Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Tonight her heart seeks quietude and rest
within a silent room where lamplight falls 
with mellow grace and flickering fire enthralls 
and lures the mind to meditative quest 
for here his presence is most manifest 
and loneliness retreats beyond the walls
it is a reconciling peace that shawls 
her being with the oneness they possessed.

Through years, in faith and trust her soul had sought 
the cherished warmth of his bold spirit's flame 
whereby love's sweet security is wrought 
he sensed her need in that unspoken claim 
and now there is the shared and secret thought 
to blaze with precious memory of his name.

(written for a dear friend that lost her husband, recently) 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Little Friendly Lake

You lure us from from duty's hurried street 
to riches not compared with coins of gold 
you offer time to rest the aching feet ...
here, prodded minds and bodies loose their hold 
from care to pause and play in wide-swung doors 
green-lacquered reeds and water lilies doze ...
while rhythmic ripples softly kiss your shores 
here, harmony and happiness repose 
and songs of birds ring heavenward and high ...
though but a mote of mirror, you reflect 
deep calm and peace in wood and field and sky
constructed by a Master Architect ....

(and the pelicans were on the lake that beautiful day
my husband is the photographer. ) 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

And the Robin Sang ...

How I wanted that day to last forever! How
I wished every one  could have lived it! To
some that day was not an unusual one, for the
sun shone only as brightly as it did on any
other spring day. But those seemingly ordinary
hours were the most sublime I think I shall ever
recall for I was lifted from the despair of doubt
into a great happiness and a more complete

The tall trees stood erect as the warm
breeze rustled their lovely green leaves. A
policeman strolled merrily through the park.
His young wife, wheeling a baby stroller
walked beside him. Through a great love and
some strange power a child had come into
being. From a tiny acorn had sprung the
stately tree beside me. Still I doubted, but at
that moment, a robin sang above me - his
time-old song revealing that which I now
understand. Surely there was a Creator, some
Divine Power to make possible this beauty I
had felt in its fullness only today. I bowed my
head in humility and prayed - prayed to a
God I knew truly existed.

The perfume of fresh lilacs filled the air -
so pure, like Him who had created them.

That day seemed everlasting, it is forever
seared in my memory. A robin had shown me
the light. Some need holy men, others a vision of a miracle but all I
needed was nature and a robin's simple notes.
I walked on, its song still echoing through
my heart and the sun was at my heels ...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Quiet Neighbors

They stand inside the terrace rim
he, six feet two, alert
she, at his side, close to him
in a quaint hoop skirt

They never talk, laugh or sigh
they never even stir
until the wind comes running by
then he sings to her

The rain to them is anodyne
they welcome snow and dew
he, the lusty Douglas pine
she, the feathery yew.

Monday, July 15, 2013

First Teacher

At our first sentence: "A man ran"
she leaned closer and listened.
Her eyes, when we read "Fan me Ann"
rounded and fairly glistened.
Then when we counted right
that eager, glad September
her smile was far the brightest light
that shone!
Yes, I remember!

(My mom was a teacher and she was my first teacher,
 Remembering that first year with her in Kindergarten, some very wonderful memories)

Monday, July 08, 2013

Mother Goose Lullaby (for my precious Rose)

Hush, you darling little thing
listen closely while I sing

'Bout the sandman who will call
when you into sleep shall fall

First, he'll give you sleepy-dust 
when your travel, sleep you must

Then he'll take you in his arms 
show you all the dreamland charms 

You shall have a hurried look 
on the folks in story-book

How they play and romp and run 
you have never seen such fun

You shall see old mother goose
with her goslings running loose 
all about a great big pond
'bout which geese are very fond

Then you'll see the jumping cow
try to figure out just how 
she could jump so very high 
o'er the moon up in the sky

Then, dear, try to solve the riddle 
'bout the cat that played the fiddle 

Next in line, the lazy spoon 
whom the dish outran too soon 

Taste Miss Muffet's curds and whey 
she was eating on that day 
then the spider came to call
she forgot to eat them all 

After you have seen this jumble
tell the sandman not to stumble
over Humpty's wall but see 
that he brings you right back to me!

Friday, July 05, 2013

It Was The Mockingbird ...

It was the mockingbird singing at night 
singing for other birds , sleeping or flown 
piping his stolen flute, trilling the light 
measures that were never his alone ...
It was his mockery, pulsing and bright 
carelessly borrowed from all that he had known 
It was the mockingbird, singing at night 
that taught me a song of my own!