Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Come and go with me to the mountain side
where the path leads up and the world is wide!
Come and bring your dreams that have gone astray
you will find new ones on my woodland way.
Come and walk with me to the canyon's rim
and listen spell-bound to Nature's hymn!
Come and lift your eyes to the star-hushed night
and release your soul to the wind's delight!

You will know at last your heart is free
when you follow this path and come with me.

Monday, October 30, 2006


My thoughts of you
had traveled wide
and then my heart
felt warm, inside . . .

Without a single doubt
I knew
that you were thinking of me, too!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


The body ages - not the heart
it stays forever young . . .
expanding to embrace new loves
its song is never sung.

Tomorrow I may love still more
than in my yesterdays . . .
Life knocks upon the waiting door
outside new music plays.

Love springs unbidden to the heart
a stranger now a friend . . .
and on a day till then grey dull
loom futures without end.

The mind can furnish countless ways
the body plays its part . . .
but life has no conspiracy
to age a loving heart!

Friday, October 27, 2006


I climbed to the ridge so deep
with snow
and looked on the valley
down below . . .
Glistening, shimmering
immaculate white
it had fallen so silently
during the night . . .
Distant vistas stretch so
clear and bare
revealing such slumbering
beauty there . . .
Hiding the mystery of
winter's long sleep
That the trees in their
stately silence keep.

Exquisitive loveliness
breath-taking, serene
completely tucked in by
heaven's white screen.

Tomorrow may come
and with it the thaw . . .
Today is perfect
there isn't a flaw . . .
Such artistry gives its own
special balm . . .
in a blessing to all
with its peace and its calm!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I love the blue of heavens serene
Receding far into depths unknown
Where thoughts can wander above earth's woes
And there, among the stars, muse alone.

This blue is a solace to the soul
Roaming to infinity on high
Melting the worries that seemed so big
And there, in quiet solitude to lie.

The God of heaven gives us the blue
A shadow of the quiet strength to come
On the fleeting wings of morning's light
And the fiery onslaught of the sun.

The many colors of the rainbow
The gold glow . . . as day to rest . . . is lain
The red sunset and the rosy dawm
Promise the blue will be mine again.

There in its quiet . . . I will yet triumph
As the blue heavens impart that peace
Direct from God
To give the soul strength . . . and heart release!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


His name was Mike. . . hers was Susan . . .
neighbors on my street. . .

I wonder if they could possibly have known
what was ahead so soon for both of them . . .
there was no indication in the tone
of either of their voices
when I knocked one evening at their door
to ask for a contribution for cancer . . .
I had never been in their home before
but both were very friendly . . . inviting me in . . .
said they'd be quite happy to donate . . .
there was small talk and then ''goodbye's"
but not a hint of impending fate.

He went first
just about a year later. . .
it seemed to us that it was so sudden
but, oh, that disease is a traitor . . .
it sneaks in without warning
to rob, to destroy, and to kill . ..
to take away hope and eat the soul
and mock at the victim's will.

She followed not long after . . .
the same dreadful disease . . .
such a tragic, pathetic ending
blown to them ...on a hard, cold breeze
and when taken by this double tragedy
they left two teen-age girls alone
and, that they'd not live to see them grow up
I wonder . . . I wonder if they could have known!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I like trees that are bare. . .
Not because life seems to be gone
Nor because death seems to be lurking there . . .
Each limb protruding in the sun.

But in their nakedness their is beauty . . .
Each bend, each curve, each crook can be seen
Each little twig its own personality . . .
In every direction the branches lean.

There is nothing hidden by leaves. . .
The little birds' nests stand out forlorn
Deserted for the warmth of the eaves . . .
The humble abodes now open to the storm.

Yes, I like trees when I can see . . .
The secrets they can no longer hide
The scars of battle they could not flee. . .
And now winter winds they bravely bide!

Monday, October 23, 2006


October! Beautiful October!
A favorite season of all the year
With all its kaleidoscope of colors
And its mucic so sweet to the ear . . .
The music of the whispering wind
Whispering gently through colorful leaves
Telling the little birds it is time
To abandon their home in the trees.

Summer is dying, yes, she's dying
Is chanted softly, quietly everywhere . . .
In the murmur of the woodland stream
The crispness of morn and evening air
The chirping of the lonely cricket
Chirping the last days of its life away
And the gold of the golden sunset
Heralding the end of an autumn day.

Oh, give me the peace of October
And let me languish in her warm embrace
With her breezes so gently teasing
And pomp of her color every place
Though I dearly love early springtime
When thousands of flowers open their bud
Now, I'm enslaved to bright October
Though she has drained summer's lifeblood!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Happy are they who always hear
The music earth is bringing
Murmur of waters rippling clear
And songs the stars are singing.

Happy are they who always see
The beauty earth has given
The white cloud masses floating free
And the blue-domed, star-lit heaven!

Friday, October 20, 2006


The world doesn't spin
in perfect order.
There are times
it tries to shake me off
but I hang on
with all my might

and afterwards declare
insane with pride...

"I made it, one more time
God bless my soul

and I bless thee!"

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Autumn puts on a briliant dress
for the last act of summer's play
before the curtain falls.

Lavishly the stage is set
against a backdrop haze of somber pine
the aspens flaunt their scarves of gold
the pleated hills roll in terraced folds
of russet, oak and wild rose. . .
flaming and rising over lingering green
of valley floor...the bronzed-leaf poplars gleam
in aureate light of pale October suns. . .

Such the setting for the play. . .
a pageant spread beneath a shell of crystal blue
to the music of the winds that sway
the willows by the stream. . .

