Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Words ~

Little weaving chains of words
that sing a deathless song 
echoing like clanking swords 
that protest against wrong _

A friendly sympathetic grace 
to ease a heart that's sore 
a place for words _ and time and space 
yet silences may roar _

Words left unsaid _ (that should have been)
may wound a tender heart 
'tis then we need the magician's pen 
or some rare Godlike art _

(It seems like I have been away from blogging for a long time 
and I have been. I have been very busy taking care of Jake 
since my last post. And, then we went on a 2 week vacation early in October 
and left Jake in good hands, or so I thought.
That turned out not to be the case.
We took him in for an appt with his surgeon on Oct 18th and had the most 
distressing news. An x-ray revealed Jake had much swelling of his knee 
that had the surgery and he had a new fracture.
My job has been to completely restrict his activity and lots of ice-packs.
Another x-ray will be done on Nov 13th, I am praying for healing 
as if not another surgery will have to be done.

Also, my dearest Aunt Rose passed away a day after we returned from 
vacation, my heart is broken! 
She lived to the age of 98 and went peacefully in her sleep.

I am sorry I have not been around to visit any of you lovely Blog friends 
but I just cannot manage it at this time, I am completely focused on Jake 
and his healing.) 

Hoping life is wonderful for all of you.
I do not know when I shall post again.
Please keep Jake in your good thoughts and prayers.

Love from 
~ Margie 


  1. All my best wishes to you, Margie. You've had to help a helper heal and you've had some sadness. Yet, you wrote a beautiful poem and used the phrase, "...lovely Blog friends." --which I appreciate. Even an old fart like me needs to be called lovely sometimes. You're exceptional.

  2. Beautiful, Margie...continuing prayers.

  3. oh i am sorry you have had such a rough go of it...i am glad though that you have been there...and that you have this place to re-emerge to....nothing but grace to you...

    good to see you friend....

  4. Margie, I am so sorry to hear this distressing news. Prayers for you and yours here.

    Your poem is lovely!

  5. so sorry to read about Jake - i hope rest and icing will help and he won't need surgery. And sorry to read about your aunt. Glad you wrote a post and hope all goes well for you.

  6. You have had much sad news, Margie...take time to heal and care for Jake.
    Your poem is lovely, my sweet and talented friend~

    Healing Thoughts and Love

  7. Oh, Margie, such sadness. It's hard to watch a beloved pet go through this - and hard on the family, too. My sympathies for your Aunt Rose - thank goodness she could end her long life peacefully. Sending you all good wishes and hugs from Breckenridge.

  8. I hope Jake gets well soon and I am sorry for your loss. Xoxo

  9. Oh Angel this is so beautiful, so sorry about Jake you know I have both you and him in my prayers everyday, and your poem is extraordinary. Gosh I've missed you so, praying for Jake always, and you my sweet sweet angel xxxxxxxoooooo

  10. It is wonderful to hear from you, Margie, although I'm sorry for some rough times you've had/are having. I hope Jake is well soon. And may your sweet aunt rest in peace.

  11. I'm sending you prayers and good thoughts, Margie...I'm so sorry for the challenges and loss you're facing. Your poem, as always, is beautiful.

  12. Oh Margie...I so feel for you, dear friend.
    I an so, so sorry to hear of your beautiful Aunt Rose...although I am positive that she will continue to be there right by your side.
    I am sending Love and Healing to Jake...Get Well Soon, sweet one xxx...and to you too Sweetie...please take care of yourself. You are forever in my thoughts xxx

  13. What a beautiful poem. Your words have such power. I am so sorry to hear about your aunt and Jake. You and Jake are in my thoughts. I hope things improve for you soon.

  14. Again, another beautiful poem from you Margie....words are powerful....even the words that aren't spoken.

    Your dear Jake will be fine, I'm sure of it. Stay positive, dear friend.

  15. Dear Margie - losing your aunt - can't have been easy ... but so much more difficult at a time when you're helping Jake and ensuring he gets the best care possible, so he can recover ...

    The poem is so soft with meaning ... and 98 is a good age ... however my thoughts are with you all ... take care, and take care of Jake - Hilary

  16. Always Angel, I always pray for Jake, for You, for Jeff and your family, stay calm, stay hopeful, this too shall pass, I pray every morning and every time I think of you, which is quite often...I won't stop praying, everything will turn out so well, and much sooner than you expect, with Love, me xoxoxo

  17. I am so sorry to hear about your dear Aunt Rose. I'm so glad it was peaceful. And I am sending healing vibes Jake's way. Take all the time you need. We're not going anywhere :)

  18. Margie,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem, with such meaningful words...
    I am sorry to read about the troubles you still have, with the loss of your aunt and your ongoing concerns about Jake. I hope better days will emerge for you soon Margie.
    In my thoughts and prayers,

  19. My condolences! It is always sad to lose a person dear to us. I hope Jake will be well soon enough. You are doing all that you can. Rest is up to fate.

    The poem mirrors the emotions you must be feeling in this testing time.
    My well wishes!

  20. called you, left a brief message....continue my prayers for you and Jake......

  21. Call me! please, I feel your pain from so far away xxxxxxxangel, call me

  22. Hi Margie! It's just so good to see you again. I have thought of you often, and hoped that Jake was doing alright. What a blessing you are to him!
    I'll keep those prayers coming,

  23. Sorry to hear all the disturbing news, Margie. I do hope things look better on the 13th.

    Blessing and Bear hugs!

  24. Write it out angel, the way only you can, write it out, and you will come back xxxx huge hug for you for Jake always xxxxxxxx

  25. so sorry to hear your painful moments.. pray for the best to happen..Parting and meeting is a part of life...the poem deeply reflects your pain...best wishes and be fine:))

  26. Angel I tried so many times to e-mail you, but none work...I hope you're ok and Jake is getting better....I'm sorry I couldn't reach you by phone or by e-mail, take care of yourself ok?xxxxxxx

  27. Powerful. Sorry for your loss. Hoping for the best to you and your family.

  28. wonderful words, as always. So sorry to hear of your loss, and Jake's troubles also. big hugs to you, my thoughts are with you.

  29. You are such a wonderful friend, you know that, I've let out all my anguish, and by doing so, now i understand better I understand the situation and i made my peace with it, which wouldn't have happened if I hadn't let out the hurt first, so forever bless you, angel xxx000 and please can you come back I miss your poems so much! I'm kidding take all the time you need, we will always be here waiting for you, that's a promise, love 'ya xxx

  30. Thanks dear friends for the visits and lovely words ... such words of comfort.
    I appreciate all of you for taking time to visit...
    I shall reply to each of you later in the week...
    Rose is here today and keeping me very busy ...she is such a sweet little one and warms my heart so very much!

    Love from

  31. Hello Margie, I'm adding my visit and thoughts to all your other visitors. Like them, I wish you and Jake many blessings. You also have my condolences for the loss of Aunt Rose. Perhaps you'll be inspired by her to create more of your powerful, yet soothing poetry.

  32. Did what I could for Jake. I wish you well my friend.

  33. I miss you so much, but you are in my prayers and Jake, and other member of your family who suffered. I am with them in thought, and with you,always xxxxxxx don't work too hard, and take a few minutes here and there, to things of all your blogger friends who love you and your poetry so much, thinking of you, always L.


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