Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hello to all you special people that visit my blog!
I will be taking a break from blogging.
I saw my Dr. yesterday and was diagnosed with tendonitis.
It is very painful and I have it in both arms.
I'm wearing braces and taking an anti-inflammatory medication.
Dr's orders include staying off the computer for a few weeks.

So no blogging or visting anyone for a while.
I'll so miss all of you wonderful people as visting you is a bright spot in my day!
But I must get this tendonitis under control!
I do not want to have to do PT as I am now doing on my knee.

So, till we meet again, I send you all wishes for love, peace & joy!
Oh, I'll try my very best to visit your blogs today ... one last time before I go.

I so hope I can get back here before too long.
I shall miss you all!



Sunday, November 15, 2009


Talk not of gratitude
Nor think you owe me gold
A flower perhaps or a song
But the debt incurred is old.

Old as you and older
For, child, before your birth
When I felt the quicken in me
I portook of sky and earth!

Your birth was a storm that passed
You a plant that grew
I was rain and sun and soil
I was God and earth to you!

I was summer and winter and autumn
I knew fear and joy and peace
Forever I will be your debtor
Let talk of gratitude cease.

Go forth, my child, unfettered
I am your mother but now also your friend
Wishing you well forever
But owing you till the end!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


What can wealth give that I have not?
The air I breathe, the heavens blue
The sunshine bright, the stars at night
Three meals a day and health anew
Loyal friends and neighbors true
The joy to live, to work, to roam
A place to rest and call it home
What need I more that wealth can give
When life is love and love is to live!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Now I shall walk in the rain . . . the friendly rain.
Down a long road until I find a lane
That leads through pastures to the ocean's shore.
Drinking the strength of earth through every pore.
Feeling the glad response of growing things
Hearing the muted hymn that Nature sings
When rain, the friendly rain brings to the earth
Song and a hope renewed and gentle mirth.
The grass takes on a lacquer of new green
While myriads of toad-stools dot the scene
Like exclamation points. Small brooklets spill
In waterfalls and rapids down each hill.
The world is glad again ... and so am I.
The rain beats on my face. I feel the dry
Parched skin relax to loose a gleeful smile
As I trudge on through slushy mile on mile.
I splash in mud and water to my knees
In reclkess pleasure. Wait! Is that a sneeze?
Good gosh! Great Scott! Oh, I say hab you
Ad aspirid? Sniff. Sniff. Ka-choo. Ka-CHOOOOOO!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MONARCH DAYS (For my parents who always encouraged me to dream!)

When I was six
Summers were made of
Fireflies and dandelions
And trading mud pies was a priority
With Tommy next door ...
We'd wish for sunny days
And chocolate ice cream
With sprinklers
He was my best friend
Each morning we would begin
A new adventure ...
Our pockets full of plums and crickets
Selling my father's tomatoes
In the driveway ...
I picked raspberries on Thursdays
And ran barefoot through dreams
That seemed a million miles away
And now I know ...
That it was the right thing
To let the lightning bugs go free.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Long ago I made a prayer
"Let me keep wonder in my heart."
I pray now ..."Let me be aware
To know and love a thousandth part
Of all the wonders of each hour
The pageantry of every day
To use each sense and super-sense
To contact life in such a way
That I may see a simple flower
And know its color, shape and scent
As though I were a part of it
And feel the Ultimate Intent
That forms each small exquisite part
To serve its small important place
To see a golden pollen grain
Or planet circling through space
And know that each in its own way
Is part of such a vast design
That human mind can never grasp
The whole of it nor trace the line
That leads the seeking human heart
Along the hidden purposed course
Oh, may I walk with perfect trust
The path that leads me to the Source."

I hold this wonder in my heart
And try each hour to be aware
To give my thanks and live my thanks
Articulate in act and prayer.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Every day is set apart
From other days
A jewel some remembering heart

May always keep.

Bargained for with care and bought
With reckoning
Borrowed out of time or caught
Upon the wing.

Battled for and dearly won
Given or lent
Freely lived from sun to sun
Freely spent.

