Thursday, December 22, 2011


A love for my heart
Good thoughts for my head
Tasks for my hands
Butter for my bread

Sleep for my nights
Work for my days
Courage for trouble
A little bit of praise

A song for my soul
Strength for any test
That's all I ask for
You take the rest

This poem is a repost from 2006.
The picture was taken last year, a family picture, with my daughter and son and also lovable, sweet Jake!
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah
and a wonderful New Year full of love, peace and joy!

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.
~Albert Einstein

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Oh, many years were gone
before I understood
prayer is not only asking
for what I think is good
not always agonized appeal
or rapt petitioning
but sometimes silent tuning-in
Quiescent listening ...

Photo was taken on my recent trip to Nova Scotia.
The lake with the water lilies was so lovely!
I sat quietly with my niece and felt such peace!

Shall be back to blogging when I feel the heart of it!
Not there right now but hope to be soon.
Will try my best to do some blog visiting, though.
Have missed everyone!

~ Margie xx

Friday, August 19, 2011

SEE YOU IN OCTOBER ... (early October)

Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the summer!
I'm taking a little break from blogging as in 3 weeks I'll be going on vacation. Heading up to Nova Scotia (one of my favorite places in the world!) to visit my family. I have so much to do before I leave and will have no time to blog.
But, I shall visit your blogs one more time before I take my break.
So, see you in October ... be well, be happy and enjoy life like the heart of a child!

Love and light ...
Margie :-)

A little poem before I leave ...

When velvet bees rove lazily
amid the sunwarmed clovers
and summer hours drift hazily
these are the days for rovers ...

When August holds high fragrancy
and dreams are for the taking
my heart in wanton vagrancy
belies all future aching.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Supposedly my dog Patches
never exactly belonged to me
but he was patient and gracious
helping a kid learn to play "go get it"
("fetch" was a foreign word then)
and showing me when enough was enough
("Don't wear him out" dad said
"He gets tired just as you do)

Patches ran the trails with dad
and peacefully tolerated me
as I learned that dogs need praise
and water and love.

He didn't deserve that painful death
from distemper.

Gentle little dog
wherever you wait now
maybe you barely remember me
but I need to send belated thanks
for that long-ago start
towards many years
of incomparable friendships.
This is not a picture of my Patches but looks very much like him.
Patches was my first dog, my best dog !

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I am surprised at the red of the maples
Amazed at the spriggy young peach tree and plum
the wild berry canes are covered with silver
and here is a hoptoad big as my thumb ...

Astonished am I at the faint of the violet
that flows in among the dawn's softest gray
Delighted with noon so clear in its challenge
and almost amazed at the closing of day ...

But children, the children! Like butterflies flitting
like blooms that burst forth on a stream's
shining brink -
like birds that are spilled hit-a-miss in the
heavens -
so dazzled am I it is futile to think.

(Painting by artist Jack Vettriano)

Monday, August 01, 2011


Jump on behind, you who would ride with me
or in front for we ride bareback
in closer contact with our mount
the source of energy between our legs ...
No one can hold to slower gait
this golden day that freshened
by two days of resting clouds and showers
on the upturned face of August
leaves the restless river dappled green
with algae through which the ducks
make streaks in patterns along the shore
as they chase each other with ardor
or with punishing intent. Must we remain
static in our watching? The road
along the bank is for our riding
and there will never be an end
to our racing river. We must make
the most of this pungent day, the only one
of its special kind there will ever be.
We who find this so penetratingly sweet
in our loving of the earth and of each other
must not let a moment of this glorious day escape.
(The picture was taken by me.)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I understand the seasons now
I know their shades are varied
moods and knowing savor
each in turn ...
The lightning, sudden
frightening bolts of brightness ...
let it come ... for this is beauty
deepest mood that complements
the peaceful days ...
Then let it pass, let winds
blow soft and brush my cheek
with moistened lips ...
for this is beauty, deepest calm
that complements the stormy days ...
Let each shade color me
in turn, the red, the blue
the purple days
for I would know the shades of each
yet be the color of the whole.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sweetheart, you are more to me than dearness ... more than love
and yet these two are inseparably bound
in every thought and concept
I have of you ...

In your fleeting smile
and in the sweeter sound
of your lyrical voice
in every strand of hair that frames
those calm and ever comprehending eyes
that see within my very soul
and you understand and
empathize ...
(Thank you, dearest!)
(I love you!)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Laughter is a lyric thing
with shining wings fluttering
through its echoes joyful notes ring
sweet laughter is a lyric thing
like the song of birds ...

Fragrances and starriness
sudden smiles ... a sweet caress
little ways that cheer and bless
surprisingly ... adventuring
like the song of birds ...

Your laughter is a lyric thing
all your love-thoughts echoing
half-dreamed wishes whispering
your laughter is a lyric thing
like the song of birds ...

