Thursday, April 08, 2010


I sing a song of sadness
But the sadness has something
Of the good within it -
And is of a greater good.
One more poem before I say good-bye for a while.
-Margie xo


Even when darkness sinks over my soul

You bring me stars for my skies

I am never utterly lost in the night

While trust still shines in your eyes

And when the hours of the dark are past

When dawn breaks over my soul anew

Your smiles are my sunrise, your voice

The birds singing

Your kisses sweet dew.


Dear friends and readers, I shall be away from blogging for a while, probably a month or so. Till I return, I wish all of you wonderful and happy days!
I shall miss all of you!
Love and light ... Margie

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


He calls to me, I know it now

That bird with cheery song

To let my duties wait awhile

And come, the day is long

He's telling me it's springtime

There are violets in the wood

I feel I can't refuse to go

I don't see how I could!

Out where the shadowy vistas are

Aglow with sunshine gold

The forest flowers are carpeting

The spongy leafy mold

Oh, I must see it all again

And hear the brooklets sing!

I cannot still this heart of mine

For it is answering Spring!

Sunday, April 04, 2010


It does not matter when I go

Nor how nor why

Each day a million roses blow

A million die ...

For every bird that lives to sing

A song is stilled ...

I go ... a brief remembering

My place is filled

I'll live and love and dine and drink

The while I may

And when my number's called

I'll say "O.K!"

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Whenever on fall-tingle mornings you suddenly hear
The bluebonnet matins of eight-year olds grow near
Then nearer your pictureframe window that opens wide ...
On a frost-fingered world of saffron and gold outside ...

Whenever you see diminutive caravans swinging
Red satchels of books and boxes of lunch and
Flinging their Lilliput missles of laughter toward heaven
And you ... whose eyes fill up with revery (and dew)

Wherever, whenever you watch schoolchildren pass
Whose gay-goose litanies arise en masse
Remember that blocks away or miles away
Are teachers with halos of chalk and feet of clay!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There came a perfect day when I was ten
An idle Autum day of faultless sky
I clutched a shining dime that I could spend
For any longed-for thing it would buy
A lovely stillness lay along the street
The sun embraced me in its golden span
The fallen leaves addressed my eager feet
And moved in russet showers as I ran
That perfect day will never come again
And yet I spent it at its proper time
With all the wisdom of a child of ten
As wisely as I spent the shining dime.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Musings on Trees and These!

These Friends!

A forest of Trees is a portfolio of Friends

Durability, strength, sometimes rough, burly

But how dependable! Graceful, adaptable

Quiet in a listening attitude of understanding

Inspiring, tender

A forest of Trees is a portfolio of Friends

May I be ever in the midst of Trees - and These ...

When God had finished making Trees

I think He set out to work on These

These things that we call Friends

The beauty and the strength of wood

Dependable and good ...

Of oak and birch and balsam pine

To these, I liken friends of mine

Of leaves, the charm and added grace

Like tenderness of lady's lace

And quiet understanding, proven

As green-grown branches, closely woven

Last, knowing These are always there

Root, branch and trunk, when leaves fall bare!

When God had finished making Trees

Love and Perfection gave us These

These things that we call FRIENDS!


Photo courtesy of Lorraine at:

Thanks so much, Lorraine!

Friday, March 26, 2010


What our love has done for us
I cannot even begin to speak
Without trembling ...
You and I have left a fading world
Power-crowded ... dust-spun
You and I have left this kind of world
For an infinite one ...
Spinning our circles of earth
And moon into galaxies
And hurling our lives into
Light years of reveries ...
I have only begun to envision
Our possible place
A someday miracle of eternal time
And space ...
Though it begins with such immediate smiles
Your eyes ... a leaf ... your lips on my cheek
Its promise is so boundless
Love ... I dare not speak.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In years to come

There'll be no letters

Yellowed at the edge

To save for generations

Yet unborn ...

There'll be no diaries

Left for them to see

How great-grandfather spent his day

Or worked his way

On freighter ships

Across the seas ...

No love notes

Hidden in a secret drawer

Tied with a faded ribbon

To read again once more

Technology is close at hand

And we no longer understand

The pen ...

How deep the loss

Of all those yesterdays

With joy and sorrow

If they are all forgotten

By tomorrow.

Monday, March 22, 2010


When I curl myself
Into the far-away monuments of my mind
Built from long dark halls of yearning ...
Stretching into the high paths against the blue hills
Of learning ...
This is where I hold my dreams for myself to see ...
Of the far-away long-away mists of me
Moving into the distance
Myself walks
With the perfect poise of age and grace
Into the clouded mystery
Of eternal time
And space ...
Here are my hands reaching
And here is my heart groping
The summer sun and straw-flowered kiss ...
Share all of the dreaming caught in this
Great scope of memory
And all the far-away long-away misted hopes
Of what will be ...
Here is where I curl into myself and embrace
All of the harbored calm
Of eternal time
And space.
This picture was taken on my last trip to San Francisco in Feb.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Rain is for remembering
Its little voices fall
Soft as the memories
They recall ...
My mother used to say
"This is a hot cinnamom roll day"
I'd watch her strong hands shape each bun
And poke in raisins one by one
And soon their sweet spiced smell would stain
The kitchen window washed with rain ...
And then sometimes my father would say
"Let's take a walk this rainy day"
And we would set out hand in hand
Across the grey bedraggled land
We'd turn our faces to the skies
And let the rain fall on our eyes
And breathe in air all scented sweet
By rain-soaked grass beneath our feet ...
Rain is for remembering
Another spring
Another spring

