Monday, January 26, 2015

Shared Secrets ~

The best things to remember 
are the pleasant fun things we've done together 
the times of shared soft laughter 
with no rhyme or reason for excitement 
and for which all their importance 
could easily have been forgotten 
only a moment later.

Quietly smiling memories 

are timid, half-hidden wildflowers 
never to be picked and displayed 
belonging to the knowing observer 
for a tenuous laughing moment.

Do you remember how we laughed pleasantly 

at the lavender- purple house we saw 
as we were driving along 
and the woman who gave us a Washington peach 
because she was so proud of her state
and the little store in Oregon 
where we had fun buying Japanese food items 
and the woman at the roadside stand 
who added a lagniappe of purple plums 
to the basket of fruit we purchased? 

We can speak to each other the code words 

of a delightful esoterica 
and no one else can possibly understand 
the hidden meaning in the smiles 
we happily exchange.

(I am heading to Cancun, Mexico, with my wonderful husband 
  on Wednesday morning, so I shall say 'bye' to all of you but 
  only for a short time as I will be back to visit you next week 
  on my return. 
  Must go pack now as this was all a big surprise and I just found out 
  about the trip, he truly is a wonderful husband!) 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lonely Road ~

It isn't always accomplishment that counts
sometimes it is just the going on in the face of defeat
to those who go on!
The man or woman who never achieves 
yet never ceases
hoping, striving, dreaming!
Those who work and wait - for "Ships That Never Come In!" 
has their earnestness here started something 
that shall flower into reality somewhere beyond?

To the man who goes on 
when it seems to him 
that he just cannot carry his load
to the woman who smiles 
in the face of defeat 
at the end of the lonely road
these are the heroes 
I give you tonight 
they may fail, but they never say yield

"May hope be the angel"
who smiles in their eyes 
when they close them 
on earth's battlefield!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Treasured ~

You are the quietness 
poised on the pool 
before the first breeze wakes 
or ever a bird stirs or morning breaks _

Tethered by trials 

your body comforts 
surpassing power to bless _

When my worlds fume 

and strain to fall apart 
I find their wholeness _ and my own 
within your heart _ 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

These Things of the Earth ~

Lake mirrored cloud free sky, trout rise 
willow shade caressing lavender flags
a swallow's swoop to mud-dabbed nest _

Slapping wind full of spilled thunder 
midnight lightning startling the dark 
a moth battling the rain-specked window pane _

River voice chanting below flooded banks 
dawn light painting the water bronze and gold 
a cottontail scratching her ear in dewy grass _

These simple, ordinary, everyday 
miraculous things of the earth _
(photo is of my niece and I ... taken on a trip to Nova Scotia ...
 in a place of true serenity and beauty.) 

Thursday, January 08, 2015

A Dedication ~

In dawn's wakening smile 
in bright new promise of morning 
I have seen your eyes 

In music of mid-day 
in sweet soaring vibrancy of earthsongs 
I have heard your voice 

In evening's warm caress 
in sheltering closeness of sunset 
I have felt your touch 

All things beautiful in my world 
have breathed the magic 
the mystery, the miracle of you 

I have loved you this day!