Every day is for some heart
A day of days
A jewel life has set apart
To shine always.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Do you know how much
I am thinking of you, Mother mine?
How much I've longed to be there with you?
Do mothers' eyes have special pow'rs to
see between each line
and read their children's hearts?
I think they do.
Because the aching tenderness for you
that fills my breast
my gratefulness that God let me go
to you of all the mothers in the world
can't be expressed in words
at least not in any that I know.
Unless, invisible to all
except a mother's gaze
a halo loaned to them some way
and even then I don't know
how I dare attempt to coin
a pristine phrase
to rearrange the same old words again.
But, Mother, God has used the same
ingredients for years
and yet how diff'rent is
each newborn child
and from the same old formula
of joy and tears
a brand new life is suddenly compiled.
So, Mom, because I'm part of you
perhaps your eyes can see
a newer, deeper meaning
when I say
how proud I am of you
proud in profound humility
because you're mine
on this and ev'ry day.
My Mom died in 1998 but she is always in my heart!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sometimes I write of streams, of forests green
of flowers on hills that still are home to me
I grieve at changes that have come to be
buildings and crowds where once
the snow lay clean ...
Yet would that land have seemed
so fair back then ...
if I'd been there without a horse to ride
without a dog to serve and guide?
How beautiful is home without a Friend?

Yes, I've faced sadness as each Friend passed on
I could have wept less if I hadn't cared
to hear a purr, to scratch a dog's warm ears ...
They walk carefree and fast who walk alone ...
Yet, thinking of the Best Friends who have shared
my life, I know the joy outweighed the tears.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I don't suppose that anything I write
Will shake the world or change it overnight ...
But then that's true for most of us, it seems ...
We think great thoughts and cherish noble dreams ...
Of how to overcome all want and strife ...
And wish for everyone a good life ...
However, it could be that in these few lines ...
There might be here and there some pleasant signs ...
That life reflects our efforts and intent ...
In love and tears and awe and wonderment ...
But usually I'd think it quite worthwhile ...
If words of mine would bring a smile ...
Or even now and then have someone see ...
The wonderment of life - along with me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am a woman
yet my heart awaits the night
singing like a girl's ...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Of all the fathers I recall
mine had to be the best of all ...
I loved to feel his hands in mine ...
when we washed up at supper time ...
and later, when we went upstairs ...
I wanted him to hear my prayers ...
He was the one to dim the light ...
when I said my last good-night.

And mother - being special too
quite understood my point of view ...
She knew that time brings changes and ...
would, one day, disengage my hand ...
from his, so I could then be free ...
to look for someone just for me ...
My choice (I know it made her glad)
turned out to be a lot like dad.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


These friendly hills are now attired
To dance to tunes by winds inspired
Each golden tree will swing and sway
With oakbrush dressed another way
Confetti leaves will fill the air
Ripe apples will be royal fare
The harvest moon will shed its light
So dancing can go on all night.

But when the festival is through
The friendly hills find rest is due
And so in ermine robes they keep
A rendevous with healing sleep.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


You who love all little things
A humming bird with shiny wings
A violet, a blade of grass
Whispering when at dusk You pass
You who love each little note
Lilting from a young bird's throat
Who put into the sky at night
Tiny bits of golden light
Called stars, and in the sky by day
Wisps of clouds; to You I pray
Watch over her! I would not dare
Call your attention to this small prayer
But oh, she is so very small
You might not notice her at all!
I wrote this poem when my daughter was a little girl ... she just recently got married ...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VERSIFIER (To my Husband)

"You say you have no style for poetry."
Do you know you write each day
A lovely poem formed through your kindness
Of the love words you would say.

That bouquet you bought this morning
Full of beauty, color, shade
Brought its cheer with tender rhythm
Thoughtfulness ... a rich brocade.

Yes! you write me poems of beauty
Words and deeds blend each a part
In the beauteous songs of gladness
That transforms both mind and heart.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A little bird poured out his soul in song
Not knowing its melody sweet and strong ...
Reached a child who was ill, making him smile ...
Or that an old man who listened awhile ...
Was cheered, resolving to fight life anew ...
Just as the bird lifted his wings and flew ...
He perched on a bough some distance away ...
So unaware of hope he gave that day ...
God's messengers of song play a big part ...
In aiding young and old to take new heart.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


She unlocked the door of his tool-shed
She took a spade and hoe ...
A rake - and a ball of twine ...
To measure the garden row.

