Thursday, June 05, 2014

Hope ~

Hope is a vastness, unbounded 
toward which all knowledge flows
where all reason 
and all experience 
move beyond sight and thought 
in undefinable nebulosity _

Hope is a voice whispering 
behold! There is no boundary 
no line which says 
this is an end 
with no beyond _

Hope is the touch of your hand 
so that I may look into 
the nebulous vastness 
and no longer 
be afraid _
(I am heading away to the mountains early tomorrow morning 
with my husband, he is riding in a biking event  ... a hundred mile ride 
he amazes me with his biking zest 
I am not taking my laptop , I will see you all next week 
Have a great  weekend !) 


  1. smiles...hope is what keeps us...
    and thank goodness there is no end, that comes without a new beginning
    it may be hard at times but as long as there is hope

  2. Have fun and enjoy your time with your hubby.

    Thank you for leaving us with this beautiful thought, dear talented lady~

    Big Hugs and Safe Travel

  3. Enjoy your trip to the mountains x

  4. You are certainly leaving some beauty here for us, dear Margie, in your lovely poem, before your departure to the mountains. I hope that your time will bring you joy and peace, and that it will be a safe journey. Sending you a warm hug. :)

  5. What a beautiful poem and lovely flowers. Hope is something of such great importance to us, I love how you've expressed it. I hope your trip is wonderful.

  6. A lovely tribute to hope! Hope you had a great week! Wishing you low winds and dry weather:)

  7. Sounds like a fun trip! Have a wonderful time.

  8. Bonne journée! Bon voyage! And have a wonderful time.

  9. Your poem is endearing and wonderful, as always, have a wonderful time xx with Love, and hug for handsome !

  10. also beautiful flowers, did you take the photo? lol you need I WON'T stop asking until i know you took a photo, mind you someone who writes poetry like you, could bask in the sun, with many, many people bringing you food, drinks, comfort, ice cream lol have a great time

  11. Ah, this is so beautiful Margie.I love the photo too. Have a great weekend! :-)

  12. 'Hope is a voice whispering
    behold!' I particularly love that line, it's full of optimism.

  13. :) Such a hope! we all need it every time. Thanks for spreading it. Have a nice trip!!

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog before your mini-vacation. Fantastic that your dh is so active. Your poem of hope is very beautiful, Margie.

  15. Wow, I'm impressed - good for him! Have a great time.

  16. Lovely words! Enjoy your time in the mountains.

  17. have a great trip...and very best of luck to your husband!

    A truly fabulous poem, Margie...certainly filled my heart with much needed hope.

    Hugs xxx

  18. I see your comments around a lot of blogs I follow so I figured I would come and check yours out Margie. Wow! Wonderful poetry here :) good luck to your husband in the biking event!!

  19. Enjoy your time on the road, while hubby bikes. Blessings and a wonderful time are the wishes from my heart. Hugs

  20. Encantada acompanhando
    suas postagens

  21. Margie, have a great time away with your hubby ;o) Good for you, not taking your laptop!
    The poem touches my heart!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  22. Amazing picture!! Hope is something we hope will be with us forever.
    Enjoy your trip in the mountains!

  23. Wonderful Poem! The entire world rides on this one word.
    Have an enjoyable weekend!

  24. Great poem of hope which gives a feeling that all is still possible, that whatever happens there are still endless outcomes.
    I hope you a great trip

  25. Hello Margie, I came by to visit and read the poetry I've missed in the time I've been off-line. I hope your husband has fun. Is it mountain biking? My husband is also an avid biker - he mostly rides his road bikes.

  26. Enjoy the mountains and I hope your husband enjoys his bike ride. What a beautiful poem this is! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  27. beautiful publications

    I'll follow your posts :)

    Best regards


  28. Hi Margie! I hope your husband's race went well, and that you had a good weather?
    Again, I 'hope'. All our knowledge does end there, I agree. We have to let go at some point, knowing that we have no control We hope in the God who directs and loves.

  29. Boa tarde; Margie!
    Corremos atrás do tempo sem limite, mas o tempo é mais rápido que nós.
    desejo-lhe uma boa estadia e uma excelente corrida para o seu marido.
    Dia feliz

  30. Margie,

    I felt rewarded by reading your poem. Rewarded with the energy required to keep my hopes for a friend alive. A friend who despairs so much...It is sad.
    Hope you have a wonderful time Margie, away from the world of laptops etc!!
    Best wishes, Eileen :)

  31. Margie: Kudos to your husband! I'm just beginning cycling with a group! 100 miles is amazing! Have a safe trip!!

  32. HI Margie - nebulousness world is where you'll be amongst the mountains high in the mists of life - a cycling life ... that's great your hubby enjoys his sport so much ... but I love your poem ... Hope - there is always hope ... it never leaves us .. cheers Hilary and have that happy time away without screen!

  33. Have a great journey Margie ~~ we love to bike too, back ion the day!! I have posted my latest with a reflection from you.....enjoy!!

    Ron and Sophie Doodle

  34. heloooo Margie....r u back from the trip? :-) hope you had a wonderful time.

  35. My goodness, so many comments ....thanks so very much to all of you.
    I so appreciate the time you took to visit and comment.

    Today is a very busy day as I have been taking care of my granddaughter.
    She is napping now and I get to take a break so I am going to take a nap too as Rose woke me up at 5:30 am .(she stayed overnight)
    I shall reply to the comments later in the week.

    Wishing everyone a most wonderful day


  36. I found you from Sophie's page-beautiful poetry


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker