Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Brief Journey ~

We are but leaves before the storm, wind-tossed _
Unknowing, whence we came or where we go 
So short our journey that its brevity _
Makes more intense the fleeting joy we know.

As we ride on, the vast plain seems to shrink _
A year is shortened and a day so brief 
We look to spring to see its blossoming _
Too quickly crowded out by autumn leaf.

Youth slips away before we are aware _
The trick of time confusing bud and rose  
So brief a journey and so dear this life _
I catch it to my breast and hold it close!

Hello to all of you, who might read this new blog posting.
I hope all is well in your lives!
I know it's been a while since I last posted 
and I have not been around to visit any of you wonderful 
There is a reason for that!

I am facing a crisis in my life as my dearest baby sister 
was diagnosed with the cruelest of diseases, she has AlS :( 
My heart is broken in two!
My heart is just not into blogging at this time!

My hubby and I will be going up to Nova Scotia towards 
the end of August to see my sister and her family.
We will stay two weeks.
It's so hard to be living so far away 
from my sister now as she tries to deal with this 
devastating news!
I have shed so many tears since the day I heard from her 
that she has ALS!

Please say some prayers for Terri that she finds 
the courage and strength to go on and do 
the best she can each day!
Thank you!

I love my dear sister so much and 
facing the fact that I will be losing her 
is almost too much to bear!

My sister has touched my heart in ways 
no other ever has!
We have shared our hopes and dreams and also fears and have
a deep love for one another!
I have been truly blessed to have my loving 
and dear sister share this journey of life with me!

Blessings to all of you!
Take care!

Love from