Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bereavement ~

A thousand faces pass me on the street 
but none imparts the radiance of your smile 
I mingle with acquaintances and meet 
no one who dispels my loneliness, the while 
familiar roads, familiar times I thread ...
Your absence makes both way and hour seem new 
and scarce I know the path my feet have led 
or what I've done or what I want to do ...

How empty is the heart with one removed 
how futile is the striving to replace 
a comrade honored and as greatly loved!

How lasting is the vision of a face!
   I pass a thousand faces - none will do 
   Each one serves to say it is not you ... 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Prelude To a Long- Distance Call ~

I visited you tonight 
Oh, not physically in your home 
nor psychically either 
but in a tender, unobtrusive way 
touching and coloring and enlivening 
an imagining of pleasantries and laughter 
superimposed upon old memories 
and warmed by the intensity of caring ...
I opened the door and called out a greeting 
and although there was no response 
I knew quite well how it would have been 
could you have heard me or in some way 
sensed my presence. Still I felt a welcome 
as I silently joined you
to watch to hear and to look upon 
a scene familiar though so far away ...
But then, to give this pleasant fantasy 
at least a touch of what is real 
and purge a charming dream of any trace 
of morbid sentiment or mournful tears 
I made a call and seemed to see you pause 
look up, then hasten to the phone ...

And now you understand just why I laughed 

when you exclaimed:
                                           "I'm not surprised!
why, we were sitting here just now and felt 
almost as though you'd come to the door!"
I have been friends with Alice 
for over 40 years 
and our friendship is 'growing strong' 
she lives in Massachusetts 
every winter here in Colorado
she and her husband join us 
for some skiing fun on the slopes  ...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tapestry ~

I do not loom my life alone 
a solitary weaver -
Dawn to dusk the shuttle flies 
with color from a flaming cloud 
or silver from a star -
The rich and flowing threads 
of loving friends 
a singing tree
a soothing wind 
a thousand moods and manners
that create a life design -

I do not weave my 
intricate brocade alone -
My hand is held within 
a larger hand - that when 
I let it - moves in shining ways 
Mysterious - it will create 
in spite of flaws 
and labored length 
a tapestry of value - 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pigeon ~

We tried to save the gentle bird 
picked it up from the side of the road 
and brought it home 
while the dog looked on 
intrigued ...

Something of man had done it in 

we didn't know how to keep it safe 
from its own flutter 
and while we cut up oranges 
to quench its thirst 
it died ...

For once 

I did not
cry ...

I saw its body 

was not its soul 
and I closed my eyes 
and saw it rise 
all white and gold 
and free 
and I waved 
good-bye ...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thirty-Nine Years ...

The longer I love you 
the more that it seems 
our thirty-nine years 
have been fashioned from dreams ...
that only I imagined 
would ever come true ..
dreams and reality 
blended in you ...
I wrote this poem to my husband 
I framed it in an 8x10 
and will be giving it to him 
this Saturday, April 12th 
when we go out to dinner 
to celebrate our wedding anniversary ....

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

For a Long Time ~

For a long time
she kept her heart 
sealed in a tall 
blue bottle ...
must have been alcohol 
       or something 
because when she finally freed her heart 
        it was drunk 
        with joy
        and made 
        her feel giddy 
        with laughter and love ...

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Dance of the Moon ~

The dancing moon glided past my back door
The moon in all her glory was full of song
A catchy tune - I began to hum along
My foot began to tap
My hips began to groove
The dance began - I clung to the moon
We danced across the sky
The stars watched with a twinkly smile
The planets moved in perfect time
The world was my playground -
A chorus full of dreams -
All destined to come true
One by one they unfolded - the first was you
A dreamer I am - who dreamt of finding you
Little did I know you were friends with the moon
So now the night brings light in my eyes - song in my heart 
My dreams are for a waking eye because you are mine -

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I Sought the Open Sky ~

Confused, overwrought by little cares 
I sought the open sky
the snow was dirty, the path was wet 
I looked at the ground and continued to fret - 
but I saw a tiny crystal tree 
dance in the sun glitteringly
I raised my eyes to a snow-white hill 
wreathed in sunset's magic crimson 
patient - calm - and still 
Quiet crept into my soul -
I laughed and shouted a song - 
Nature smiled and who was I 
to glower at her for long?
Photo is of Breckinridge, Colorado.
We recently went cross-country skiing there 
with some 'old college friends' from back East ...