Saturday, February 28, 2009


The night is a warm deep-purple mantle
thrown over the naked shoulders of the world ...
And it is thoughtful silence, ease from all
the busy noises of day ...
Night is the time for Shepherdess Moon
to tend to her flocks in the far star-folds above ...
The night is queen of half the peoples of the earth ...
No crown, but a bonnet of stars on her dusky hair ...
And night is a mother who croons a lullaby ...
to bring sweet peace, her gentle peace.

Such are the boundless beauties of the night
embracing sleep, the dress-rehearsal-hour ...
for one who comes to fold day's children close
and whisper low, "Your work and play are done."
The shades are drawn, lights out, doors softly shut ...
no morbid thouhgts need enter here
This is the Night, the calm triumphant end of day!

Hi to all that visit here.
I will not be posting or visiting any blogs for a while.
Leaving on a mini holiday tomorrow... a skiing trip.
Sadly, I shall not be skiing as I have a knee injury that may require surgery. (I'll find out when an MRI will be done March 16th.)

Please keep me in your good thoughts (and prayers) as I so do not want to have the surgery!!!
Thank you!

My injury is very painful at times and I'm so glad to be going away for much needed rest & relaxation!
No internet.... I shall be with friends and family, enjoying their special company and leaving the cares of the world behind!

Hope I have some time today to visit a few blogs...I'll try my best!

Take good care and be well.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last night when the moon was free
I sent a breeze as messenger ...
to brush across your lips.
Did you turn your head, alert
because it ruffled your hair
so like my fingers, light as air?
Did you close your eyes to dream
and hear the rustle of the leaves?
It was my echo, whispering
my heart, my soul, belong to you!

And, always when the moon hangs low
should you but pause and wish for me ...
you will feel my presence near
lingering in every shadow
beneath the pale moonglow of night.

Monday, February 23, 2009


The day was deeply overcast
with ominous clouds of anxiety ...
until your gracious word
and reassuring smile ...
let the clouds rain down cleansing drops
of empathy ...
to break the gray grimness
of irritant uncertainties ...
and let through the sunlight
making the world just right again.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


You are a profound experience ...
like the opening of a rose
the birth of a child
sunset in Laguna.

My soul is colored with love ...
bathed in ecstasy
wrapped in warm pleasure.

You soothe my heart ...
like hot buttered rum
on Christmas Eve.

You are harmony ...
the perfect note
the exact color.

You are ......
a profound experience!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So often, I'm moved by ordinary things
my "doses of reality"
the birds, the clouds, a song ...
I am ecstatic over the beauty of life
the loveliness of nature ...
the majesty of a building.

There are times when I giggle out loud
simply because there is not enough ...
room inside me to contain it
I call those times "doses of reality"

Then there are times
I am moved by
people who are hungry
and things in life that don't work ...
I cry for them, for their plight
their misfortune
and I am thankful for what I have ...
and what I am
and for what I sometimes consider

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


No, I'm not buying anything
I'm just drooling, thank you ...
drooling over the cookies and rolls
pound cakes, eclairs .... pies, too
all those doughnuts (chocolate covered)
and sticky buns all smothered with goo!
Oh yes, I know they taste very good
but they're bad for your health, you know ...
all that white sugar and flour
artificial colors of the rainbow
and cakes full of chemicals
with synthetic icing white as snow!
Yes, they make them look quite tempting
with colors of every hue
and just gazing in the case at them
starts my mouth watering, too ...
but I won't give in to tempation
for I'm just drooling, thank you!
Actually, I do give in to tempation...I love chocolate!
And, how could I resist those cookies!?

Sunday, February 15, 2009


The lacy fern is my filigree dream
The tall graceful elm is the strength I would be
The calm I would have is the slow-moving stream
My love for life, the glad bird in the tree.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I can't remember any of the words spoken
or the promises we made.
I only remember
that you were there beside me
and that afterwards
we walked out into a new world together
for the world was different
and we were different
and neither of us was afraid
because we were ...

The bright morning sun smiled upon us
as the clear blue sky
and the green hills of earth
whispered in hushed wonder
as the gift of love
bestowed upon us
praying that we would treasure it ...
care for it tenderly
and daily devotion
that love might live
forever and ever.

I can't remember any of the words
I can't forget any of the beauty
when love was born ...
when life began.

Monday, February 09, 2009


As spring awakens nature from her winter's sleep
so does she with our souls, a rendezvous keep
and moves a winter weary soul to sing
a song of gladness welcoming the spring.

The poets too bow to an urge to write
a poem holding all of spring's delight
as if mere words could picture or portray
the soft illusive newness of a warm spring day.

Ah! one could search the whole wide world in vain
and never find such loveliness again
for what could we compare on land or sea
to sight and sound of spring's sweet mystery.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


The sun is shining by the seaside
the sands are sparkling on the shore ...
your eyes are shining now upon me
and my heart is sparking to its core ...
I am happy, happy here beside you
and out across the ocean's foam ...
we are seeing dreams and visions
of a shining, sparkling home ...
and your love is all I'm asking
nothing more or less will do ...
and when through all of life I journey
hand in hand, dear heart with you ...
just love me, love me, love me
is all I ask of you.


( Dedicated to my true love, my husband.)

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I like to be alone with me
I find myself good company

I think and feel and deeply muse
and learn to know my innermost views

There are surprises endlessly
I know not what my thoughts will be

And time goes skimming by so fast
the peaceful hours are soon past

I hear some speak of evenings long
and slowly passed as time gone wrong

Not so for me! These hours are mine
as precious gifts, and almost divine

Oh, I need friends and company
and cherish all they mean to me

For solitude cannot be long
and swiftly must it sing its song

Life needs contrast as does true art
and interludes are ever short

Activity must precede rest
and peace well-earned has met its test

But as the shadows follow sun
so do my special hours run

When solitude succeeds life's pace
I find peace in my own space.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I've a wonderful neighbor I'll try to describe
one whom everyone loves at first sight
her twinlking blue eyes speak of kindness and truth
her manners are pleasingly right.

She's tactful and gracious to each everyone
she smiles often and is most sincere
if it were in my power my neighbor would win
the "Good Neighbor reward of the Year."

You can tell she has faith as she carries her load
for she labors in love every day
hope is her strength and joy her reward
she deserves to be "Queen for a Day!"

Sunday, February 01, 2009


All the way to the north end of town
over the dunes and down
to our rock cliff with spruce trees growing right on the beach ...

"This is our Magic Beach"
she would tell us as children
while we'd sit in the calm and peace
at the end of the beach
with our sack of oranges
and our beautiful mother
resting her head against against the logs in the sun.