Thursday, December 12, 2013

Daddy ~

Daddy, let's go for a walk 
Daddy, kiss me good-night 
Daddy, read me a bedtime story
Daddy, sing me a lullaby 
     Daddy, I'm going to school now 
     Daddy, I fell down 
     Daddy, help me up 
Daddy, did you know I love you?
Daddy, please don't die 
Daddy, don't leave me ...
              Daddy ...
   ...  Good-bye ...

Daddy, you are so missed ...
Yesterday was the anniversary of my daddy's death ...

(I will not be posting again till the New Year ...
 I have been quite ill since coming home from a Thanksgiving trip to Las Vegas
 I had a bad stomach virus and now have a bad head cold and achy all over
 I hope to get by to visit all the wonderful people that visited me recently
 If I don't it's not because I don't want to, just not up to being online at this time
 Merry Christmas to all of you and God bless each and everyone ...) 

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Warmly Dressed ~

A small boy, warmly dressed 
ran out into the snow and was caressed 
by its soft and chilling white 
then got into a snowball fight ~

A young lad bound for school 
plodded through the pristine cool
with thoughts of classmates on his mind
he left his footfalls etched behind ~

A young man was stalled in his car 
his job awaited him afar 
he could not make the usual trip 
for he was a victim of the winter's grip ~

An older man, now retired 
shoveled a pathway through his yard 
the winter to him was a discomforting thing 
his thoughts were on the warmth of spring ~

An ancient man through his window peered 
his eyes turned red, then lightly teared 
he remembered he had once been blessed 
he had been a small boy, warmly dressed ~
I am taking a break from blogging for the rest of November.
Life is just so busy and I need time to take care of some important events.
See you in December.
Peace and joy to all of my blogger friends.
I have met so many wonderful people since I have come back to blogging.
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to visit me and leave your comments.

Love ...


Friday, November 01, 2013

Beautiful Frail Things ~

I have drunk joy today
I have mastered fate
I have known what it is 
to conquer and create ~

Sometimes I ask myself 
after days like this 
have I any longer need 
of his sweet, tender kiss?

But when I see tired eyes a
quickened with light 
as a lover's footstep 
sounds through the night 
or when I hear a little child 
laughing alone
telling what it may be 
when it is grown 
then I no longer doubt 
that my love must be: 
beautiful frail things 
have need of me ~ 
~ photo is my friend Lorraine's 
thanks Lorraine for letting me use your photo ~ 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where the Poems Sleep ~

To the elves and unicorns, though unseen, forever by my side 

There is a dark place where poems hide 
safely kept down deep inside 

curled - sleeping like the fog
they doze within a fallen log 

past the waterfalls and ferns 
past the meadows that burn

with colors dancing late at night 
that wake the sun at dawn's first light 
lost within the caverns low 
where not even goblins dare to go 

surrounded in what once was a dream 
wrought in ink - the poems now stream 
like water over fallen tree
erase your cage - set wishes free

and remember - by day or night 
a poem is never far away 
where safe the ancient pages keep 
where the dreams dance and the poems sleep 

poetry is an essence most remarkable. Through the weaving verses 
and flowing rhyme, from word to word and line to line, a poem is 
such a magical thing, from its heart our souls can sing. Poetry in
motion, a veritable sea, poetry is in our hearts, poetry is free.
Unfettered and unchained, it lives, our link to other worlds , the sail 
on a mighty ship on the mast unfurls. Poetry unites us, poetry is our 
sun. Poetry un-blinds us, poetry makes us one. Poetry is an essence 
most remarkable. 
photo is my husband's 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yes, my Answer is Yes ~

and  I shall marry you again - in the springtime - my love
our vows of love renewed -  through eternity - 

You are all my little life can hold
I've brought you up before my jury 
time and sense and sensibility 
and both my arms and both my hands 
and these two eyes that long to see your face 
have found you in a necessary place  ~

Your light blocks out the view 
your sun outshines the rest
upon the threshold of my heart 
you are the only guest 
and the last and that shall always be 
you and ours are all my life will want to hold
eternally ~

Monday, October 21, 2013

Beside Sonnet ~

In her hospital whisper - 'I'm dying'
her eyes tearing - her long days breath sour 
tugging and tumbling in the quietest hour 
'there, there' -  like to a baby I'm cooing ~

how do I comfort her when I am leaving?
picture bills stacked on the kitchen counter 
the third hinge - should I remind her now or
wait to tell her the side gate needs mending?

'there, there' - my words touch her here 
in this world and me tasting the thought 
of someone else comforting her when I am gone ~

words sink in - I hear myself say - 'there, there'
stiffen at the emptiness time has bought
starring at the wall - lachrymose and mournful ~

In 2006 I lost a very dear friend to cancer
I miss her daily 
So many days and nights I sat by her side when she was in hospice 
I wrote this poem the day before my friend Mary left me 
She was a treasured friend and is now a treasured memory ~

Friday, October 18, 2013

Words ~

Over and under
above and beyond 
words are like geese 
as they wing from the pond 
exquisitely lovely, incredibly soft
carrying the mystery 
of language aloft ~

words filled with gravel 
those coated to soothe 
wretchedly harsh 
asthetically smooth 
phlegmatically stolid 
shamelessly bold 
lavishly rich 
piercingly cold 
whimsical, literal, sensitive sound 
words are the history 
to which we are bound ~

my husband is the photographer 
one of my most favorite photos 
his photos speak to me of beauty 
as do his words ~

Monday, October 14, 2013

First Light ~

At the first light the scene changes 
the darkness and shadows fade slowly 
and with that fading go the fears 
of the quiet, ominous night ~
on the terrace the dew is heavy 
and the light gleams of the silvery line 
soft sounds of people waking 
rustle of sheets and eyes opening ~
river sounds, leaves becoming aware 
of sunlight and a light breeze ~
angels that flew down last night 
and ministered to the lonely 
to the sad and fearful 
have closed their eyes 
and tucked in their wings 
they fade slowly 
into the brightening light ~
photo was taken at Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs. Co.
one of the most beautiful places in the world ~

Friday, October 11, 2013

Love ~

delicate as a slender 
thread of dew
upon the grass ~

lace of cobwebs 
shattered by a broom 
milkweed pods 
that fly before the wind 
rose petals 
falling in a heated room ~

strong as the skein 
that binds my life 
to yours ~

your steady heartbeat 
underneath my head 
my arms to take
your love
and hold it close 
through rides of dreams 
till we as one awake ~


 After over thirty years of marriage my love for him
is enduring and more beautiful than it was the day we married.
He makes my heart go pitter patter every day of my life!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Friendship ~

I see you
though years have passed 
there's just a smile 
between the days 
I hear the words 
that touch the soul 
before the sound ~

If I should call 
I know you'd come 
although "I need you"
wasn't said 
there are no trumpeters
who walk before a friend ~

A life is full 
of many rooms 
with doors that swing 
both to and fro 
a friend can open up 
the locks 
without a key ~
I have known my friend Melissa (pictured with me here)
since 1991, we both moved to Colorado the same year.
We became instant friends.
I miss seeing her as much as I used to when we lived 
in the same city but she's not too far to visit 
and I know our friendship is for always!
It is truly a blessing to be friends with Melissa.

(photo was taken in Moab, Utah, Arches National Park  
we shared a vacation there in 2011) 

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Credo ~

Infinite is the capacity 
to think, to feel, to leap 
winsome as a fawn
thunderous as a waterfall 

 in early morning eyes 
lying dreamily by your side 
in stars of softness pouring skies of light 
in mountain skies
blue and full with nature's own forgiveness 

in all the presents wrapped with divinity's ribbons 
I believe ~ 


Thanks to my friend Lorraine for the use of her photo

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Dancer ~

Good morning, Mother Sun, did you sleep well? 
You look rested and bright this morning 
arriving with such a colorful display.

Your husband's work last night was wonderful
though he was upstaged by the stars 
until the fog took its seat in the balcony.

You two are a funny couple 
modern in your parenting arrangement 
with his insomnia, it is only natural
him watching the children while they sleep.

I am always inspired by the pas de deux 
when he glows on the edge of the stage 
while you hover above the symphony
in your brilliant act of illumination. 

Do you tire, Mother? You're beginning to sink 
will you indulge us with a colorful finale?
Ah, the prima donna, you captivate us.
A breathtaking performance, graceful curtsy 
you disappear behind a black velvet horizon.  

But, never a curtain call, how hard we clap.

(wildflowers are from my garden)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Epitaph ~

If as an epitaph to me
you write, 
"she was good at parties
 talked left and right 
 at dinner 
smiled at bores 
and made her hostess laugh"
I'll surely read the words ~

Or if you say, 
"she could be outspoken 
  but she didn't lie 
  didn't vacillate to please the crowd 
  people knew just where she stood 
  but there was room to pass around." 
  I'll hear the words ~

But if you show 
you think of me 
by saying nothing to a crowded room 
but miss me 
when the lilacs bloom 
when the first snowflakes fall 
I'll know you loved me 
best of all ~ 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sweet Time ~

Sweet time, exaggerated days 
early beginning at dawn's light 
silent time on the edge of dark 
angels singing quietly, watching 
mankind, throw back the covers 

first sunrays strike my face 
topping the crest over the valley 
sky, rose- streaked coral 
wide awake, wild canaries hail me 

umbilical cord tying me to heaven 
logic eludes me on such a morn 
but the exotic and prickly sense 
of pulsating, throbbing life
impinges, bombards from my toes 
to my astonished eyes 

my heartbeat up several notches 
smiles cavorting 

salivating touch and texture 
rough as tree bark, smooth silk 
aroma, lavender and wild roses 
in the liquid silence, I stand 
stretch, acknowledge this new day
this brand new, beautiful day!
photo is my friend Lorraine's 
thank you for allowing me to use it 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lines To My Daughter ~

My daughter
I would place a shining token 
in your hand tonight
not wrought of silver ~  neither yet of gold 
for silver tarnishes and gold is bought 
my gift must be of substance 
shining stuff from which my dreams of you are made 

its center and circumference is love
without love one cannot be part of pain 
or glory or of lilting laughter 

it must be tinted with the flush of early dawn 
as on the day you came to me 
all blanketed in newness 
with the star-dust of eternity
within your eyes ~  so strangely used to seeing 

encircling it ~  there is a mist of blues 
the blue of evening when we watched 
the quiet stars appear ~ the smiling blues of April 
when we sought the first green tender bud 
and there is just a trace of blues or grayish cast 
when in our hearts and all about  ~ showers threatened 
and you'd lay your hand protectingly in mine 

over all there is the peace of cloistered pools 
I'd sit upon a rock ~  while you
would place your firm dancing toes into the stream
and laugh ~ and laughing nourish me!
much more I'd offer you ~  my daughter 
courage, constancy and faith 
but these are not my gifts to give 
but His who gave to me ~  the gift 
of the utter loveliness of you!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bright Magic ~

Your intellect 
could clip the substance 
of my words 
in half 
finish off the circle 
that I thought was square 
find the answer 
where I didn't look 
reduce my mind 
to jelly made of tears 

Instead ...
you make my shadows 
into shapes 
my words to phrases
full of thought 
my tongue turns readily to wit 
until I wonder 
where my substance hid 
'til I met you.

... and he is also an amazing photographer 
photo is his ...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For a Good Friend ~

How nice to sit with you 
over a cup of coffee
and not have to say anything

How good that you 
do not try to entertain me
or pass the quiet time 
by a lot of chatter 

How restful that
you do not care 
what the neighbors are doing
nor would you tell me 
if they did hold your interest briefly 

Even if I might be annoyed with you
you never hold a grudge 
but only look 
to our resumed friendship 
waiting patiently for me
to make a move 
to show I'm feeling better 

I appreciate 
your lack of criticism 
and your apparent forgetfulness 
when I have forgotten 
to show you my love

I too will try 
to be more patient 
when you prefer to ---


dig in the flowers
chase the squirrels
or bark at the neighbor's cat! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spoons ~

Why in books do lovers sleep like spoons
as though one life could curl so close 
against another
sleep without the turning of a leg 
the cramping of an arm?

no spoon would have your neck 
your ears to tickle with the warmth of breath 
your shoulders waiting to be hugged 
until you turn to catch the lips
that linger on your back

thrust all thoughts of sleep 
into a drawer with silver spoons ~

photo is from

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Midnight Visitor ~

when the clouds have wrapped around the night 
and trees have caught the stirring of the wind
across his sleep the dog has smelled the rain 
felt the currents of a summer storm ~

before a human ear has caught the tone
of thunder as it moves around the sky 
he twitches in his dream and starts to moan 
shivers march in furrows down his back ~

a cold nose burrows underneath my hand 
paws are planted firmly on the bed
terror's language I can understand 
take the paws and stroke the noble head ~

last evening, heavy rains, thunder and lighting woke us all up around midnight
Jake had a difficult time with all of it
comforting him ~  he slept soundly ~  cozied up next to me ~ 
(this is one of my favorites photos of Jake, so peaceful)