Thursday, March 11, 2010


A sweet magnolia smell reminds me of you

Somewhat like a painting you once drew

Your ivory soft petals ... my heart ... they caress

As your soul went through me

When you were laid to rest

I call for you ... my magnolia friend

When life's path turns dark

Ivory soft petals comfort me ... my mama ... my heart!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

INNOCENCE OF CHILDHOOD (To my beloved children!)

She toddles through the lush green grass
Upon her tippy toes
And falls upon her padded bottom
She giggles as she goes ...
A daisy chain begins to grow
Upon the field of green
She picks the daisies with her toes
And drops them in the stream ...
She tilts her head to gaze upon
A sky of azure blue
And dreams of dreams within the clouds
As only children do.
Photo courtesy of Lorraine at:
Thank you, Lorraine!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


The day is crowned with peace
I rejoice in this
And find myself at home.
Dear readers and friends, I am heading to the mountains tomorrow morning to meet some friends and go cross country skiing. I will return on Sunday. So, till I visit you again, take good care and be well. I wish you all much joy!
-Margie xo

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I will not grow old gracefully
No! I never will!
I cannot wait for spring
To look for daffodil
I do not care at all
If I am gray or bent
But I will never while I live
Be spent
Oh I will ever strive
To have a young heart still
I will not grow old gracefully
No! I never will!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


She wears her life's true love upon
Her breast - a gem - magnificent
And cherishes with all her heart
Its beauty and wonderment.

But also in some box she keeps
Bright colored beads she likes to own -
The light - the brief - the little loves
Of vanished girlhood she has known.
Photo courtesy of Lorraine at:
Thank you so much Lorraine, for sharing your wonderful photos with me!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


My heart is high with meadow larks
My heart is winging hills
My heart is where the tallest trees
Touch heaven's window-sills

My heart is wide with rainbow fields
My heart draws rivers in
My heart is reaching stretching far
Where ocean shores begin

My heart is deep with daffodils
My heart has songs to sing
My heart is deep my heart is wide
My heart is high with spring.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have known the sting of winter

on the warmest day in June

Despite what the weather prophet

quoted from his chart

I have caught the scent of lilacs

in December - Now I know

That the season's

in the rhythm

of the beating

of my heart.
Photo courtesy: per orginal copyright at:

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Oh, that your eyes
May see the blue
Of skies
And you may know
The sound of rain
And hear the wind
Against the window-pane
Oh, that your heart
May feel the
Flying souls
Of flowers
Through the air
Blowing across
The hills and plains
Which like a prayer
Sink deep
Into the very soul
Of all things
Oh, Miracle-Child!
May your heart
And mind and soul
Soar upon
Inspiration's wings!
Towards God and Man
And Earth and Sky
Where holy kings
Have made the soul
A harp which sings!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Press your tender lips to the passing breeze

and feel my kiss

Catch a falling drying leaf

and hold my hand

Look to the sky full of clouds

and see my eyes

Dip your loving fingers in winter's stream

and touch my tear-soaked cheek

Watch fall giving way to winter

and know how I long for you.


Heading to San Francisco on Feb. 14th and will be gone for a week.
I won't be posting again till Feb. 22nd.
Wishing all that celebrate Valentine's day a day full of love and joy!
Take care dear readers ... I shall miss you while I am gone!
-Margie xo

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


If I should know that death will come for me
Before another summer's blossoms shed
With witchery of purple, blue, and red
Their sudden beauty's spell on bush and tree
If I should know that I shall never see
The radiance by a summer rainbow shed
I would not have you grieve when I am dead
Believing me denied such luxury ...

For I have loved this fleeting life so well
Its color, fragrance, joys of night and day
So conscious have been of every leaf that fell
Responsive to each birdsong of its May
That I have stored rich memories to be
My dream of life through all eternity ...

Monday, February 08, 2010


I love old things
Weather-beaten houses with moss-grown roofs
Where memories of generations cling
Old china fragile as the lily hands
That painted blossoms on it long ago
Brasses from those dimly lighted shops
Where skull-capped ancients peddled hammered ware ...
Old books where scattered margin notes
Are indices to histories never told
Old people who have aged like ivory
Made beautiful by time's poetic touch
Old loves that remember music
Are sweeter as their memory grows old
And pictures on whose colors time has laid
A hand that tempers them to golden tones ...