She brought none of his skill to the gardening
Just a poignantly awkward grace ...
But never, since the day he died ...
Have I seen such peace in her face.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Last night I died!
My soul in poignancy detached from earthy ties.
Last night eternity seemed something tangible, something I had known
all along but could not define.
Eternity - winging through hazy recollections of beautiful dream clouds of fantasy, drifting on and on serenely,
endless in space - hearing soft fluttering whispers
of the night, whisperings of love, of happiness and peace.
Beautiful longings - crystalizing into life's sublime ultimatum
soaring on, ever on, drinking, sipping, toxifying
nectar held out to me, beckoning, tantalizingly real.
Last Night I Died!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


There came into life one day
A grave perplexity
O'ershadowing my every hour
With deep anxiety.
Then reason came and calmy said:
"Such grieving should not be

This care will seem a little thing
In life's entirety."
Thus reason spoke and I gave heed
Now vexing thoughts to me
Are viewed as a somber thread
In life's rich tapestry.
(Paula, I hope you read this poem, I wrote it for you)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


First love is young love
Is hope and zest
But old love
Is tried love
And tried love
Oh, tried love is best.

Young love is always
Is likened as
Of gold
But love that is
Tried love
Is always new
Tho' old.

But tried love
Is dear love
Is true love
That stands the test
Of time
And tried love
This is a love sublime
In face of all

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Trees, dancing in the breeze, thrill me
Trees, silent, still and tall, move me

Trees, charming at dawn, greet me
Trees, vibrant at night, rest me

Trees, scatt'ring sunbeams, inspire me
Trees, gleaming in the moonlight, sing to me

Trees, adorned with crystal raindrops, mystify me
Trees, robed in spotless snow, purify me

Trees, attracting merry birds, delight me
Trees, whisp'ring heart to heart, teach me

Trees, stirring in springtime, awaken me
Trees, aglow in autumn, enrich me

Trees, breathing out life-giving essence, reach me
Trees, revealing the Infinite, exalt me!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here it comes again
Effervescent ...
It begins in the lowest levels of my belly
Creeps up to engulf my heart
Lightens my head ...
It makes me dizzy
Laughter bubbles about inside my mouth
Tickling my teeth ...
Dancing on my tongue
Bursting out!
See how it brightens the sun ...
Clears the skies
Softens the rain
Everyone smiles ...
"She's in love" they whisper
And I hear
Am I?
I am ... oh, yes
Am ...
I love the person
Who is

Monday, September 14, 2009


When he was born I looked at him and thought:
What a precious little one.
I looked at him again and said: Is this
My son?

When he was three I looked at him and thought:
His troubles have just begun.
Look at him pucker his baby lips. How can I say:
No, son!

When he was five he started to school
His strong little legs in a run.
I saw him stumble and bump his nose. I cried:
O, son!

When he was seventeen he finished high school
With the highest of honors won.
I looked at him and proudly said: This is
My son!

O, world of turmoil
With your race for the young to run,
I beg you: Please be careful what you do with

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I may always have
Tomorrow to walk
In the rain but I would
Rather do it now.

I may always have
Tomorrow to sit
On a rock and look
At the rushing water
Of a mountain stream
But I would rather
Do it now.

I may always have
Tomorrow to watch
A crackling fire in
The fireplace but
I would rather do it now.

I may always have
Tomorrow to say
"I love you" but
I would rather
Tell you now!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


For you I have a simple wish
Not unkind or otherwise
Just a wish for your entire life...

I wish you honesty.
Honesty for you between your
Own heart and mind
And also the hearts and minds of others...

I'll wish that you believe what
You hear yourself say
And trust that others will do the same ...

For you, your acts will admonish
Your thoughts
If what you say is really what
You feel ...

In years to pass I shall remember
My honesty to you and yours to me
I shall wonder if you were honest
With me ...

If I take long in deciding
I shall add together what it cost me
Honesty is free but priceless
So what we shared is beyond
Human value to me ...

If in your own mind you believe
You were honest with me
We shall part as friends
If not
I wish you honesty!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Band of colors -
Cover a mountain

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Day opened wide her silver gates for me
And sent a golden sunbeam for my guide ...

She tossed a bluebird into bluer skies ...
And poured a song in grass along my side.

Day sprinkled flowers on the meadow's green
Like jewels lying on a velvet spread ...
And hung ripe apples on the swaying trees ...
Then turned the sunset skies to flamimg red.

Day proved to be a friend to me, indeed
She took the sadness my heart had known ...
Then gave me loveliness in place of tears ...
And brushed her laughing lips against my own.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Day and night they travel onward
Hour by hour as on parade ...
Some thoughts travel on to action
Some at home forever stayed ...
Some are languid passing onward
Leaving not a joy or pain ...
Transient as the smiles that greet us
Never to return again.

