and utterly brilliant!

  16. sensual and thought provoking, just wonderful! and I especially love the image to go with it... xx

  17. Amazing writing and so funny made me laugh, will always be thinking of those 2 spoons now! If you wold like to visit me back I'm at, blessings, Alison

  18. Beautiful poem. I love the feelings it evokes. Just lovely...

  19. This is so romantic and loving! Beautiful poem my friend ;o)

  20. Love the poetry and the imagery.

  21. I love your "turning of the word", Margie. True when lovers "sleep" together--who SLEEPS?

  22. I have been following your poetry for years, and I think this is my very favorite one.

  23. Hello Ygraine, many thanks for the visit and kind words.

    Hi Lorraine, well, I have never thought of myself in that way, I just write the words but how kind you are to think of me like that.
    Thank you.
    And, oh la la .... haha.

    Hello Kim, so glad to know you loved my poem and I concur on what you said about the closeness lingering with us and carrying us through our days.
    Thank you.

    Lon, thank you.

    Brian, here's to rolling over ... Lol
    Thanks for liking my poem.

    Jan, thank you and I'm wondering what I gave you to think about, hope it was something good!

    Rob-Bear, I like your verse, nice!
    Blessings to you.

    Geo, I am completely in awe of your comment.
    I think that has to been of of the most wonderful comments I have ever received.
    Thank you so very much.
    To be compared to Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 and to have you like my poem better is astounding to me!

    Existe Sempre Un Lugar, gracias

    Kaya, how very kind you are, I appreciate your comment so much.
    Thank you.

    Martha, many thanks.

    Duta, I think I would love that love spoon, so utterly charming!
    Thank you for the visit and kind words.

    Shionge (Betty) thank you and LOL on not sleeping soundly.
    Sleeping is so over rated...hehe!

    Anita, thank you for the visit and kind words.

    ladyfi, how very kind, thank you.

    Cat, your lovely comment means a lot, thank you.

    Alison, thank you.
    I guess it was the spoons that gave you a laugh.

    Lisa, many thanks.
    So glad you enjoyed my poem.

    Stacy, thank you, dear.

    Joyful, I appreciate that.
    Thank you.

    Steve, you made me laugh.
    Yes, who SLEEPS (well, lovers should not ...LOL )
    So glad you liked this.
    Thank you.

    Tom, my goodness, that is indeed a lovely comment.
    You honor me.
    Thank you.

    All of you are greatly appreciated for the visits.

    Wishing you all joy on this day!


  24. I like your turn of words here, Margie. Too HOT to sleep "spooned" but a nice snuggle often makes it just warm enough.

  25. Romantic but also brought about feelings of encouragement that we all need, with holding a loved one so close.

  26. wow how romantic and touching (literally) You are such a creative and sensitive person

  27. And the Spoon ran Away with the knife or was it the fork oh maaaaaaaaaaan
    lol ps old MacDonald's (no, not had a farm) but McDonald's used to have a commercial and it always ended and the spoon ran way with the fork oh yeah that's the one!!!

  28. i love this, thanks for visiting Sugarloaf Mountain today


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