Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Day of Accounting ~

The unresolved but sleeping past 
and unknown future 
separate themselves by just today _
My age commends me 
to a quiet thinking pace.
What complications can be satisfied?
As little time as possible 
may be spent concerning things 
that cannot be helped, except
for words of sorrow for the sad.
A sparkling of confidence 
in working ones of good intent 
and listening to other's need
just to be heard.
What better way to start this 
opening of a bright and spicy 
day of spring? 
(I am taking a little break from blogging
 as I have company coming in from out-of-town 
 for the next couple of weeks. 
 Take care friends, enjoy your days and be happy!) 

Monday, June 16, 2014

They Who Bind Loveliness ~

They who bind loveliness 
will not be hurt 
by common things 
theirs is a white 
impregnable defense 
against the inquietudes of night 
and dull minutiae of day _

They who make loveliness 
an amulet 
chained on heart 
will walk secure 
from javelins of hate 
impervious to the thrust 
of treacheries 
feigned friends and whited words 
nor care to weld 
the substance with the dream _

And since their happiness 
draws substance 
from slender roots 
of little things 
implicit in all life
tapping a hidden well 
of coolness, confident and calmness 
nothing can sadden long 
nor scar too deep _

Friday, June 13, 2014

Your Laughter ~

How beautiful 
the sound of your laughter 
gentle, pleased and pleasing 
with the softened tones of 
pure contentment 
brightly releasing taut bonds 
of tension 
Your light casts aside 
the shades of anguish and 
cruelties of despair 
Your love overflows 
soothing, reassuring 
reaching forth to touch 
my weariness 
moving with sprightly strokes 
to brush aside 
my apprehensions 
In your voice 
such laughter is the music 
of love's delight - 

(written for my dear husband ...
 tomorrow is his birthday, every day, his laughter lights up my life) 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Teacher ~

Sleep well, my little one.
May your dreams nourish your soul this night
for you, my little one 
are my teacher 
your fingers point the way 
your lively steps lead where I may follow 
your outstretched arms embrace your world 
your eyes are my mirror 
within your innocence, I am reflected 
through your eyes, I encounter the universe 
together we may walk 
hand in hand, through time 
together we are one 
for you are my teacher
my little one.

(dedicated to my granddaughter, Rose
 photo credit goes to Rose's grandpa, her papa) 

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Hope ~

Hope is a vastness, unbounded 
toward which all knowledge flows
where all reason 
and all experience 
move beyond sight and thought 
in undefinable nebulosity _

Hope is a voice whispering 
behold! There is no boundary 
no line which says 
this is an end 
with no beyond _

Hope is the touch of your hand 
so that I may look into 
the nebulous vastness 
and no longer 
be afraid _
(I am heading away to the mountains early tomorrow morning 
with my husband, he is riding in a biking event  ... a hundred mile ride 
he amazes me with his biking zest 
I am not taking my laptop , I will see you all next week 
Have a great  weekend !) 

Monday, June 02, 2014

The Art Divine ~

So quietly doth Friendship stroll
along the paths of men 
so surely doth her pure keen soul 
reach out beyond our ken 
and feel the need in every heart 
that cries for light and love _
Her ministry becomes an art 
all other arts above _

Thus you and I all unawares 
are drawn from earth's far ways 
to help each other lift the cares
that throng this mortal maze _
We know not why we meet or part
except we see the plans 
that underline her subtle art 
Friendship understands _

(this poem is dedicated to a longtime friend 
that I met in 1979, I am sending this poem 
to her in the mail (snail mail)