Thursday, February 04, 2010


The snow is so beautiful, God
it turns the marsh grass
into plumed scepters ...
bends the pine low
frosts the hedge
the sky is the color of the inside of a shell ...
a lone duck flies by
with a sense of urgency
ice floes drift on a pewter sea ...
and new snow falls
oh, God, how can I bear to die
and leave your lovely earth?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I held a part of Heaven in my hand today
Because I climbed a shining hill
(You of the valley will not understand
But if you've lived on mountain-tops you will)
No mortal stature ever reached so high
But I was all there is of earth and space
Because I climbed a hill and touched the sky
And felt its blueness on my lifted face
I was a God-child with new wings to wear
New wings so wide their feathers brushed the dawn
They silvered all of everything: the air
I breathed ... the living ground I stood upon
How dark the world! How dull all worldly things!
Today I wore an angel's lilting wings!


The peace
that comes
when you are near
pleases and eases the soul.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


You cannot know the loveliness of trees
Who say, "How beautiful!" and pass them by
Not knowing the great comradeship of these
Most noble presences of earth and sky ...

You must have lain beneath their arms at dark
Breathed in their fragrance with the morning air
Felt living coolness underneath their bark
And shared their stillness as an hour of prayer.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I hate to let go of a day
even though it is quite outworn and thin
and dusk is creeping, cool and shadowy
through the widening seams ...

Tomorrow I will gladly face the welcome task
of breaking in a new day
shaping it to me
stretching the narrow hours
to cover the length of my happiness
the breadth of my sorrow ...

But now, I hate to let go of the old day
so completely my size
and so threadbare that I can scarcely hold it together
another moment!
But familiar
and so very comfortable ...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


While the roses were blooming
And the grass was green
My old friend died
In a place unseen ...

He was getting on in years
He was eighty-three
A man of truth and wisdom
As hard as the old oak tree ...

His friends were the animals
He used to watch them play
And those animals were there
The day he passed away ...

In the middle of the meadow
Near the tree line end
The old man sat down to think
But he never got up again ...

Now our friend is gone
And as I walk by
I see the look of sorrow
And a tear in every eye!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


When I see a red bird
Perched upon a tree
In a bleak December
Singing lustily
I won't say it's happy
Though its song seems so
For I sing, too, on dark days
And I ought to know ...
Know when words ring gaily out
To a listening throng
There may be a sad note
Threading through that song
Or a heart be broken
Though a laugh is heard
So it is with tenderness
I salute the bird.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Daddy, let's go for a walk
Daddy, kiss me good night
Daddy, read me a bedtime story
Daddy, sing me a lullaby
Daddy, I'm going to school now
Daddy, I fell down
Daddy, help me up
Daddy, did you know how much I love you?
Daddy, please don't die
Daddy, don't leave me ...
Daddy ...
... Good-bye ...
My daddy died in 1974, I miss him so!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My mother's hands
that held her belly tight
waiting for the day
with love like golden light.

My mother's hands
the day I was born
that held me to her breast
though her body was worn and torn ...

My mother's hands
that kept me safe at night
took away all the nightmares
and soothed away the fright ...

My mother's hands
that washed away the pain
my tears were her tears
like drops of salty rain ...

My mother's hands
like God's hands above
will forever protect me
with their soft and gentle love!

My mom died in 1998 but I always feel her love for me!
She is so close in spirit!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The shadow by my side
is gone
the warm nose resting on my knee .
My fur-ruffed friend
who met me by the door
followed me from room to room
and floor to floor.
We dwelled together
on that rare-found plain
where animals and people
are as one
he was as much a member
of the human race
as our family that he'd loved
since he was young.
A bond between us
woven close of love
happiness and sorrow will survive.
And may we meet
someday beyond this life
where dogs die much too soon
and leave their masters
still alive.
Sammy, who is in the picture, died in 2005, he is missed dearly!

Friday, January 15, 2010


A warm back in a wide bed
while heavy snow through the silent woods
has curtained off the smallest sounds
beyond the dark ...

A light caress in a warm bed
while winter wind with a low laugh
invites the trees in their downy dress
to share a dance ...

The length of you and a deep love
while snow, wind and a winter night
are locked outside beyond the warmth
of a wide bed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have drunk joy today
I have mastered fate
I have known what it is
To conquer and create ...

Sometimes I ask myself
After days like this
"Have I no longer need
of his kiss?"

But when I see tired eyes
Quickened with light
As a lover's footstep
Sounds through the night ...

Or when I hear a little child
Laughing alone
Telling what it might be
When it is grown ...

Then I no longer doubt
That my love must be
Beautiful frail things
Have need of me!

Saturday, January 09, 2010


It's been so long since I have posted or visited any of my special blogger friends. (So sorry!)
I have not forgotten any of you and came on today to wish all of you a most Wonderful New Year!
I hope 2010 brings each one of you many blessings and much joy!
I miss all of you!
I will return but just do not know when as I am still not feeling quite up to par!

The picture I've posted here was taken at Thanksgiving when my family was in Vegas.
We had a wonderful time there!

Well, I must go as I want to get out and enjoy this beautiful Colorado day!
Take care my friends and enjoy each and every moment of your life!

~Love and light~