Extravagant . . . yes, but this is the last big scene
before the winter comes
and the white curtain falls!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Wishing everyone a great big smile for today!


Monday's smile
is rather thin.
Tuesday's smile
starts to begin.
Wednesday's smile
is full of cheer.
Thursday smile's
from ear to ear.
Friday's smile
is toward one end...
To wear a smile
the whole week-end!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


A cold in the head is a hell of a thing
It gets you down, I want to say...
You don't know what's wrong... you can't even breathe
You get weaker day by day!

You take everything that ever was made
To kill all those hard-fighting germs
But they fight twice as hard and thumb their nose
For you're a cream-puff they've heard!

You don't want to play... you don't want to sing
You're crosss at the letter X
You grumble and cough... you don't want to smile
What is it people expect?

With a cold in the head....you don't want to talk
Not even speaking of fun
You don't want sympathy... you just want to be
Alone 'til its course it has run!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Think of scarlet and gold and royal purple
Or emeralds and silver in patterns to please
The whiteness of ivory with onyx inlays
Amethyst mountains and sapphire seas
Gardens of flowers, bright kingdoms of color
A bowl full of roses tinged pink as the dawn
Colors like dreams running deep through
The fiber of life!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I wrote this poem for my dear friend, Mary... who died June 6th....I gave her this poem a few months before she died....

A girl lives beneath your silver hair
She shines out through your eyes
I hear her in your laughter
I know her from your sighs.

A girl stays inside your tired frame
She stands so straight and tall
Her feet still skip to music
And seldom stop at all.

A girl waits within your gifted heart
She stops to taste the rain
She senses deeply sorrows
She shares the joy and pain.

And oh, your hair may be all white
Your body worn and slow
But still you are not old at all
You're just a girl you know!

Friday, October 13, 2006


I go to cry in a lonely place
Where a moon hangs in the trees
And weeps all night its tear-drop stars
Brushed by a mournful breeze!

I go to laugh in a joyful, busy place
My face warmed by the sun
And happy birdsongs filter through
The treetops, one by one!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Run through the forest
Swim in the sea...
Dance in the meadow
Lighthearted and free!

Exult in the sunrise
On mountain crest...
Savor a sunset
Composed and at rest.

Kneel in a wild place
With hands cupped around
The most wonderful flower
You've ever found!

Near the warmth of a fire
With a friend....sit together...not apart
And dream into the flames
From the depth of your heart!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


As songs once sung cannot be unsung
A bell rung cannot be unrung
But love expressed becomes a balm
And prayerful thoughts produce a calm.

A word once spoken leaves the tongue
With no recall, and tears might be rung
But healing hands touch, palm to palm
As songs once sung.

A faith held fast allays the qualm
Compassion can become our psalm
As stars across the heavens strung
As songs once sung!

Monday, October 09, 2006


To know you is to know
The rain's soft falling on parched earth
In you is my soul's refreshing
The calm that quiets the turbulence
Of storm-torn heart!

I revere in you
The spirit that emanates before me
Like a gentle glow
And lights my own heart's lamp
To soft perfection of your love.
My dearest one!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Peace is a moment after pain.
Peace is the freshness after rain.
Peace is the quiet, after wind.
Peace is the garment where hope is pinned.

There is peace in a memory, peace in beauty,
a wry kind of peace in unpleasant duty.
Peace is the look in a baby's face.
Peace is the breath at the end of the race.

Personal peace is a fragmented thing
as fleeting and pure as birdsong in spring
the edge between worry and striving once more
a landing, a ledge... a wide open door!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Dawn comes slowly to the valley floor
stars lose themselves behind a silver sky
banners of flame-glow rise from gray and soar
like windspun fantasies that never die.

Shadows grow long where rocky canyon rims
lean high above the waking valley land
the sun gleams pale, then brightens, while glad hymns
pour from feathered throats at day's command.

Mist runs into the arms of daybreak's sun
the breezes walk on tiptoe over grass
while flowers nod and open one by one

dawn slowly brings this miracle to pass!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Love sees no barrier on ahead
No matter be they tall

Love pushes on through weal or woe
She scales the highest wall
She leaps o'er mountain crests or hills
She dives in deepest sea
She crosses oceans to other lands
And sings on distant lea
You find her everywhere you roam
In huts and castles, strong
She makes a haven of happy homes
And blesses life with song!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Who never left a highway
For a winding mountain trail
Nor his own glowing fireside
To face a wintery gale
Who never turned strange corners
Just on hopeful chance
Of maybe running headlong
Into some new romance
Nor climbed a towering mountain
To its very highest shelf
Has yet to make acquaintance
With the best part of himself!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The leaves are made of golden brocade
Loosened, they flutter down and
Blink on and off like a light bulb
Winking slyly to me: "Here comes Fall!"

The afternoon glow invades my heart
But the drifting leaves disperse

Like a flung pack of cards
Shouting at me: "Here comes Fall!"

Monday, October 02, 2006


She whispered not a word to me
but sliped by silently.
She lingered in my garden nook
with beauty dazzled to my look.
She glided gracefully to my door
and stopped to penetrate her magic

into everything she touched.
A breeze blew.
She was gone.
But her magic lingered on.
I greeted the moon with a smile
for I knew what she had done.
She came with the sun
and left behind a moon and her
magic powder of night.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


A love for my heart
Thoughts for my head
Tasks for my hands
Butter for my bread.

Sleep for my nights
Work for my days
Courage for trouble
A little bit of praise.

A song in my soul
Strength for any test
That's all I ask for
You Take the rest!