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Our Kingdom ~

it was just us in our kingdom 
a simple courtyard of cool green grass
encircled by cream colored concrete that was 
toasted warm in the afternoon sun
and chilled in the pale indigo evenings ...

in our kingdom 
we were superheroes with beach-
towel capes and pine cone grenades ...
we were princesses with clover crowns 
and 25¢ lip gloss 
sometimes we would sit barefoot in the dewy 
summer grass and watch with popsicles bleeding 
their sugary nectar over our scraped 
knuckles as shades of evening rolled over 
the oranges ... yellows ... and purples of a fading 
we were all alone then:
my friend and I ... all alone in our own 
kingdom ~ 
this is dedicated to my childhood friend Monica
who died at the tender age of 14
she drowned as her dad tried to rescue her from an undercurrent
it was one of the saddest days of my life!
dear friend, I wish you were still here but 
you are never far from my thoughts and missed always

Friday, September 06, 2013

Loneliness ~


a winding sheet
of sorrow 
has bound my heart 
today ... tonight ... tomorrow 
a chill 
that wraps around 
my arms 
and holds me close 
to be downcast and morose
an ache 
so fierce 
it surely would be seen 
but everyone has gone 
the room swept clean ...
This was written when my son went off to college 
My heart was so heavy with his being gone.
I had a great friend that helped me through 
those hard days of missing my son. (my husband) 
My son has finished his studies and has a great job.
He lives close by now and I see him often.
I am truly blessed ... 

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

One Eternity ~

Do you really know me?
The minutes, the days, the months, 
       the years together ---
or ---  do the many facets of my inner 
being elude you to be hidden in 
darkened shadows, unseen 
Do you really know me?
Do you hear my heart call --- 
to you? You look up 
our eyes meet. Do you feel 
the warm hand of love
cup our hearts and hold us
for one brief second --- breathtakingly 
suspended in a limitless space?
When you hold me in your arms
do you sense our souls drifting 
one toward the other --- to meet 
and become as one?
you a part of me
me a part of you  ---
one sun --- one moon --- one star ---
Do you really know me?
the true depth of my affection
for you? The love you shall 
never forget 
the glow ---
the warmth --- 
minutes, days, months, years 
together ---
one eternity!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Innocence of Childhood ~ (To my beloved granddaughter ~ Rose)

She toddles through the lush green grass
upon her tippy toes 
and falls upon her padded bottom 
she giggles as she goes ~ 

A daisy chain begins to grow 
upon the field of green 
she picks the daisies with her toes
and drops them in the stream ~ 

She tilts her head to gaze upon
a sky of azure blue 
and dreams of dreams within the clouds 
as only children do ~

(Rose Elizabeth is now 20 months old
and the joy of my life!) 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Fog ~

Fog is like a big gray wall, except that it is all soft and misty. It 
seems to ensnare you in a realm all your own and set you entirely 
apart from the outside world. You may walk on and on and never 
appear to be going anywhere. Time seems to stand still.
   Some people think of fog as dreary and forbidding. I think it is
beautiful and mysterious. When you approach a light very closely 
you can see the fog softly floating about like beautiful billowy 
clouds . It seems as though it is trying to enclose the light and hide it 
completely from view.
   I love the musty damp smell that accompanies a fog. It is utterly thrilling
to wander aimlessly when mists change the world, making everything
even yourself, feel unreal.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Denver Summer Night ~

This night each starry stab of light 
across the river trails a wriggling 
snake of silver 
in the water ...

A distant sadly comic saxophone 
cries faintly in the black and sultry summer 
Who ... stole my heart away?
Who ... an old piano mingles soft 
into the blessed Colorado breeze
crickets chirp and rasp a song as your 
slow breathing in my ear blends with 
the heat, the scent of dewy clover and 
the not quite heard strum buzz of stars.

It is a night for nakedness 
of soul.

(wildflowers are from my garden) 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Do You Remember?

Do you remember
how they looked and spoke and moved about 
so many years ago?
How their voices 
long since stilled by time 
once spoke your name?
Do you sometimes 
think of them 
trying to make the memory of their faces
come sharp and clear and beautiful 
only to discover 
that like old and yellowed photographs 
quaintly posed 
tranquil and faded 
there is sadness even in their smiling?
Sometimes do you wonder 
if they could see you now 
that it would be 
so beautiful for them 
an occasion for 
Now that all their ancient love 
has long since burned to hallowed ash
do you remember 
how much of all that love
which warmed their hearts 
and stirred their hopes 
was preciously ...
just you? 

(photo is from Google )