Thursday, April 30, 2015

For Fun ~

A song _  did you hear it?
A cloud puff in the sky 

Winter is melting
The water is high!

So warm in the sunshine 
The gray catkins purr 
Green sap in the willows 
Is beginning to stir!

The tulips are popping 

The crocuses too 
My head is awhirl 
I've so much to do!
But I have spring fever 
It's driving me mad 
I'm ambitious but lazy 
Now isn't that sad? 

(photo is mine.) 

I am heading to Disneyland tomorrow 

with my granddaughter, her parents and my hubby.
I will not be online while I am away ...
So, till I return on May 9th ...

for now, dear  people 
we are off on a grand adventure. xo 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Give Me Your Gift of Time ~

For those of you who touch my life 
give me that something special thing 
that mirrors the depth of your style 
give me the presence of your being 
that lights up my life with your smile. 

Bestow upon me the greatest of gifts 
worth more than all money and gold 
bless me with moments of priceless friendship 
and magical moments untold 
endear me with your company, share of your life 
and give me your time to behold.

The gift of your time is the greatest of gifts 
that you can give unto your family and friends 
and nothing's more precious to me than those 
of concord on which my life depends! 

(photo is of my niece and I 
  we spent a lovely time together.) 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Call of Spring ~

He calls to me _ I know it now 
  that bird with cheery song 
to let my duties wait awhile   
  and come _ the day is long.
He's telling me it's springtime 
  there are violets in the wood.
I feel I can't refuse to go 
  I don't see how I could!

Out where the shadowy vistas are 

  aglow with sunshine Gold 
the forest flowers are carpeting 
  the spongy _ leafy mold.
Oh! _ I must see it all again
  and hear the brooklets sing!
I cannot still this heart of mine 
  for it is answering spring!

(Photo is from springtime last year

 this is my neighbor's yard.)

Friday, April 17, 2015

I Should Not Mind ~

I think I should not mind to die 
If there beside me where I lie 
I could take memory of days 
I have so deeply loved _ the ways 
Of childhood and youth that throng 
Could I but take these things along _
The sudden rapture of the blessed 
Holding my first-born to my breast 
Or, could I take those happy hours _
When children fresh-bathed, sweet as flowers 
Ready for bed, would look at me _
Expecting wisdom, trustfully 
Heaven must be with wonder sown 
To match the riches I have known _

(My son and I ... he is one of my greatest joys

  and has brought so many riches to my life.) 

Monday, April 13, 2015

To An Oak ~

I can't write as Kilmer, you see 
Yet, I adore you, lovely tree _
Your graceful curtsies in the breeze 
As you converse with other trees _
The season's altering of your dress 
Your firm and sober steadiness _
While anchored on your lonely hill 
I admire you there so still _

You seem contented there and too 
Romance just seems to come to you _
I wander 'round just here and there 
You never travel anywhere _
You never leave your habitat 
Yet, you have seen things I have not _

I so often wish I knew 
How life there is liked by you _
If it is like it seems to be 
Even though I may be free _
I'm so often not content 
        Ah, restless me _
I sometimes wish I were a tree!

("Trees" by Joyce Kilmer is the  inspiration
  for this poem.)

Thursday, April 09, 2015

I Can't Remember Any of the Words ~

I can't remember any of the words
or the promises we made 
I only remember that you were there beside me 
and that afterwards we walked out into a brand new world together 
for the world was different 
and we were different 
neither of us was afraid 
because we were 

The bright morning sun smiled upon us 

as the clear blue sky 
and the green hills of earth
whispered in hushed wonder 
as the gift of love 
was bestowed upon us 
praying that we would treasure it 
care for it tenderly 
with daily devotion 
that love might live 
forever and ever.

I can't remember any of the words

I can't forget any of the beauty 
when love was born 
when life began!

(On April 12th my love and I shall celebrate 

  40 years of wedded bliss 
  Happy Anniversary My Dearest, Darling Love
  I am so looking forward to our day of celebration!)

Monday, April 06, 2015

Celebrate ~

Savor the warmth _ bless the sunshine 
Smile upon the falling rain
Grow like a rose _ sprout like a bud 
Gather the strength you must obtain 
Reach for the sky _ welcome the dawn 
Sing out a song of praise each day!
Taste morning dew _ get high on life 
Stand up and bloom without delay 
Spread your fragrance _ show your flowers 
Be a bouquet for all to see!
Embrace the world _ know of its charm 
Live and let live and let it be!

Thank the springtime _ kiss the summer 

Paint all the colors that you see 
Dance with thunder _ waltz with showers!
Sway to the rhythm of the breeze 
Welcome the fall _ autumn's display 
Rejoice in beauty everywhere 
Nurture your love _ harvest your time 
Gather your joy and plant it there!
Relish winter _ enjoy the change 
Relax and take a needed rest 
Laugh and reflect _ stay satisfied 
Look back and know you gave your best!

(Photo is of my beautiful daughter at the tender 

  age of 30 months ... celebrating life to the max ... 
  she now has her lovely daughter Rose 
  who now carries on the tradition of the celebration of life!)