Tuesday, August 23, 2016

After The Day ~

Some are returning to mansions 
Royal with purple and plate 
Priceless treasures of artistry 
Adorning their halls of state.

I do not envy their riches 

I have mansions too 
I am returning to halls of Love 
Adorned with the grace of you!
(Thanks dear husband for always being 
there for me 
This poem is for you!) 

(And thank you all kind people 
that visited my last post 
and left the kind words
your kindness means so much to me!) 

(My hubby and I are heading to Nova Scotia 
tomorrow on early Wed morning to visit my family 
we will spend most of the time with my dear sister Terri 
who has ALS 
we will be gone for 2 weeks
please keep me in your good thoughts 
as I so need strength as I want to be strong for Terri
thank you!
I am sorry I have not been around to visit but 
I am just not in a very good place these days!) 

Bless you all 

This is a photo of my beautiful sister Terri
which was taken 3 years ago