Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back Home ~

They made code marks on the calendar 
for those days when a letter would come 
from one of the children and a different mark 
on the occasion of a long-distance call _
There was a bright red ball-point pen 
hanging from a string over the calendar page 
ready to emblazon a badge of cheer
upon the little white square of that day
which was livelier and happier because 
a letter had come or a voice had been heard 
and they could talk with each other comfortably 
about the beloved ones far away _
They felt it was a nice way to be included 
without intruding, to reach out gently 
without prying, and so to keep alive 
the tender, anxious, oneness of their loving _
They never told any of the children about it though 
it might seem rather childish to them 
only a sentimental little game 
amusingly suitable for old folks back home 
and after all
all that mattered 
was their love 
for the children _

Monday, July 28, 2014

So Is My Love To Me ~

As clouds that glow in the setting sun
as greening grass on a lazy hill
as the sound of a song to a lonely one 
or an answering call to a whip-poor-will 
so is my love to me _

As fragrance to a wild pink rose 
or a mid-day rest on the river bank 
where the water flows and the shadows lie
and the fronds of the ferns are tall and rank 
so right is my love for me _

For wide and calm as the arching sky
and bright as the stars we trace 
and high as the moon as deep as the sea 
the feeling of joy, as I place 
my hand in yours, my love _

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Go Thou, Likewise ~

Crimson-gold are evening skies 
and purple half-light shadows fall 
      pointing to heaven like spires arise 
      fir tree and maple tall - 

The nesting birds their vespers sing 

and chant their luring words of praise  
       till forest aisles with echoes ring 
       repeating their roundelays -

Afar the lake with its silvery net 

nearer the slope of green-grit hill 
         slowly the Great-Heart Sun has set 
         each pulsing voice is still -

But why should I tell of the color I've seen 

of valleys misty with drifting dew?
          of flashing wings in forest green?
          such  joys are there for you! 
My friend, Lorraine, very kindly 
allowed me to use her photo
thank you, Lorraine ...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Genealogy ~

This is a simple tree
you have here drawn _
No famous men stem 
from the foreign trunk _
No golden glamour touched 
with magic any women-kind _
No extra-ordinary achievement lays 
its claim within this compact circle _

But LOVE in great measure 
that is sketched _
held close its members 
held them ever dear, beyond _
the human errors and the grief they caused 
"No greater love hath any man."
than this endearing, natural family clan _

(I come from a family of nine
 so blessed to be a part of the family that is mine.) 
From the right to left, my husband, daughter, son, 
and 98 year young Aunt Rose and I ~~~***~~~ 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Obituary ~

And why did you die, little friend, little bird?
Did your heart truly burst with the joys you 
would sing? 

Were you flying too far and too fast little one 
So gracefully fleet and so bright on the wing?
(your breast, once so red is now dingy with clay
 your legs - ah, so tiny - are stiff as two sticks) 

The people will miss you each dawning of day 
A-carrolling well your sweet vocal tricks 
Your spirit went out at the coming of even'
Your singing no longer can echo our sky 
Oh, deeply I hope there are birdies in heaven 
(if not, I'll be lonely, in truth, when I die) 
And now you are soaring afar, little thing
And have passed from our ken to a different place
But there I'll expect to see your bright wing 
That you'll greet me anew with your rollicking
grace ...               

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fundamentals ~

A house I love, a bush, a tree 
a laughing child to play with me _

A task that fills the fragrant days 
but leaving time for prayer and praise _

A garden bright with pink and gold 
full harvest as the years grows old _

For every day some bookly gain 
for twilight, music's sweet refrain _

Good friends with gifts of cheer
and love, more tender year by year _

With these, and summertime at the door 
what mortal could ask for more!
(photo was taken by my husband, a beautiful lake, that we walk very often)