Tuesday, August 05, 2014

My Mother's Star ~

When twilight goes and night has made 
the crimson flags of sunset fade 
while down the drowsy, wearied hills 
her purple fruitage flooding spills _
When night has come and day has ceased 
across the valley to the east 
a star hangs tender, soft and low 
I love to watch it shining so _
I say, "That is my mother's star!"
though far away _ oh, far and far
I know she watches over me 
as tender and as lovingly 
as when she led me _ footsteps slow 
A-down the paths of long ago 
no other star may ever shine 
as glows this Mother Star of mine _

(my mom died in 1998 and I miss her so much 
 but she is in my thoughts daily and I cherish the beautiful memories!) 
(photo is from Google.) 


  1. this. is. gorgeous. love it! I esp. love this...'while down the drowsy, wearied hills
    her purple fruitage flooding spills _'. Thank-you for sharing your talent!


  2. oh i understand this so much and your writing just brings tears to my eyes...you will always be the greatest Love poet of our times...ps as you know had to leave my photos and stuff l although it posted on google it not longer posted on myblog it reached its limit. So I deleted everything, but then i REMEMBER i had a joke one up so I kept it for writing....I hope you get a chance to check it out, with love,me xoxxo http://outofsightl.blogspot.ca/ and has few dirty jokes, before i realized that google doesn't care about writing ;) love always, if you can pay a visit xoxo

  3. Your words paint sweet pictures. Thank you. Hugs.

  4. Wonderful post, dear Margie. My mother died in 1983 when I was 26 and my father died in 1984 when I was 27. It never gets easier, but it is wonderful that we can keep their memories with us. I love your writing.

  5. it is cool to look on that star as your mothers star...and that it is her watching over you...

    several years ago i bought a star and named it for my wife....

  6. Oh yes Margie - so beautiful, words and image. I feel my Mom's love every where, ever day all around me and within me. She is all of life, hope and faith. As is your Mom...
    Love Gail

  7. My mother died so young - 69 - and I was just in my 30's. Still, I feel her love and guidance daily, 35+ years later. To have such inspiring and loving mothers - may many be so blessed! The cadence of your poem and the images strike just the right chord, Margie.

  8. Well angel since I could not find any thing that pleased me, I decided to reopen a brand new blog so it will a long time before Google can really peeve me off again, so there's one photo up and i don't remember the name lol hopefully by clicking my name it will get you to the blog or the two remaining ones lol

  9. here it is, back on blogger and google: http://forevermyphotosl.blogspot.ca/
    but i explain to them that I'm not coming back for blogger or for google, no I'm coming ,cause it's the only place i can access Picasa3 so now I have one photo, wow it'lll take years...

  10. I love the theme of this...the starts of our loved ones watching over us...

  11. I am very sorry for your loss. Your poem is so beautiful and thoughtful and caring, just like you! Memories can be such a bounty...

  12. A very moving poem, at once personal and universal.

  13. This moved me so deeply- beautiful!

  14. Beautiful and touching poem, Margie. Well done.

  15. The lines reflect how much you miss her Margie. A beautiful poem

  16. -happy sigh-


    just beautiful...

    gentle hugs,

  17. So lovely, Margie. What a heartfelt, beautiful post/poem. I so understand the void in your heart. For me, it's for my father who died in 2007. I miss him every day, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. When he left, the world became a lonelier place.

  18. Margie, this is so beautiful! Bless your heart and bless your mother's heart too! Big Hugs and much love! xoxooxox

  19. A very beautiful poem - so beautiful!

  20. I am sure, she must be watching you over from above and smiling:)

  21. Margie,

    I wish to involve myself in your beautiful poem, as I am of exactly the same mindset. My dear mother died in 1995 and I miss her so much. I truly understand your emotions Margie. Thank you for sharing...


  22. What a lovely, heartfelt poem.

  23. I cannot imagine a more tender and loving tribute to the memory of your beloved mom...this brought a lump to my throat.
    There is so much love inherent in these heart-felt words...oh WOW!

    Big Hugs xxx

  24. oh angel i hate to ask you that but could you please send me the link to my old blog so \i can take it copy all the phtos back 'cause i lost I lot of them and then I will have to delete I am so sorry

  25. and they won't let me upload a photo anymore on my blog so i[m on Google because i have no way out, so I'll upload my photos there, there ar ea lot of people that \i know are there so I'll visit them, and of course I'll always visit youi, kim is there as well as Anthony, and quite a few I use to know but I will visit you and a few, and those that weren't forced into google oh well at least i get to keep my photos, i tried AM3 got back in but I can't upload from picasa and picasa is everything tome so i won't blog there either but I'll be on google if you want to stop and say Hi Love you you can keep the blog i asked you to delete it won't make difference well a good run anyway 12 years blogging....love you

  26. Boa noite,
    as mães são sempre a estrela mais brilhante e a mais linda que brilha para sempre.
    Dia feliz

  27. I am sad for your loss, Margie and relate to losing a parent. But a the risk of repeating what others may already sense, you honor her memory beautifully with your gift of writing from the precise center of your heart. This matters!

  28. Beatuful poem for your mom Margie. I know she is looking after you. My mom also passed away in 2004. You never stop missing your mom.
    Have a nice night Margie

  29. I cannot imagine a life without my mother. This poem brought tears to my eyes. Lovely!

  30. She does shine bright as does her angelic daughter posted a poem, although the html went crazy and they let me post a photo today oh my

  31. Beautiful tribute to your mother, Margie. She must have been really special.

  32. My Dear and Sweet Friend,

    Your beautiful words touched me deeply...so touching.
    My sweet and beautiful Mother died in 1994, and like you, my heart will ache for her each day that I live.
    Your writings are a gift...the best kind. They come from deep within your heart and your soul~

    Lots of Hugs and Love

  33. Our mothers leave an indelible mark on us. This was lovely, Margie.

  34. What a sweet beautiful touching tribute to your mum. You are such a great poet

  35. That is a beautiful poem my friend.

  36. Oh Margie this is so wonderful. What a beautiful tribute to the love you had for your Mother and she for you. I love the flow and rhyme...it is perfect in every way!!

  37. Thanks to all of you for the visits and comments.
    I truly appreciate each visit and comment.
    I am having a very busy weekend and shall reply to all of the comments when I have more time ....

    Wishing all of you a most wonderful Sunday ..
    Blessings and hugs

    ~ Margie


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