Thursday, July 21, 2011


I understand the seasons now
I know their shades are varied
moods and knowing savor
each in turn ...
The lightning, sudden
frightening bolts of brightness ...
let it come ... for this is beauty
deepest mood that complements
the peaceful days ...
Then let it pass, let winds
blow soft and brush my cheek
with moistened lips ...
for this is beauty, deepest calm
that complements the stormy days ...
Let each shade color me
in turn, the red, the blue
the purple days
for I would know the shades of each
yet be the color of the whole.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sweetheart, you are more to me than dearness ... more than love
and yet these two are inseparably bound
in every thought and concept
I have of you ...

In your fleeting smile
and in the sweeter sound
of your lyrical voice
in every strand of hair that frames
those calm and ever comprehending eyes
that see within my very soul
and you understand and
empathize ...
(Thank you, dearest!)
(I love you!)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Laughter is a lyric thing
with shining wings fluttering
through its echoes joyful notes ring
sweet laughter is a lyric thing
like the song of birds ...

Fragrances and starriness
sudden smiles ... a sweet caress
little ways that cheer and bless
surprisingly ... adventuring
like the song of birds ...

Your laughter is a lyric thing
all your love-thoughts echoing
half-dreamed wishes whispering
your laughter is a lyric thing
like the song of birds ...

Dedicated to my wonderful husband.
I so miss his sweet and lyrical laughter when he's away!