Thursday, April 02, 2009


Here comes that vehicle again
with April at the wheel again
flashing its newness on the mud
of a spring road. Only April could
have crowded every lovely thing
that sprouts beneath a misty sky
from green shoot to a robin's wing
into a landau, piling high
narcissus, tulips, daffodils
lillies, daisies and jonquils
(though still unseen, the ghosts of them)
riding our way, leaf, bloom and stem.


Due to unforeseen events and health matters
I am taking a break (yes, another) from blogging
I do not know when I shall be back or if I shall be back ...

To all that graced my blog with your visits and comments ...
May you have everything you're hoping for
Every special dream
Every little wish you make
Every happy scheme
Everything your heart desires
May it all come true
Because the very best in life
Is meant for all of you!

May happiness and laughter
Be a part of all you do
Today and ever after
May all your dreams come true!

Blessings to all ...

With love ...