Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day We Met ~

It's a good trick . . . to talk to yourself . . . and remember not to listen . . . 

I told myself that day we met 

  "Now you be smart
he's one to fill the eyes and yet
   he's not the one to fill your heart."

"He's much too handsome and much too grand 

    too many girls will find him fair 
 and if you once let go his hand 
     he'll have too many waiting there." 

"Choose some more likely, lesser lad 

     whose smile's as bright but not so bold." 
I told myself these things. I'm glad 
     I never do as I am told!

He is still as handsome today as the "Day we met" 
This photo was taken in Feb on our Cancun trip.

I am taking the rest of the summer off from blogging 

as I have so much to do and it's all wonderful.
Heading to Scotland at the end of July for a week :) 

Have a wonderful summer dear blogger friends 

Miss you all ... see you in September ... 
Take good care and be happy!