Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VERSIFIER (To my Husband)

"You say you have no style for poetry."
Do you know you write each day
A lovely poem formed through your kindness
Of the love words you would say.

That bouquet you bought this morning
Full of beauty, color, shade
Brought its cheer with tender rhythm
Thoughtfulness ... a rich brocade.

Yes! you write me poems of beauty
Words and deeds blend each a part
In the beauteous songs of gladness
That transforms both mind and heart.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A little bird poured out his soul in song
Not knowing its melody sweet and strong ...
Reached a child who was ill, making him smile ...
Or that an old man who listened awhile ...
Was cheered, resolving to fight life anew ...
Just as the bird lifted his wings and flew ...
He perched on a bough some distance away ...
So unaware of hope he gave that day ...
God's messengers of song play a big part ...
In aiding young and old to take new heart.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


She unlocked the door of his tool-shed
She took a spade and hoe ...
A rake - and a ball of twine ...
To measure the garden row.

She brought none of his skill to the gardening
Just a poignantly awkward grace ...
But never, since the day he died ...
Have I seen such peace in her face.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Last night I died!
My soul in poignancy detached from earthy ties.
Last night eternity seemed something tangible, something I had known
all along but could not define.
Eternity - winging through hazy recollections of beautiful dream clouds of fantasy, drifting on and on serenely,
endless in space - hearing soft fluttering whispers
of the night, whisperings of love, of happiness and peace.
Beautiful longings - crystalizing into life's sublime ultimatum
soaring on, ever on, drinking, sipping, toxifying
nectar held out to me, beckoning, tantalizingly real.
Last Night I Died!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


There came into life one day
A grave perplexity
O'ershadowing my every hour
With deep anxiety.
Then reason came and calmy said:
"Such grieving should not be

This care will seem a little thing
In life's entirety."
Thus reason spoke and I gave heed
Now vexing thoughts to me
Are viewed as a somber thread
In life's rich tapestry.
(Paula, I hope you read this poem, I wrote it for you)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


First love is young love
Is hope and zest
But old love
Is tried love
And tried love
Oh, tried love is best.

Young love is always
Is likened as
Of gold
But love that is
Tried love
Is always new
Tho' old.

But tried love
Is dear love
Is true love
That stands the test
Of time
And tried love
This is a love sublime
In face of all

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Trees, dancing in the breeze, thrill me
Trees, silent, still and tall, move me

Trees, charming at dawn, greet me
Trees, vibrant at night, rest me

Trees, scatt'ring sunbeams, inspire me
Trees, gleaming in the moonlight, sing to me

Trees, adorned with crystal raindrops, mystify me
Trees, robed in spotless snow, purify me

Trees, attracting merry birds, delight me
Trees, whisp'ring heart to heart, teach me

Trees, stirring in springtime, awaken me
Trees, aglow in autumn, enrich me

Trees, breathing out life-giving essence, reach me
Trees, revealing the Infinite, exalt me!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here it comes again
Effervescent ...
It begins in the lowest levels of my belly
Creeps up to engulf my heart
Lightens my head ...
It makes me dizzy
Laughter bubbles about inside my mouth
Tickling my teeth ...
Dancing on my tongue
Bursting out!
See how it brightens the sun ...
Clears the skies
Softens the rain
Everyone smiles ...
"She's in love" they whisper
And I hear
Am I?
I am ... oh, yes
Am ...
I love the person
Who is

Monday, September 14, 2009


When he was born I looked at him and thought:
What a precious little one.
I looked at him again and said: Is this
My son?

When he was three I looked at him and thought:
His troubles have just begun.
Look at him pucker his baby lips. How can I say:
No, son!

When he was five he started to school
His strong little legs in a run.
I saw him stumble and bump his nose. I cried:
O, son!

When he was seventeen he finished high school
With the highest of honors won.
I looked at him and proudly said: This is
My son!

O, world of turmoil
With your race for the young to run,
I beg you: Please be careful what you do with

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I may always have
Tomorrow to walk
In the rain but I would
Rather do it now.

I may always have
Tomorrow to sit
On a rock and look
At the rushing water
Of a mountain stream
But I would rather
Do it now.

I may always have
Tomorrow to watch
A crackling fire in
The fireplace but
I would rather do it now.

I may always have
Tomorrow to say
"I love you" but
I would rather
Tell you now!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


For you I have a simple wish
Not unkind or otherwise
Just a wish for your entire life...

I wish you honesty.
Honesty for you between your
Own heart and mind
And also the hearts and minds of others...

I'll wish that you believe what
You hear yourself say
And trust that others will do the same ...

For you, your acts will admonish
Your thoughts
If what you say is really what
You feel ...

In years to pass I shall remember
My honesty to you and yours to me
I shall wonder if you were honest
With me ...

If I take long in deciding
I shall add together what it cost me
Honesty is free but priceless
So what we shared is beyond
Human value to me ...

If in your own mind you believe
You were honest with me
We shall part as friends
If not
I wish you honesty!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Band of colors -
Cover a mountain

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Day opened wide her silver gates for me
And sent a golden sunbeam for my guide ...

She tossed a bluebird into bluer skies ...
And poured a song in grass along my side.

Day sprinkled flowers on the meadow's green
Like jewels lying on a velvet spread ...
And hung ripe apples on the swaying trees ...
Then turned the sunset skies to flamimg red.

Day proved to be a friend to me, indeed
She took the sadness my heart had known ...
Then gave me loveliness in place of tears ...
And brushed her laughing lips against my own.