Thoughts can mar our souls
Forever blighting beauty from within ...
Sealing there our hearts forever
As in bondage so grim ...
Others soar to heights of glory
Wielding power that bringeth fame ...
Sweet the thoughts with flower's laden scented
As perfume they came ...
As ye think therefore ye liveth
Soar thou high above the rife ...
Feed thy soul with living beauty
For as ye think ye fashion life.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Your voice is silent, hushed in that deep sleep
But still-water, flowing
By the path we used to take,
In understanding music tells the things
That only you could say to me.
My surety of this is past all knowing.
My hand is empty ... wanting your dear touch,
But through the day
And most of all at sunset, one gold ray
Of light ... articulate
Reaches to clasp my all-too-wistful fingers
With loving caress.
The night beside me stands and stoops and lingers,
To tell me of your nearness.
Then sets the stars
That never have been there before your going

To guide my sleeping thoughts, seeking, forever seeking
Your too-missed, too-absent, dearness

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I went up to the attic
One lonesome rainy day
For there on days such as this
My children used to play.

A swing tied to the rafters
And old board for a seat
And yonder stood a pair of shoes
Minus the little feet.

A doll in a doll cradle
A pencl and a pad
And on the pad was written -
"From David to my dear Dad."

A table in the corner
A hobby-horse and chair
And old couch in the shadow
Day-dreaming I sat there.

The darkness and the quiet
The patter of the rain
Soothed me to quiet slumber
Their laughter I heard again.

The clouds then stopped their weeping
Like mine their tears were spent
The sun shone on the roses
Whose bush the rain had bent.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Have you ever noticed
How varied folks can be
How some are springs
And some are wells ...
And when it comes to me
I think that I'm a bit of both
A wellspring ... do you see?

For much that flows
From deep within
Comes bubbling out so free ...
Filling up each lovely day
As easy as can be
And where it all must come from
Is a mystery to me ...
But isn't it a happy thought
To stop and think a bit
That when we're simply being
We are blest by it!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Once I envied the fishes
Their crystal halls of sea
And the lark its flight
Up heaven's height
Where I could never be.

I envied the sky its sunsets
The grass its dew of dawn
And the bee his secret shining hours
Beside the rose in her honeyed bowers
With crimson petals drawn.

But you have brought me sea and sky
Heart of flowers and dew
Though now all choices were offered me
I would choose of all to be
Lying here with you!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I couldn't take a walk today
For a dam broke in the sky
And flooded all creation
With rain-storms rushing by.

So I went to roam instead
Through meadows in the mind
And found forgotten flowers
On hillsides I once climbed.

Within there is a universe
As boundless as the one we see
Divine Mind, in us, infinite
Where, rain or fair, we wander free.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


She put her eager hands about my life
And led me out into the bright new day ...
The clean, cool wind blew through my laughing hair
All wonder glowed upon my waiting face ...
She taught me how to love the great, tall things
We practiced how the robin tells his soul ...
She showed me how a rain-pool holds the world
How I could give a sunset-full of love!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Though friends may make some errors
Sometimes not up to par ...
Their virtues still are many ...
So we love them as they are
We, too, oft fail to measure ...
To what we ought to be

We want our friends to love us
And give us loyalty ...
Allow for human frailty
Just stress whate'er is best ...
Then love will never falter
But meet true friendship's test!

Sunday, August 09, 2009


The garden is a magic place
All full of scent and sound
Summer has enchanted it
And drawn a circle round.

The bees and hummingbirds have come
The air is filled with wings -
Finches, robins, larks and wrens
Here everybody sings!

The flowers are drenched with sun and rain
And they are singing, too
A symphony of color-blend
Beneath a cloak of blue.

At night the moon and the stars gleam down
The garden's fairyland
A world of fantasy and dreams
In summer's gentle hand.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I find the end of life may be
Far better than the start
I carry so much more of love
Within a grateful heart ~

I've learned a lot there was to learn
And though there is much more
I know the joy of learning now
As I could not before ~

I have compassion I had not
When I was very young
Friendships so meaningful to me
Echo like songs I've sung ~

I've coped with life and fear
And think I can survive
The tragedies and painful hours
That may yet some day arrive

But if I am granted the time
I have wisdom to try
And make myself more than I am
Before my time to die.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


No need to worry for the to-morrow
Life will be what we make of it to-day ...
From this day's joy, I shall never borrow
To-morrow's need, I shall not have to pay ...
To-day is ours, just all we have to live
No other day we ever have to fear ...
To fill our lives with joy to-day, to give
For the to-morrow's need is never here.

