Saturday, January 28, 2012


My lovely granddaughter was born on Jan. 26th
Her name is Rose Elizabeth
My heart is overflowing with love!
Thank you Bess & Jon for this beautiful gift.
Such a blessing and such a miracle!

A granddaughter is a gift from above
one to cherish and love.
-author unknown



when danger lurks
beside you
reach your hand
to close-clasp mine

I will be away for a while.
Going to be with my daughter to help her with Rose.
When I return to blogging I shall be happy to visit everyone.
Till then, be well, take care and be happy!


*Update* Thanks everyone for all the wonderful and kind comments!
I'm still helping with my beautiful Rose!
With Rose and her mommy all week and come home on the weekends.
All is going well and I so love my beautiful Rose!
I'm so blessed!
Heading to Denver early tomorrow morning. (Mon. Feb. 13th)
Oh, added a picture of mommy and daughter!
My precious angels!

Wishing everyone much joy and love!
Take care, you are all wonderful!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Through an avenue of trees
we slipped
cold snow squeaked
beneath our long, thin skis.

Underneath featherbeds of white
fir arms bent dowm
and brushed our shoulders
as we passed between.

We heard the rustling
of the birds
saw tracks of deer
one small, gray squirrel
ran by in fear
of who we were
two-legged creatures
in his silent world.

We reached the open meadow
sun on crystal snow
felt the sharp cold bite of wind.

Then with a rhythmic flow
of motion glided slowly down
to find protected
woods below.

We have been meeting up with some of our college friends from Boston for the past six years in Breckinridge Colorado.
We all enjoy cross-country skiing
We 'll be going again in March.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So many, many, things take place
along life's busy way
to make us laugh, and cry and sing
each and every day ...

But the Little Miracle secure
within your eager arms
is your lease on happiness
with her captivating charms ...

So cherish and enjoy her
guide her, help her when you can
and when you see her stumble
reach out a loving, steady hand ...

Then when she's big and stands alone
be not afraid to let her go
to walk her path
with head held high
for God and Love hath made her so.

Picture is of my beautiful daughter, Bess.
She has grown into an amazing and wonderful young woman!
She is a blessing in my life!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Magic is the sun rising high
in the eastern sky
to sink in brazen glory
in the golden west.
It's the secret guarded well
that daisies won't tell
as they nod their happy heads in jest.
Magic is the free
flowing waters of the sea-
gulls overhead
wings spread in flight.
It's a glistening star
viewed from afar
shining o'er the world through the night.
Magic is the slow birth
of sweet Mother Earth
from the seedlet to the rose's bloom.
It's a pattern without reason
for every changing season
intricately woven on
Mother Nature's loom.
Magic is the wild
carefree mind of a child
as she runs 'neath laughing skies of blue.
But, more importantly
at least, it is to me
Magic is the wonder
of my love for you!

This picture was taken on a visit to Palm Springs, CA.
last October. Newport Beach was truly Magical!