Dedicated to my wonderful husband.
I so miss his sweet and lyrical laughter when he's away!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


A cherry
or berry
has stained up your breast
it is merry
oh! very
to see you so dressed ...
you bring us
and sing us
an old but dear song
of tune-time
and June-time
of love that is strong
you appear
and you cheer
with expressions of pleasure
have brought us
and wrought us
fresh hope set to measure
you fill our life-cup
you greet us
and meet us
" Cheery - cheer up!"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Some songs are silver cymbals
and some are jeweled lutes
and some are eflins dancing
and some are magic flutes
Bird songs! Fire tipped harmonies
flame across far centuries
some songs are bright wings glancing
by leaf-hid waterfalls
and others eye entrancing
and some are laughing calls
across strange space where starlight
Go, little songs and bear our dreams
some songs are flame-borne whisperings
poets have spoken of
but all are from the time-harp's strings
that God has struck - for Love.
Such charm and cheer came not by
God too loves rhythm and romance!
Photo courtesy of Lorraine at:

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The tears I shed for lost balloons
and bursting bubbles soon were dried ...
my sobbing pleas for silvery moons
with lesser gifts were satisfied ...

Many a reach has failed its mark
since then and many a moon has waned ...
but love I cried for in the dark
came to bless me and remained.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


The wrestling rain and wind of yesterday
have fought each other to a draw ...
Uncertainty died in the forgetting night
Morning is born anew
with no remembrance
of what went on before ...
The far of mountains laced with snow
are bluer in the sun and nothing stirs ...
Breathlessness becomes the newborn spring ...
The grass pricks up its tiny blades
and near the rocks the heat of sun
brings into early blossoming
flowers that spread their fragrance
over all the plain ...
There is a heady steam
of renewal in the air
as life begins again.
Photo taken by my husband.
He's a great photographer!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Our emotions are bare
as the walls surround us ...
our feelings exposed
as the pets on our laps ...

We all meet as strangers
but the things we discuss ...
are life ... love ... and death
too revealing perhaps ...

Our sick little creatures
dissolve inhibitions ...
when our names are called
we arise and depart ...

All unaware of our
own frank expositions ...
each leaving behind
a small piece of their heart!

Picture is of my cat, Smokey.
She has kidney disease and I take her to our vet for IV treatments twice a week.
She is 16 years old and such a sweetheart!

Monday, May 23, 2011


I did not know that silence

could sound like light ...

I did not know that music

could stretch a landscape into forever ...

so it could blossom into

a million gardens ...

or that my eyes could paint

a cobalt sky ...

I did not know the sight of you

would change my life forever ...

into a daily hourly hosanna

of my love for you ...

I did not know!


Photo courtesy of Lorraine at:

Thanks so much, Lorraine!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


It rained the day we said good-bye

and I heard someone say ...

"How sad that rain should bring

an added gloom."

They did not know

how much you loved spring rain ...

and what delight was yours

in strolling through your garden

on nature's wash-day ...

Soft spring rain is falling now ...

Remembering ... I pause at the window ...

You are there ... among the growing things ...

your benevolent hands caressing

the newly-washed green ... the bud ...

This spring ... there shall be roses ...

growing ... blooming ... where you sleep.


In memory of my dear friend, Mary.

She died in the spring of 2006.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Here's to the ones who gave the life
to the souls from the starry skies
here's to the ones that encircle the earth
with the light of their loving eyes.

Here's to the one who never forgets
though I roam the wide world over
whose love can banish all regrets
God's sweetest gift - my mother!


Mom, this coming Sunday is Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's day to you, in heaven!
You are always in my heart!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The full moon hangs on the wearing night
and floods the fields with amber light
golden, haloed, sanctified
slumbers the swimming countryside
the pale road shines like bloodless rust
my feet are swathed in silver dust
and light in which the land is dressed
with that which glorifies my breast
illuminates unbearably
so much too beautiful for me!

Photo taken by my husband!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Come laughing with me into the rain
puddle-wet ... knee-high ... slush-mashed
nuzzling rain
turn and laugh
and curl into the world ...
follow the children dancing with spattered feet
or swinging in swings ...
spinning and vanishing over the street ...

Or let's run with the rivers of cats and leaves
away from the showers ...
until both of us drip and fade
like a handful
of paper flowers.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Wind, rain, time ... shaped this Arch
as for me, I think it was God.

Sculpting with his finger
this band of sandstone sod.

Leaving behind a blue window
all seeing eye to souls.

No bridge of mortal suspension
priceless treasure to behold.

Forged in the heat of the desert
canyon kiln of stone.

God made this lovely Arch to view
of a certainty ... this I know.

Photo was taken in Arches National Park on a recent trip.
In the picture with me is my good friend, Melissa

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Dear Friends ...
I've been away from my blog for such a long time but that does not mean I have forgotten all of you!
How could I ever forget you?
Once in a while I visit my blog and read all of the most kind comments and I smile :)
Thank you all so much for your visits and comments on my last post!
They are so greatly appreciated!
Gosh, is it really almost a year since I posted last?
I am here today to say, "hi" and wish all of you a wonderful 2011!
I hope to actually come back to blogging some time this year but don't know when yet.

It seems like mishaps are a part of my life!
I recently took a fall and badly sprained my ankle ... I'm so thankful it was not broken! 
Never a dull moment when one is a klutz! LOL!

So, till I am back again, may life bless all of you with much joy, love and peace!
Love and light to you and yours ...

Margie :)
Oh, I have a poem to share ...


A lyric is a lovely thing
with a haunting tune
with a jeweled beauty
scraps of silver moon
flecks of mountain meadows
glints of winding stream
poignant revelations
of a poet's dream ...

Lyrics soar in ecstacy
up to heaven's blue
so my heart goes singing - winging -
straight to you!