Thursday, June 30, 2011


A cherry
or berry
has stained up your breast
it is merry
oh! very
to see you so dressed ...
you bring us
and sing us
an old but dear song
of tune-time
and June-time
of love that is strong
you appear
and you cheer
with expressions of pleasure
have brought us
and wrought us
fresh hope set to measure
you fill our life-cup
you greet us
and meet us
" Cheery - cheer up!"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Some songs are silver cymbals
and some are jeweled lutes
and some are eflins dancing
and some are magic flutes
Bird songs! Fire tipped harmonies
flame across far centuries
some songs are bright wings glancing
by leaf-hid waterfalls
and others eye entrancing
and some are laughing calls
across strange space where starlight
Go, little songs and bear our dreams
some songs are flame-borne whisperings
poets have spoken of
but all are from the time-harp's strings
that God has struck - for Love.
Such charm and cheer came not by
God too loves rhythm and romance!
Photo courtesy of Lorraine at:

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The tears I shed for lost balloons
and bursting bubbles soon were dried ...
my sobbing pleas for silvery moons
with lesser gifts were satisfied ...

Many a reach has failed its mark
since then and many a moon has waned ...
but love I cried for in the dark
came to bless me and remained.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


The wrestling rain and wind of yesterday
have fought each other to a draw ...
Uncertainty died in the forgetting night
Morning is born anew
with no remembrance
of what went on before ...
The far of mountains laced with snow
are bluer in the sun and nothing stirs ...
Breathlessness becomes the newborn spring ...
The grass pricks up its tiny blades
and near the rocks the heat of sun
brings into early blossoming
flowers that spread their fragrance
over all the plain ...
There is a heady steam
of renewal in the air
as life begins again.
Photo taken by my husband.
He's a great photographer!