I shall live to the fullest every day
From life's springs of joy, I shall always drink ...
I'll pluck life's flowers, and strew them o'er the way
For just to-day is all I need to think ...
And I shall always fill to-day with cheer
For we know --- to-morrow is never here!

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Marriage is an instrument
designed to be played upon
by twenty fingers, and which
when tuned with delicate precision
by human love and empathy
is capable of exalting souls
and moving mountains; however
the music is composed by two artists
the songs are sung by two mouths
and the martial concert is directed
by two conductors
thus the longed-for-achievement
of perfect harmony demands
a deliberate and calculated
double self-sacrifice
that from this union of two
there may arise
perfect oneness.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Love has brought so much to me
Hourly brings so much ...
Beauty of the world
Lips that touch!

But oh, let me remember
That true love lives ...
Not in the shining gifts it takes
But in the gifts it gives!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Were you happy?
Did you have
a happy day?
Did you remember
to touch its hours
Were your fingers firm as you reached forth
to pluck each harp-string moment
that the melody of this day
might please you?

Did you have
a happy day?
Were there sounds of laughter?
Gasps of wonder? Sighs of peace?
And now that it is gone
do you remember
the cadence of the march of time
into eternity?
Were you happy?
Did you have
a happy day?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


If I were a star for a single night
I could scatter my heart-beats in infinite
light ...
I could learn from the skies all the earth conceals
And my soul could prove the things it feels
I could mount through the clouds on shining
wings ...
Singing at last as I long to sing!

But more than all this as the night drew near
More than in ecstasy, more than in fear ...
I should hover above the world waiting to see
My darling, my sweetheart, raise his eyes
to me!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Here comes that vehicle again
with April at the wheel again
flashing its newness on the mud
of a spring road. Only April could
have crowded every lovely thing
that sprouts beneath a misty sky
from green shoot to a robin's wing
into a landau, piling high
narcissus, tulips, daffodils
lillies, daisies and jonquils
(though still unseen, the ghosts of them)
riding our way, leaf, bloom and stem.


Due to unforeseen events and health matters
I am taking a break (yes, another) from blogging
I do not know when I shall be back or if I shall be back ...

To all that graced my blog with your visits and comments ...
May you have everything you're hoping for
Every special dream
Every little wish you make
Every happy scheme
Everything your heart desires
May it all come true
Because the very best in life
Is meant for all of you!

May happiness and laughter
Be a part of all you do
Today and ever after
May all your dreams come true!

Blessings to all ...

With love ...


Sunday, March 29, 2009


Do you know why the stars tremble
as the darkness gathers them up once
Why the waves at the depths of the sea
tremble ...
when the tide turns back to find the shore?
Or why the willow trembles in the hush
before the wind?
Then, dear ...
You know why all my being trembles
when your arms draw me near!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


The night is a warm deep-purple mantle
thrown over the naked shoulders of the world ...
And it is thoughtful silence, ease from all
the busy noises of day ...
Night is the time for Shepherdess Moon
to tend to her flocks in the far star-folds above ...
The night is queen of half the peoples of the earth ...
No crown, but a bonnet of stars on her dusky hair ...
And night is a mother who croons a lullaby ...
to bring sweet peace, her gentle peace.

Such are the boundless beauties of the night
embracing sleep, the dress-rehearsal-hour ...
for one who comes to fold day's children close
and whisper low, "Your work and play are done."
The shades are drawn, lights out, doors softly shut ...
no morbid thouhgts need enter here
This is the Night, the calm triumphant end of day!

Hi to all that visit here.
I will not be posting or visiting any blogs for a while.
Leaving on a mini holiday tomorrow... a skiing trip.
Sadly, I shall not be skiing as I have a knee injury that may require surgery. (I'll find out when an MRI will be done March 16th.)

Please keep me in your good thoughts (and prayers) as I so do not want to have the surgery!!!
Thank you!

My injury is very painful at times and I'm so glad to be going away for much needed rest & relaxation!
No internet.... I shall be with friends and family, enjoying their special company and leaving the cares of the world behind!

Hope I have some time today to visit a few blogs...I'll try my best!

Take good care and be well.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last night when the moon was free
I sent a breeze as messenger ...
to brush across your lips.
Did you turn your head, alert
because it ruffled your hair
so like my fingers, light as air?
Did you close your eyes to dream
and hear the rustle of the leaves?
It was my echo, whispering
my heart, my soul, belong to you!

And, always when the moon hangs low
should you but pause and wish for me ...
you will feel my presence near
lingering in every shadow
beneath the pale moonglow of night.