Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adopt a Pet ~

I saved a life
of one small golden furred friend 
and been repaid 
a thousand times 
by loving eyes 
soft paws 
and warmth across 
my feet at night ~
I saved his life 
but as I stroke 
beneath his chin 
and hear the motor 
of his love 
beneath my hand 
all worries slip 
beneath his fur 
and disappear ~

Jake , you are so loved ~

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Passing By ~

Everyone's a pal of mine today ~

You did not pass me by
as if I was a dried up leaf
blown past you on the desert wind
of no coming back again ~

You touched me 
lying there in my despair
and drew me up 
to your full height ~

The flood of your heart's caring
soaked into me as a summer rain
renews to greenness 
the desert sands again ~

Fragrance of flowers goes with me now ~
you filled me with your trust 
as water swells the dried sponge 
to fuller weight than it can hold 
and must spill over 
to an other one ~

So do I touch the others 
passing by ~

For all are dear to me 
I see you in every one of them ~

I shall have had the colonoscopy over with, this time next week.
Thank you all for the prayers, I am hoping 'all shall be well' 


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Night and Shining Day ~

Night time holds us close together 
now at last ~

Star shine winds its fingers 
round us ~ holding hearts 
close and tender ~

Day breaks open eyed  ~

Sun laughs and wakes us up ~

We rise and walk out 
in the open day 
needing only to hold hands ~

Many thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers.
My colonoscopy is to take place two weeks from today.
I have been feeling the same (not good) but I 
have hope nothing too seriously is wrong .
Please continue to keep me in your prayers as 
I need all I can get .... thank you.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Who is she who walks by day
in a fairy sort of way
as fleet and filmy as a cloud
but with golden grace and proud?

Who has eyes so softly blue
sheer lake waters shimmer through 
and her dimples - one, two, three 
angels patterned playfully?

Who has laughter, bubble-bursting
and for shining paths is thirsting 
who loves frogs and woodsy walks
and who talks and talks and TALKS?

Let me think! 
oh, I can guess -
You, my dearest, Rose Elizabeth 
are my loveliness!

An angel came into my life 
when my granddaughter was born
I am so very blessed to have her 
Rose turned two on Jan 26th ....

Health update ... my sister found out this week 
she does not have breast cancer, my heart is overjoyed!
I am still having pain and go for a colonoscopy on the 27th of this month.
I am sorry I have not been around to visit any of your blogs.
I just don't feel well enough to be online these days, for any length of time.
Hopefully soon, though. 
Miss all of you and think of you.